Bixinfinance Review: Another Shady Crypto Company

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BixInfinance Review
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BixInfinance is not a reliable company. Their customer support is not professional and venturing with them will make you lose funds. Invest with the best crypto companies instead of trusting this shady broker.

BixInfinance is allegedly a cryptocurrency trading company. The shady venture promises investors stable tempting returns. Unfortunately, we all know that cryptocurrency investment is volatile. Therefore, it is not possible to generate constant returns.

Scammers are the ones that promise absurd returns to their clients. Moreover, this entity also claims it is among the best leading investment platform in the market. They have a group of experts who keep an eye on the stock exchanges all the time.

BixInfinance maximizes traders’ returns. They are urging new investors not to hesitate and join the movement immediately. It might seem like a dream come true once you encounter them. Moreover, this dirt scheme is using their shady marketers to promote their services.

During our research, we come across countless positive endorsements from anonymous people. Additionally, some websites receive a commission for fishing out clients for the broker. It is unethical for them to praise a Ponzi scheme, but they have nothing to lose.

BixInfinance is an entity that will not survive the industry. Once this Ponzi scheme realizes there is no money coming into their system, there will be no other choice than to close down their operation. Investors’ funds will be lost. Review

BixInfinance is an infamous company that claims to be trading Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin. All we see are red flags. The entity states that it is based in Hong Kong. Moreover, they also brag that the mind behind the platform is experienced.

The team of this suspicious venture comprises expert traders and skilled analysts. Therefore, they believe that they have what it takes to generate high returns. Unfortunately, we cannot rely on the word of an entity that is not reputable. Review, Company

BixInfinance is using false information to entice innocent traders in their platform. The company lack transparency and there is no evidence of trading taking place. They are relying on their team, high frequency and their trading strategies which they have been using for years. Instead of wasting investing in this broker invest with legit crypto trading companies.

Traders will earn stable passive income despite any trading factor that might be in the industry. This is a dirty scheme, and there is nothing that you can do about it. Their promises are fake and unattainable. The only guarantee is that you will lose money if you choose to trade with them.

Invest only with the best crypto trading companies. These platforms are regulated by the relevant financial watchdog in the market. Therefore, your money is secure in their venture. You will earn real-time returns with them.

BixInfinance Returns and Investment Plans

BixInfinance has ridiculous investment returns. Their trading accounts are attractive but a complete joke. It takes a few days and even hours for the plans to mature. The minimum amount that you can deposit is $25. You will receive 15% profits within 24 hours.

The company has a total of four trading accounts. The second package accepts funds ranging from $450 up to $2500. The returns mature after 48 hours. You will receive a return of 30%. The other plan guarantees a return of 60% after 72 hours.

BixInfinance Review, BixInfinance Investment Plan

Investors should cash in $2500-$10000 to enjoy these benefits. Finally but not least, the mega plan of this Ponzi scheme requires a deposit of $10000, and there is no maximum limit of the amount that you can cash in. Investors will receive 90% returns for 120 hours.

Something does not add up with BixInfinance. The platform is promising high returns to its competitors. Additionally, even the best of the best crypto trading companies do not offer such lucrative returns.

This should show you how far this Ponzi scheme will go to scam traders. Moreover, we are yet to see any successful investor who has already used their platform. The firm also has an affiliate program which we believe is the only means of income for the company.

Customer Support

BixInfinance is an entity that is allegedly based in Hong Kong. The firm brags that it has a responsive customer support team. The team is working 24/7 to serve its clients. Their office address is 7646 Lot 815-816 Loi Tung Tsen Sha Tau Kok Rd.

Unfortunately, the only way to contact the company is via email. Lack of telephone numbers raises more suspicion. We do not know what to expect from this broker. However, scammers never respond to emails of their victims.

Additionally, since there is no team involved, it helps in minimizing their workload. Don’t you think it is a bit off that a money-making machine does not have enough funds to hire a professional customer support team?

For the sake of your money, avoid BixInfinance. They are based in an undisclosed area, and the only thing you will get is a disappointment. Trade with the best ventures in the industry and earn a reliable source of income.

Regulation and Registration

BixInfinance is an entity that brags using its registration certificate. Sadly, this is not enough to clear up their name. A legit investment company ought to have a license from financial watchdogs in all their area of operation.

However, this platform continues to offer its financial services to investors illegally. The venture does not provide fund safety for its clients. Trading with this scheme only puts your money at greater risk.

BixInfinance will have hidden charges for their clients. They will also not handle your withdrawal request in time. It is best to avoid them not to suffer severe losses. Invest only with reliable and regulated brokers.

Can I generate Passive Income Using BixInfinance?

Sadly, this entity has no intention of earning its clients profits. The entity uses a perfect sales pitch to trap innocent investors. They use their referral programs to finance their operation. It will be within no time that there won’t be funds coming into their system.

BixInfinance does not conduct crypto trading activity. Their trading conditions are not discussed. Moreover, we do not know the mechanism which this broker is using to yield this high outcome. The best thing you can do is to stay far away from this entity.

Their returns are ridiculous. We are yet to see anyone who has earned using this scheme. The entity is neither registered nor regulated. Their real area of operation remains anonymous. Furthermore, we also don’t know the founder of the team managing investors’ money.

The Domain Insight has low traffic. It is enough proof that investors’ are not interested in the activities of this pyramid scheme. The venture was established in June 2020. The domain is only registered for a period of one year. Unfortunately, the information regarding the founder is hidden from the public.

Final Verdict

BixInfinance displays statics showcasing its recent deposit and withdrawal. The numbers are pretty high. If you use this information, you will join the broker immediately. However, no evidence shows this is a profitable entity.

In fact, all information shows that this is a Ponzi scheme. The high returns promise will not be fulfilled. There is no customer support team, and the address displayed on the website is false. The means of payment limit traders from issuing a chargeback.

Invest with legit crypto trading companies in the market that will earn you real time returns. These are among the best entities that have been in the market for decades. Moreover, your funds are safe in their system.



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