BitQS Review: a Scam?

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BitQS Review
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BitQS is a scam trading software that is operating against the law. The platform has false statistics that are not verified. There are no contact details regarding this company. There are better crypto trading bots that can generate returns to traders.

BitQS is another scam that claims it is making investors rich. Unfortunately, like all other scams in the market, this platform does not provide evidence of earned people. Investors ought to be keen when looking for a company to venture with.

The market is plagued with multiple scammers. They promise ridiculous and outrageous returns to their clients. This application is allegedly free of charge. To transform your life, you only need to provide your full name, email address, and telephone number.

BitQS states that it is a secure platform. They have an SSL certificate to prove this. However, this does not guarantee that your money is in secure hands. The individuals that are running this company are the people that you should be wary of.

Additionally, this suspicious entity also states it has been featured in various news outlets like CNN, BBC News, and business magazines like FT Financial Times, Forbes, and Bloomberg. Sadly, this is another fat lie. BitQS is unreputable and does not conduct investment services.

The company is trying its level best to stay relevant in the market. The even features the number of total profits which their clients have withdrawn. According to the platform, they have a total of over 81K users. The number keeps increasing every minute. Review

BitQS is a nasty scam that you should keep off! Even the best crypto trading companies in the market do not have a number of clients this high in such a short duration. Moreover, legit bots will display their trading results, and the team of developers to gain the trust of investors.

To know your potential profit, you can check on their calculator. Investors’ total earnings depend on the amount they want to deposit and its duration for the amount to mature. The platform promised returns to start from $284.

BitQS Review, BitQS Company

You can deposit as low as $250. The platform claim that all their clients’ are making money all over the universe. Currently, they have customers in 164 countries. Unfortunately, there is no evidence to back up these allegations. Moreover, the platform goes ahead to feature their latest payout.

It is, however, important to note that this information can be highly manipulated. Trading results must be verified by a notable third-party. BitQS states the only thing their clients should have is a phone, tablet, or computer. If you have a reliable internet connection, you can start yielding these high profits.

After completing the registration process, you will start generating income. Making money is not as easy as these scammers make it appear. Fraudulent companies only make the promise of quick riches. Sadly, these firms do not survive long in the industry.

How Does BitQS Work?

BitQS allegedly uses automatic trading software. Trading bots are not as flawless as these scammers make them appear. System malfunctioning might leave you devastated. Furthermore, you have to be certain that people are earning reasonable returns before depositing your funds.

The platform states that it operates on all devices. We highly doubt there exists a trading software. Nowadays all these scammers need is a running website with enticing content. Thereafter naive traders who do not have sufficient knowledge in trading fall for their narrative.

BitQS claims that you will be able to withdraw your funds instantly. Ponzi schemes will steal your funds and never contact you again. There is no investor who has been able to get their funds. These kinds of companies give all sorts of excuses when it comes to withdrawing your money.

The technique which this platform uses to gain these ridiculous returns still remains a mystery. You only need to install the software and start generating outrageous profits. Stay away from this firm and anyone who markets their fraudulent services.

Promised Returns

BitQS claims that traders can earn $1,100 within 24 hours. There is no way that you can generate such figures within such a short duration. Secondly, a deposit of $250 is also unrealistic. The company states that you can work for a period of 20 minutes.

It sounds like a dream come true. The main problem is that even the best crypto trading bots in the market do not guarantee such an amount. Therefore, it is clear that this is another big red flag. You should not take this lightly. Moreover, this platform states they have made some traders millionaires within two months.

Since the bot is free you should ask yourself how the platform generates its income. The truth is that the bot will direct you to unregulated brokers where you will lose more money. The trading accuracy which the software brags about is also unrealistic. Legit bots’ accuracy range from about 80%.

However, BitQS states its accuracy is that of 99.4%. It means that you will only be making profits. Cryptocurrencies are very volatile and it is hard predicting your next reward.

Customer Support and Contact Details

BitQS claims that it has reliable customer support services. Once you become their member you will have access to free lifetime support. Don’t you think is strange believing these kinds of lies especially when they have no contact details?

The company is operating fully anonymously without and we don’t know their country of origin. Once this scam decides to close down their business investors will not be able to go after their money. It is also ironic that the platform does not have a professional support team yet they project high returns.

Regulation Status of BitQS

The trading software is not regulated by regulatory bodies in the market. Financial watchdog subjects all companies that are providing investment services to the public to get a license. It is a way of protecting their citizens from losing money to scammers.

BitQS states that it has no hidden charges. The platform also claims they don’t get a commission from brokers. You should not believe scammers especially because they do not adhere to the set guidelines from the government. Therefore, these companies can do whatever they please.

Your money is not secure in this venture. Invest with licensed investment companies as they safeguard client money in segregated accounts. Moreover, companies also have a compensation scheme. In case the company becomes bankrupt then investors can be compensated. There are multiple benefits that come with trusting a regulated platform.

Clients Feedback

BitQS has a number of clients that claim they have earned using this entity. In less than a week the investors state they have made a great fortune. The main problem is that the company uses stock images.

BitQS Scam, BitQS False Testimonials

The platform features only what it wants the public to see. Unfortunately, if you fall for this ploy you will end up losing funds. Check for reviews from third party websites. This is because scammers manipulate the information they publish on their website.

Final Verdict

BitQS is a scam that will not generate any income to the public. The platform brags about having superior technology. The trading accuracy of this bot is absurd and their projected returns are also outrageous. The platform states it is an award-winning venture.

The entity has proven to be unreliable. They display false data to win over sales. Instead of wasting your funds in this company invest with legit crypto trading bots that are reputable and trustworthy. These platforms are regulated by the authority and your money is safe.




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