Bitstakers Review: another scam

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Bitstakers Company
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Bitstakers is a company that is operating illegally. It is dealing with cryptocurrency assets which are very volatile. Nonetheless, this broker brags that it has the best returns in the market. Avoid them and invest with legit crypto ventures.

Bitstakers markets itself as the best cryptocurrency leading Investment Company in the market. The venture claims it is utilizing high technology to generate these high returns. They guarantee high profits to their clients.

Additionally, this platform states that it utilizes their professional team. The company is dealing with crypto mining and trading activities. They urge investors to join their movement to secure their future.

Bitstakers Review, Bitstakers Company

Bitstakers features necessary information explaining what crypto mining is. However, this firm leaves out essential details. We do not know the location of their mining servers. The hardware which the entity uses is not discussed.

The entity has several red flags. Nonetheless, this entity claims that it has high profitability late than its competitors. The entity allegedly makes the best earnings in the world. Unfortunately, there is no evidence to back up their narrative.

Bitstakers use the best software and hardware to yield their high returns. They assure investors once they join their scheme, they will start making returns immediately. The payout is sent directly to the investors. Review

The platform states that it conducts both crypto mining and trading activities. The safety of investors is the priority of a legit entity. However, scammers are different. They only present false information.

Bitstakers states that it has the best investment plans in the industry. Unfortunately, these returns are exaggerated. The venture promises its customers that they will assist them in achieving their financial goals.

Sadly, trusting this firm will only make you poor. Despite the assets which this broker is dealing with, it claims they never experience a drawdown. The company features statics that is exaggerated.

Moreover, they claim to have over 6 years of experience in the market. Unfortunately, the firm is trading illegally and present false data to confuse investors. Additionally, the firm also features its most successful clients on its website.

They are using stock images, and below these pictures, there are returns that the entity has generated. Invest only with the best crypto trading software that can trade automatically. These products simplify the trading process.

The Team of Bitstakers

The company showcases its team to the public. They include; Wang Cheng, Sakib Jackson, Julia Walter, and Wang Cheng. They only list their names, but we do not even know the position that they hold in the company.

Moreover, we are also in the dark when it comes to the qualification that they have. The company lacks transparency as these are also stock images. Investors should be keen when dealing with the best ventures.

How Bitstakers Does Operates?

You need to deposit funds in your account. There are several plans that you can use. Afterwards you can start generating high returns. They are only mining BTC, but you can trade a variety of coins.

The venture states that it began its investment in 2012. Their team allegedly comprise of crypto enthusiasts. The venture proclaims that it is among the leading ventures in the market. The firm states it has grown, with the best customer relation and savings.

Investment Plans and Ridiculous returns

Bitstakers has four absurd investment plans. The minimum amount that you can deposit is $200 up to $5000. The amount is high, and promised daily return is 1.5%. It also has a referral bonus of 5%.

Bitstakers Review, Bitstakers Plan

The most expensive plan is $50001 and guarantees a daily return of 2.8%. It has a compound interest and 24 customer support services. It is evident that this is a scam that has no good intention for their clients.

Invest with legit companies that don’t exaggerate their earnings. There are better opportunities that you can use in the market. Logically speaking, Bitstakers is an extortion firm.

Contact Details

Bitstakers is a firm that is allegedly based in Georgia, Atlanta. The platform features an office address on their website. Investors can also contact them via email. The profitable entity does not have enough funds for the high support team.

There is no phone number available, which is a big loophole. This firm is likely operating in a remote area. Moreover, to access their FAQ page, you must sign up. Once this broker decides to make an exit in the market, you won’t be able to trace them.

Regulation Status

Bitstakers is a scam that has received a warning from the financial regulatory body of Canada. The British Colombia Security Commission (BCSC) has blacklisted the venture. It urges investors not to deposit their funds with this shady entity.

The company has no intention of helping its clients financially. The entity does not have a license from any of the regulatory bodies in the industry. The funds of investors are at high risk. There is no segregation of funds.

Additionally, the information that you share with Bitstakers can be used against you. Fraudulent ventures keep changing their terms of service. Withdrawal requests will never be processed.

Moreover, the scam will cut all communication with their clients. There will be nowhere to turn to once this firm goes rogue. Invest with regulated entities only to avoid becoming another victim.

Clients Testimonials

Bitstakers is a company that is a platform that uses fake information to market their fraudulent services. Investors claim that they no longer have to go to work. They only sit back, go on vacation and earn big returns.

They urge investors who are skeptical about joining the entity instantly. You can earn over $2000 weekly. It is a dream come true venture. It sounds more like a fantasy, which it is considering there is no proof of payment.

Bitstakers has no endorsement from their customers in third party websites. Additionally, the only thing that we come across is complains from their clients. Ponzi schemes use false information to lure in innocent victims.

The Domain Insight

Bitstakers is a company that was established in September 2019. The domain of the entity is private; therefore, the information of the founder is hidden. The registration of this company will expire in 2021. The traffic visiting this platform is not very low. It is around 4Million. We do not know the location of their audience.

Can I make money using Bitstakers?

Unfortunately, you will not make genuine returns using this platform. They lie about their history, which is a major red flag. Investors are only going to be counting losses after engaging with this entity. Moreover, they are using false testimonials to lure in more clients. Moreover, the mining activities of the company are not discussed in detail. Therefore, we do not know the mining cost, the hardware used, or the average drawdown. The company states that it is only making profits we all know that in every business there both good and bad day.

Final Verdict

Bitstakers is a company that does not discuss in detail their withdrawal and deposit requirements. We do not know the method that you can use to cash in funds. The entity is shady and unreliable.

Moreover, the company has already been blacklisted. Investing with them will only lead to big losses. There is no proof of payment, and this venture uses false testimonials to lure in more victims.

Venture with the best crypto trading companies that are reliable and legit. You will trade with trust earning real-time returns. Legit platforms do not have hidden agendas. The information that you need will be available for you.

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