BitexTrade Review: avoid this losing scam

BitexTrade Review, BitexTrade Company
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BitexTrade Review
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BitexTrade is a shady platform promising its clients steady and high returns while trading with volatile assets. The website provides misleading information to try and persuade potential investors into making deposits. The website is also operating anonymously and does not have an operating license. Be careful investing in shady platforms because you could lose all your hard-earned money.

BitexTrade is a company that claims to be an excellent investment venture. The platform is dealing with both forex and crypto trading assets. The venture brags that it has been in the market for over 5 years.

Unfortunately, this is one of the red flags that this firm possesses. The company was registered in February 2017. The firm is lying about minor details. Therefore, it is hard trusting them with essential matters. Moreover, the information of the founder is hidden from the public.

BitexTrade Review, BitexTrade Company

BitexTrade boasts that it has innovative trading tools. Investors can use them to profit and practice on how to trade successfully. Sadly, this firm is not legit, and its main intention is to steal money from innocent traders.

The broker claims that it has trading bots that operate efficiently. They operate around the clock 5 days of the week. The entity states that this software picks the best opportunities. Nonetheless, there are no trading results that can show the performance of the company.

Scammers hide behind technology. They will deceive you into believing their fake narrative. Once you deposit funds, there is no going back. You will suffer a great deal of loss, and it is hard trading them down considering their website is privately registered. Review

BitexTrade promises investors freedom in their financial lives. They also offer educational services. The first thing that you need to do is to register and deposit funds. Clients can also monitor their performance.

The trading bots allegedly handles all the hard work. Unfortunately, they can suffer from system malfunctions. Their daily return is approximately 0.4%, weekly performance is 3.15%, and monthly return is 12.6%.

The figures might be attracting. Nonetheless, keep in mind that scammers are capable of presenting manipulative data to win over more clients. Their first payment to customers is $100. The second week you will receive $500, the third offers $1000, while the fourth week promises $5000, and the firth payment offers weekly payment of $10000.

BitexTrade Scam Review, BitexTrade features

The payments that BitexTrade assures investors are ridiculous and unattainable. They are dealing with volatile, risky assets. Additionally, we are yet to encounter a trader who has already earned using this platform.

We recommend that you invest with legit crypto trading bots that are the best in the market. This software will offer genuine rewards. Your safety will not be compromised and there you can also view their trading results anytime that you please.

Contact Details

BitexTrade is an anonymous venture that leaves no traces behind. It all makes sense since they are involved in fraudulent activities. The company does not want the government to put them behind bars.

Therefore, they choose to run their business in a remote area. The platform fails to feature an office address on their website. Nonetheless, there are pages to their social media pages. These include; Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

There is no telephone number for easy communication between both parties. Investors should be careful when dealing with a shady venture like BitexTrade. It is not logical that this venture promises huge returns, yet they do not have enough money to hire a professional customer support team.

Traders will suffer when this scam cut communication with them. They will never respond to your queries. Moreover, the links to their social media pages are broken. The level of unprofessional with this platform reflects on their fraudulent nature.

BitexTrade Regulation Status

BitexTrade is a company that is not licensed by any government in the world. The platform is collecting funds from investors, yet they have not met the requirements. The trading bot does not have terms and conditions.

Trusting them will lead to the withdrawal process not being handled. Various regulatory bodies in the market require investment ventures to apply for a license before commencing on their business. A company must deposit an initial capital of funds that can act as compensation in case bankruptcy occurs.

BitexTrade is a firm that is ignorant about the law. It will be hard for the government to rescue victims that lose funds to this scam. For starters, it is not possible to pin their actual location. Promoting the services of a platform like this one might lead to being prosecuted.

Clients Feedback

BitexTrade seems like a dream come true. The promises that this platform makes should only translate to positive reviews from investors. Investments are all about facts and statics. If no evidence shows a broker is successful is probably because it is not worth your funds.

Legit investment companies have multiple endorsements. Reviews are a reflection of what kind of services to expect from a platform. Unfortunately, scammers have also found a way of manipulating information.

You will find them paying marketers to promote their services. Moreover, they also use stock images and leave contradicting information on their website. However, it is easy to spot these loopholes. We recommend that you always research a venture before giving them access to your funds.

BitexTrade Domain Insight

The company has an SSL certificate, but this does not guarantee fund safety. They have been in the industry for four years, yet they do not have customer feedback. Their traffic is meagre, increasing the level of distrust.

Nobody seems to be interested in the services of this venture. The entity will leave you high and dry. There are no reports of trading activities. They also claim to have been serving their clients for 5 years which another fat lie.

How to protect yourself from Scammers

Several Ponzi schemes have plagued the markets. Multiple people are looking for an alternative source of income. The reported loss of funds to shady platform continues to increase at times goes by. Traders need to take precautions to avoid becoming victims.

Ensure that you only venture with regulated brokers. Avoid trading with offshore firms despite them having enticing deals. Most of them do not survive long in the market. Once they collect a substantial amount of funds from investors, they call the shots and disappear.

A reliable investment firm will have a great customer support service. They will respond in time to the questions of their customers. Furthermore, they also have their physical address displayed on their platform.

Get the required knowledge before venturing in online investment. It will save you funds and time. The safety of your money and personal data should be your only concern. Investors are always on the lookout. Verify that the reviews that are left behind are reliable. We recommend reading testimonials from reputable third-party websites.

Final Verdict

BitexTrade is a potential scam that does not care about making anyone rich. The broker has all the red flags that present them as a Ponzi scheme. We do not recommend traders to venture with this unregulated entity. It is an outrageous scam promising unattainable returns to investors.

The company is not being managed by a reputable corporate. They are anonymously offering investment services across the world. Moreover, this shady broker does not have a physical address or contact details.

Stay away from this dangerous scam and invest only with the best crypto trading companies in the market. Your money will be secure and you will sleep peacefully. Additionally, your portfolio will grow and you have full access of your funds.

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