BitFxInvest Review: a Complete Scam

BitFxInvest Review, BitFxInvest Company
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BitFxInvest Review
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BitFxInvest is an offshore broker operating without a license. Furthermore, the company does not have any proof of trading activity actually taking place. Only invest with reliable and trusted cryptocurrency trading platforms.

BitFxInvest is a company that claims it is involved in BTC mining activities. The venture is also dealing with binary trading. Sadly Binary options are very volatile, and some financial bodies consider them as gambling assets. Additionally, they have been banned.

The company states that it is flexible and seamless. The services of this platform are available to investors all over the world. Investors do not necessarily have to perform any task. Once you cash in, you can start generating high profits.

BitFxInvest Review, BitFxInvest Company

BitFxInvest assures their clients that they can manage their risks. You can utilize the stop loss. Their trading bots do the entire hard task. It trades automatically and securely. The company states that the investment plan that you choose will yield returns for you in a whole year.

Unfortunately, you will not make any returns using this broker. The best thing that you can do is to find legit entities. Several scammers plague the market. Newbies are at a greater risk of falling victims.

BitFxInvest has insufficient information regarding their investment services. If you have any questions regarding their services, the venture requests you to contact them. Additionally, they have several multiple investment plans. Review

BitFxInvest is trading CFDs, Forex, Binary Options and Cryptocurrency. Additionally, they also claim to have mining activities. They brag of engaging only with the licensed exchanges.

The firm allows investors to trade on a weekly or monthly basis. It does not matter what the next direction will be, the platform claim that you will be making profit throughout. Investors can also transfer their funds at a speedy process.

BitFxInvest offers various currencies for trading forex. The main ones are GBP, USD, and GBP. The company does not reveal the team that is behind their success or their founder. Moreover, the location of their mining servers, hardware, and software is also missing.

The leverage and spread that investors enjoy are also left out. There is no evidence of investment services taking place in this firm. The scam is only after making money out of their clients.

Invest with legit crypto trading companies that are reliable and genuine. These platforms have been in the market for years. You can as well read their happy client reviews. Investors should normalize the act of researching about an entity before depositing funds.

Investment Plans

BitFxInvest has two separate investment plans. The first one deals with BTC mining. The minimum amount that you can deposit is $350. The contract runs for one year. The second plan requires a deposit of $1550 and the third $5000.

CFD and Forex investment plan require the same amount of deposit as in the mining accounts. The payment that the broker promises is that of 92%. The platform does not have trading results that can back up their narrative; this is a profitable entity.

Ponzi schemes project high returns to steal from innocent traders. Once you join their dirty scheme with the hope of generating these high returns, you will suffer the consequences. Your money will be lost, and you won’t be able to cash out.

Regulation Status

BitFxInvest is a shady company. They do not mention anything about their regulation. The dirty scheme is only targeting innocent investors without offering fund safety. They are not licensed in all the countries they are accepting funds from.

The scheme is an outlaw. There is no segregation of funds in this firm. Moreover, the firm is also unpopular in the market. Your money will be lost, and the government will not come to your rescue.

BitFxInvest is a venture that will close down their business. You will not receive any compensation from this entity. The listed payment methods of this entity are not verified. There is a possibility of investors not being able to issue a chargeback.

Customer Support

BitFxInvest brags that it has 24/7 live support services. The platform has various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Investing in this company will only end up with total loses.

The platform states that their customer support is professional. They are also ready to help, and their client success is their main accomplishment. Unfortunately, this company does not have an office address.

They are operating in a discreet location. The suspicious venture will eventually exit the market leaving several customers disappointed. Investors will never know their whereabouts; we find it absurd that the entity would operate in such a manner.

BitFxInvest Clients Feedback

BitFxInvest has some testimonials from their alleged investors. Trades claim that this is the best entity in the market. They state that they have experienced the best experience. The investment process is easy and swift.

Newbies claim that they have not experienced any difficulties. They validate that the company is paying in time, despite there being no proof of mining taking place. Investors state that they have the best cloud mining services in the market.

Unfortunately, the people who endorse this shady venture fail to provide links to their social media accounts. They also don’t feature any images. These are ghost clients whom we cannot validate are the real clients of the firm.

Scammers usually use false information to lure in innocent clients. It would be best if you avoided Ponzi schemes at all costs. Look for better reliable platforms.

The Domain Insight

BitFxInvest is a company that was established in April 2019. The entity has been in operation for the last year. Their domain will expire in April 2021. The platform is a dirty scam that has no future in the industry.

The information of the founder of the corporate managing this venture is hidden from the public. Currently, the location of their clients is not known. The website also has low traffic to visit its website. Avoid this infamous venture.

Is BitFxInvest Profitable or not?

BitFxInvest is a dirty scheme that is not profitable. The company is not worth your trust. You will not be able to generate a stable income with this venture. There are better firms in the industry that you can use.

The venture is not regulated, and their customer support is not operational. Their FAQ page is a complete joke and does not feature essential information. Moreover, the platform is not guided by terms and conditions.

BitFxInvest Scam Review, BitFxInvest Features

Investors who sign up to this entity will do it blindly. Moreover, this entity can change its terms and conditions without consulting their clients. Invest with reputable firms that have been trading crypto for years.

The low traffic should serve as a warning to those who might want to join this venture. Additionally, some investors have lost money to fraudulent ventures. You must research any entity before depositing your hard-earned money.

Final Verdict

BitFxInvest is a shady venture that does not care about its customers. The platform is operating without having a license. The firm claims it has fast withdrawal and deposit process. However, we are yet to see successful investors who have withdrawn funds from this entity.

Invest with legit crypto trading companies that specialize in offering the best services in the market. These platforms are reliable and have helped several investors in attaining the best outcome. Trade wisely and be watchful for the scammers.

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