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Bitxtream Review
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Bitxtream will soon be out of the market. Those that ignore our warning will suffer the consequences. The venture is not worth the risks. They do not even have a customer support team. Therefore, you should refrain from doing business with them.

Bitxtream, the name suggests that you will attain high growth in the market. The venture is offering CFDs and Forex to their clients. It is allegedly the true ECN. Those that join the broker can use various strategies to get a desirable outcome.

Bitxtream Review, Bitxtream Company

They allegedly have over 160 currency pairs. They also have a demo account for traders to familiarize themselves with the trading activities. The company shows itself with several praises. They assure traders a personal account manager is available to aid their activities.

The company also performs thorough research of the market. Therefore, you will never miss any trending news. One question many investors are asking is whether Bitxtream is legit. What makes an investment scheme legit? This is what you should educate yourself on.

A genuine venture must have a license from a reputable financial watchdog. Unfortunately, this scam does not have a regulatory form. Hoping this answers your question. The broker must also operate in full transparency. The people that are running this scheme are unknown.

The scheme brags about having years of experience. However, it fails to credit the individuals that are behind its success. Instead of exposing yourself to this entity, we suggest you use reputable forex trading companies. These ventures have been in the market for years. Review

Bitxtream claims it has educational materials for traders. They even conduct daily webinars. However, we weren’t lucky enough to view the resources. Hence, we cannot confirm if the scheme has high-quality materials. Bitxtream has four trading accounts. All of them offer the same leverage of 1:500.

In most cases, Ponzi schemes have fluff content that can only assist the newbies in familiarizing themselves with the trading. Why pay to get such content while there are several free resources on the internet. The shady venture is also guaranteeing customers a swift withdrawal process.

Bitxtream apparently sends traders trading signals every day. It is a good thing only if they are winning signals. We do not know if their indicators take the right direction. There is no client feedback to prove the company is profitable.

Moreover, the Ponzi scheme also brags it has 16 platforms. Therefore, anyone can trade using any electronic device. The broker avails daily technical analysis free of charge to clients. An overall outlook of the forex market is also provided.

The assets that the entity is dealing with are highly volatile. Therefore, even the highly expert traders trade cautiously. You cannot only be making profits, but you can mitigate the risks. The scheme is only selling a fake narrative to trap in more victims.

Trading Conditions and Platform Available

Bitxtream claims it has over 1000 tradable instruments. Investors can trade Forex, stocks, commodities, energies, CFDs, metals, and indices. The company has an MT5 trading interface. It does not make any change since the entity is fraudulent. Review Accounts

The magnificent trading platform is there to fool you into giving them a chance. The entity has a pathetic spread offer to clients. The EURUSD currency pair has a spread of 2.5 pips. It is not even close to the market standard. It means that traders will have to pay more. The broker is the only party that will be winning.

The leverage cap is 1:500, which is also very hazardous. The main reason that financial watchdogs set up a limit is to protect investors from making huge losses. Investors need to be cautious with such schemes. Bitxtream is to no good.

Bitxtream Withdrawal and Deposits

The company features multiple payment methods. These include; Skrill, Visa, and MasterCard, Bitcoin, Bank Wire, and Neteller. However, upon checking the user dashboard, the only way to fund your account is by using RaxorPay and Bitcoin. Bitxtream never ceases to amaze us.

Investors cannot get their money back after giving it to the con artists. The reason that the broker is lying is to scam you. They know that their customers cannot get hold of them. There are a great number of the genuine platform that accepts Visa, and MasterCard.

The minimum amount to deposit at Bitxtream is $100. It would help if you did not give them a penny. More proof that the entity is a scam is their lack of a legal document. Their terms and conditions guide genuine investment companies.

You cannot even report the fraud to the authority. Additionally, the venture can inflict high fees on investors. Nothing binds the company to operate ethically. The financial venture makes it mandatory for investment ventures to have a contract with their clients.

Furthermore, we do not know if the fees that Bitxtream is charging, their bonus requirements, or the inactivity policy. You won’t be refunded for trading with them is a big mistake. The only way to stay safe is to look for genuine forex companies with a license.

Contact Details and Customer Support

The company is available on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Pinterest. There is also an email address that you can use to reach them. The entity office address is in London, UK. However, there is no phone number to ease communication.

We cannot validate that Bitxtream is responsive. They also don’t have a large number of followers. The scheme will never respond in time to your problem. Moreover, the scheme is exposed as a scam.

Therefore, sharing your personal data with the company is a bad idea. There is nothing for you in this dirty scheme. The broker cannot even trust clients with a real geographical location. It is definitely an offshore entity.

Bitxtream Regulation and Registration

The company is obligated to be licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) since it proclaims to be operating from the UK. However, Bitxtream brags it is a legitimate broker licensed by the government of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

The SVG does not license online investment services or products. Therefore, the scheme is featuring false information to remain relevant. Your money is at high risk in the company. The parent company of the scheme is Optimum Standard International.

The Sweden and Hong Kong government blacklisted a fraud with an identical name. Moreover, there is no segregation of funds in this venture. The entity shall only leave you high and dry. To cut a long story short, investing at Bitxtream is a terrible idea.

It is best to stick to the licensed brokers in the market. They have great trading experience, and your security is their top priority. You even stand a chance of receiving compensation in case of an unforeseen outcome.

The Domain Insight

Bitxtream has been in the market since September 2020. The domain expires after one year. The location of their audience is unknown. Their traffic is also low (5,647,830). It seems not many people have an interest in their services.

Final Verdict

The company has an MT5 trading interface. They also advertise high leverage of 1:500. However, this should not be the reason you invest in fraud. The entity is not licensed, and it even fakes an address to appear transparent.

Bitxtream will soon be out of the market. Those that ignore our warning will suffer the consequences. The venture is not worth the risks. They do not even have a customer support team. Therefore, you should refrain from doing business with them.

Here is a list of genuine forex trading companies in the market. These entities are licensed and operate in full transparency. Their trading results are accessible to the public. Additionally, you can read their happy clients’ feedback to make an informed decision.

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