Bitcoin Bank Breaker Review: A Repetitive Scam

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Bitcoin Bank Breaker Review
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Bitcoin Bank Breaker presents its sales managers that act as account managers. They will keep calling since you heed to their demands. We are against sharing your phone number with suspicious ventures. Moreover, the brokers that the firm is working with are blacklisted by financial bodies in the market.

Bitcoin Bank Breaker is one of those nasty, obvious fraudulent companies. It has been a while since we reviewed a repulsive Ponzi scheme like this one. Just like all other scammers in the market, this one is no exception when it comes to bragging about its use of technology.

The company looks for the best crypto trading opportunities. Moreover, the entity states that it already has several active customers. Once you register by sharing your full name, email address, and phone number you unlock the possibility of earning huge returns.

Bitcoin Bank Breaker Review, Bitcoin Bank Breaker Company

Bitcoin Bank Breaker claims that BTC trading is the next big thing in the industry. Therefore, you will attain financial freedom by engaging with this get-reach quick trading bot. Information regarding investors that have recently generated high returns keeps popping up.

Sadly, there is no technology that is being used by this scam. Moreover, we do not know how these fraudulent ventures manage to eliminate the volatile nature of the BTC. The risks that are involved are huge and they cannot mysteriously disappear.

Investors need to select the best crypto trading companies that are reputable and legit. These ventures do not need to use false information to attract an audience. Additionally, they have been in the market for years. You can as well check out their trading reports. Review

There are several websites that claim to be the original Bitcoin Bank Breaker company. However, they all have the same thing in common which is they are untrustworthy. The trading software also claims to be featured on various news outlets and finance magazines like CNN, Financial Times, Forbes, and TIME.

Unfortunately, this is another marketing strategy utilized by the Ponzi scheme. The bot assures investors that it will make them millionaires in a short timeline. There are complaints of people that have already lost funds. Learn from the mistake of others.

Bitcoin Bank Breaker presents its sales managers that act as account managers. They will keep calling since you heed to their demands. We are against sharing your phone number with suspicious ventures. Moreover, the brokers that the firm is working with are blacklisted by financial bodies in the market.

This should act as red flags and show you the nature of this Ponzi scheme. The people behind this entity do not care about your goals. The software also has another twin sister by the name Crypto bank. These will not generate profits for you.

Moreover, the entity also features a video of a CNN journalist. It purports as though he is promoting Bitcoin Bank Breaker. Unfortunately, Jake Tapper is speaking about BTC currency. The video has been misused by several scammers. Therefore, this is not a new strategy.

Bitcoin Bank Breaker Performance

The fraudsters claim that the trading bot has a high trading accuracy. It allegedly uses laser-accurate performance. Moreover, it also brags about winning several awards in the market. Unfortunately, this is unverifiable.

Kindly, do note that this scam is not involved in trading. There is also no technology that is being utilized. Moreover, Bitcoin Bank Breaker is using a press release website to market its fraudulent activities. There are a number of misleading data that portray the scam legit software.

These are marketers who will receive their cut at the end of the day. However, traders that sign up will be counting huge losses. Moreover, fraudsters also misuse celebrities’ pictures as act as though they are using their services.

All these are gimmicks that scammers have perfected. There is nothing like getting rich quickly. Moreover, digital currencies are like other forms of businesses. There are both good and bad days. Additionally, you cannot predict the amount of profits that you are going to generate.

False Testimonials of Bitcoin Bank Breaker

The broker is a dirty scam that thrives on using false information. It has stock images and recycled information that has been overused. There are people that claim to have made a fortune using this scheme. Review, Testimonials

The statement indicated shows that these are the newest millionaire in the industry. The individuals are no longer struggling financially. They assure potential investors who might be hesitant to join to sign up immediately.

Bitcoin Bank Breaker unfortunately, is a dirty Ponzi scheme. You won’t generate passive income with them. The people that the company presents have nothing to do with their business. The platform has put the info themselves.

It presents what they want you to see. The daily ROI of 50% is mind-blowing. Unfortunately, this is a dream that will not come to pass. The company assures traders that they will recover their capital in a short time.

Bitcoin Bank Breaker Regulation and Registration

The company is neither registered nor regulated by the government. Therefore, it is an illegal get rich quick entity that does not care about the law. Investing with this entity exposes you to severe risks.

There is nothing that you can do once Bitcoin Bank Breaker decides to exit the market. Moreover, the trading software is accepting funds from investors all over the world. Therefore, their website ought to be decorated with multiple licenses from various financial watchdogs in the industry.

Bitcoin Bank Breaker does not offer fund safety to investors. Additionally, there is no segregation of accounts. Once you deposit funds that will be the end time you have access.  Stay away from this outrageous scam.

Contact Details

The company purports that it has offices in Saint Magus House, 3 Lower Thames St London, UK. Unfortunately, this is not the actual location of this scam. They are lying to investors to appear as transparent firms.

Moreover, if they are indeed based in the United Kingdom why are they not on the list of FCA? This financial body is strict and always does its level best to protect investors against risky activities.

We also find it suspicious that this money-making machine does not have enough funds to hire a customer support team. They are no availability of customer care. Therefore, once you have any problem there is nobody to help

The legit investment ventures put the needs of their clients first. They, therefore, hire multilingual customer support to handle the issues facing their customers. It is only scammers that operate in a fishy manner.

The Domain Insight

Bitcoin Bank Breaker is a new scheme that made its first digital insight in June 2020. The domain name shall expire after one year. We find it baffling that the company is promising very high ROI but their traffic is terrible.

According to, the total internet traffic visiting this Ponzi scheme is 5,404,907. The audience of this venture location remains a mystery. This is a company that will not be around for long. Once they exit your funds will be trapped in their system. Stay away to avoid these consequences.

Final Verdict

Why would you waste your time and resources dealing with a Ponzi scheme? Bitcoin Bank Breaker does not have a license. Moreover, the platform is also using false information to market its fraudulent activities.

There is a better crypto trading software that is genuine. You will yield returns that are genuine. Moreover, these platforms are licensed by several financial bodies in the market. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about once you sign up.



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