BitsFxTraders Review: a Bogus Scam

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BitsFxTraders Review
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BitsFxTraders requirements are unfavorable. The best thing to do is look for a better alternative in the market. The platform is moreover not licensed or regulated. Trade with firms that have a professional customer support team.

BitsFxTraders is our today’s unlucky scam to be exposed. Nonetheless, this venture portrays itself as the best in the market. They welcome investors to trade forex, crypto, commodities, stocks, and indices.

The venture brags that it has over 400 assets that investors can use. The entity assures traders they will experience the best support from their team. Despite this being a fraudulent firm it claims it segregates funds in separate accounts. Sadly, there is no fund safety in this broker.

BitsFxTraders Review, BitsFxTraders Company

BitsFxTraders claims it offers low spread to their customers. The venture brags that it utilizes the latest technology in the market. Therefore, you will get a cutting-edge experience if you choose to entrust your funds with them. The suspicious venture also states that its main focus is to provide the best experience to all its customers.

The broker is allegedly serving traders in over 39 countries. It also proclaims of being 100%. Unfortunately, we do not believe these claims since even the information of their team is left behind. Orders are executed in under one second. The trading activities of this firm are shady.

Since the time BitsFxTraders was established the venture brags it has executed over 1.5 million orders. However, this company is only a few months old. We suspect that this is only a false tactic of deceiving more traders. Even the best ventures in the market struggle to get such an audience in such a short span. Review

The platform allegedly has won two awards. The organization or the title of these awards are not disclosed. Therefore, the information is unverified. We do not recommend this firm to the members of the public because it lacks all the aspects of a legit broker.

BitsFxTraders requires investors to sign up in the platform to start trading. The platform also guarantees traders that they are going to get professional treatment from them. The only thing that is certain is being ignored and being treated like you do not matter. Scammers never care about the people that they steal from.

The entity presents an opportunity for investors to trade in the assets that they feel more comfortable venturing with. The company presents itself as the best place for investors to be. They are welcoming all forms of traders to join them despite their trading experience.

BitsFxTraders is an entity that provides false information to deceive more innocent desperate traders. They are operating illegally which is a big red flag. The trading history of this broker is not visible which should act as a warning.

Venture with the best forex trading companies that are genuine. You are going to earn real-time genuine returns. Moreover, traders are protected against negative account balances. You will be treated as a priority and also the customer support is friendly and responsive.

Trading Conditions of BitsFxTraders

The company states that it has low leverage for its customers. It allegedly charges less for its clients to be able to make more profits. Investors can trade around the clock five days of the week. The firm promises a leverage cap of 1:500. Review, Features

BitsFxTraders is a firm that falsely claims it provides the MT4 interface to its customers. The entity is tarnishing the name of this reputable platform. The broker only presents an online-based web trade interface that has unattractive features.

The company’s spread is way over the market standard. Investors are provided with a spread of over 20 pips. This is not beneficial to them. Additionally, you will only pay more if you trade with them. There are multiple better firms that you can use instead of wasting funds and time here.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Investors can deposit money at BitsFxTraders via BTC, Wire Transfer, Visa, and Master Card. The minimum amount that you can pay in this firm is $250. There are legit forex trading entities that accept as low as $100.

Our main problem is that this is an offshore company. Nonetheless, their payment method is the credit card option. The financial institutions are mitigating risks. Therefore, investors can issue a chargeback from up to 540 days.

The information regarding the minimum amount that traders can cash out is not available. The withdrawal requests will be handled within 24 hours. However, this is a venture that is capable of presenting false info to win over customers.

They do not have a worldwide recognized trading platform. The account becomes dormant after an inactivity of 12 months. Investors are subjected to paying $30 annually. Additionally, they also have trading bonuses for their clients.

To be eligible for withdrawal you must meet a trading volume of 30 times the deposited amount and the bonus. BitsFxTraders requirements are unfavorable. The best thing to do is look for a better alternative in the market.

BitsFxTraders Contact Details

BitsFxTraders is a platform that allegedly has offices in the United Kingdom, London, and Canada Ontario, Toronto. Unfortunately, the specific address is not available. The broker also features an email address and a telephone number that investors can use to reach them.

The broker is not based in these areas. It is an offshore fraudulent firm that does not care about its customers. It is going to be a cat mouse chase when you try getting your money back. Without knowing their location it is impossible to pin them down.

BitsFxTraders violates several rules by operating as they please. Avoid anonymous firms at all costs. Lack of transparency shows that the firm is involved in fraudulent activities. Legit forex trading platforms are always looking after their customers. Therefore, we recommend that you try them today.

Customer Testimonials

The platform features a number of testimonials on its website. Newbies state that the firm has helped them a great deal. They also praise the support for their guidance. Traders also praise the company for having top-notch trading tools.

BitsFxTraders withdrawal process is also fast. Additionally, the support is responsive. The venture is allegedly everything that investors all over the world are looking for. Sadly, the broker is using stock images. If you pay attention you will realize that the information is cherry-picked.

Scammers use false information to entice traders. You need to be very careful because it is easy to fall for their scheme especially if you are a novice investor. Read reviews of the company you want to venture with from third-party websites. Fraudsters cannot interfere with data from that end.

BitsFxTraders Regulation Status

The company states that it is licensed by the Canadian regulatory body. This seems to be a confusing venture. On the other hand, the firm brags that it is operating in accordance with Marshall Island. The area does not have a regulator that monitors the activities of a forex or any other investment activity.

BitsFxTraders is an illegal investment scheme. Therefore, you will not get fund safety from them. There is a high possibility of them changing their terms and conditions without notifying their customers. Moreover, once this firm exits the industry you will not be compensated.

The Domain Insight is a firm whose registration took place in December 2020. The domain will expire on the same month the year 2023. They do not have customer feedback which is a huge red flag. Their traffic is also very low.

Final Verdict

BitsFxTraders is a company that is not based nor regulated in Canada. They also do not have offices in the UK. The broker is a dirty scam that is operating illegally. Avoid them like a plague. Try out some of the regulated forex platforms in the market that are genuine.

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