BixoTrade Review: is a Terrible Crypto Ponzi scheme

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BixoTrade Review
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BixoTrade is a platform that can choose to shut down its website today and disappear with your hard-earned money. Sadly, there is nothing that you can do about it once this happens. Furthermore, you cannot run to the authority because they have warned investors against trusting anonymous brokers.

BixoTrade is a company that deals with forex and cryptocurrency investment. The platform compiles adequate information on its website. It is, therefore, not easy to notice the red flags. The firm markets itself as the most trustworthy digital currency entity.

Investors who join them are guaranteed high daily returns. You are promised nothing but the best. While this is not the first or last Ponzi scheme that we are going to review. Unfortunately, you are going to get disappointments if you decide to test the waters.

BixoTrade Review, BixoTrade Company

BixoTrade does not have the MetaTrader interface for forex traders. Therefore, we are wondering which platform they are referring to when they claim it’s reliable. Additionally, the firm fails to feature the currency pairs which investors can trade.

The lack of essential data pertaining to forex trading indicates whoever built this website lack the right skills. Moreover, we do not know if their leverage cap exposes clients to more risks. Furthermore, we cannot tell whether the spread is beneficial to customers.

The crypto trading activity has its own drawdown. Therefore, when this company promises investors quick riches, we doubt they have pure intention. You need to gain skills before generating profits. You cannot just hop into the market and join the billionaire club. Review

BixoTrade ironically promises investment growth and high returns to investors. However, the trading conditions of this broker are discreet. The customer support allegedly operates 24/7. Investment is all about factual prove and without that, we can only consider their empty words as another sweet narrative.

The platform brags it has the necessary legal documents. However, these materials do not validate that you will get fund safety. The tactical scheme is to no good. They are using false information to get your attention.

BixoTrade security badges are to prove your data is safe in their platform. Sadly, the people that manage this firm are the ones that you should be skeptical about. They also provide promotional banners to assist their marketers in promoting their fraudulent services.

The investment packages of this entity are luring but fake. You will not yield a penny from this fraudulent venture. The company states that it has over 100 digital coins to select from. The risk management policy of the firm is improved and protects traders from making losses.

BixoTrade states that it has can prove it performance. Unfortunately, we did not see trading results. Invest with legit crypto trading companies and licensed forex trading brokers. These are platforms that care about their customers and offer high quality services.

Investment Plans

The entity has three investment plans. They avail daily profits that are beyond what their competitors are offering. The basic package accepts an investment of $100- $4999. Investors are offered a total return of 400 within 200 days. The daily profit is 1.50%.

The second account of BixoTrade accepts $5000 up to $24,999. The firm has expensive plans. The total ROI to yield is 450% in 200 days. The daily profit to expect is 1.75%. The last account needs a deposit of $25000 to $99999.

Investors can expect 500% returns within 200 days. It is the most lucrative account. However, this is a dream that will never come to pass. It is impossible to get such high returns within such a short span.

Moreover, the affiliate program of BixoTrade is also meant to increase your profitability. We do not see any investment activities taking place in this venture. The broker is a dirty Ponzi scheme that is not paying.

Founder and Team of BixoTrade

The investment firm feature presents its management team: the CEO, chief marketing, and technical officer. You might see this as a transparency gesture. They also have profiles of their agents. The problem is that the information is fake.

The scam is stealing pictures from the internet. The people that the Ponzi scheme avails have nothing to do with their business. The entity is desperate to prove it’s a credible firm, but the reality is that we are uncovering their dirty business.

Contact Details

BixoTrade features their office address. The venture purports that it has offices in the United Kingdom, The United States, and Hong Kong. You can contact support via email. The multi-global entity does not provide support via phone.

We find this to be a big red flag because the firm can generate huge returns, yet hiring multi-lingual support is a problem. Scammers are the ones who keep communicating via email. It is an easy way for them to avoid responding to clients.

Their claim of responding with 24 hours is another false promise. BixoTrade only cares about its own needs. Once they realize you have run out of money, you will become useless to them. They will cut you off and even blacklist you.

Regulation and Registration of BixoTrade

The company claims it has a regulatory certificate from the UK, the USA, and the Hong Kong government. Unfortunately, the documents which the broker decorates its website with are registration forms.

There is a big difference between being regulated and registered. A legit entity must have a license in all the countries of its operation.  You are not going to get fund safety from this company. They are operating as they want without following any rules. Scam Review, Review Registration

BixoTrade is a platform that can choose to shut down its website today and disappear with your hard-earned money. Sadly, there is nothing that you can do about it once this happens. Furthermore, you cannot run to the authority because they have warned investors against trusting anonymous brokers.

Since the actual location of BixoTrade is unknown, you will have no choice but to count your losses. The first thing to do is to check whether an entity has a license. Avoid platforms that do not segregate funds with reputable financial institutions.

Clients Feedback

There are several unhappy clients whom the broker has already scammed. They are warning potential investors who might be tempted to join the entity to stay away. The firm also has a low trust score. There are better ways that you can use to earn money.

The platform has been in the market for years, but this does not mean that you will make profits with them. Additionally, the traffic that is visiting the platform is also huge. The company has been in the market since 2018.

They have total traffic of 23,395. Their clients mainly come from the USA, Canada, and the Bahamas. Nonetheless, you should take the warning of investors seriously and refrain from depositing funds at BixoTrade. You can only make payment via BTC, which is risky. Therefore, before anything else, think twice before believing blindly in this platform.

Final Verdict

The company claims that it is licensed in 6 countries. The three that we have mentioned do not allow the firm to offer financial services in their jurisdictions. You are not going to get a great outcome by investing with BixoTrade. The entity will not help you attain your financial freedom. We do not see the point of giving them your trust.

Ensure you trade with licensed crypto trading companies. You also need to see the trading performance statistics of a broker before giving them access to your hard earned money. Additionally, make sure that the customer support team is qualified and responds on time. You can determine this by reading their clients feedback.



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