Black Diamond Swiss Review: An Illegal and Inexperienced Forex Broker

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Black Diamond Swiss Review
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Black Diamond Swiss provides a web-based platform for the trade of forex, commodities, stocks, and indices. This platform does not compare to the MetaTrader platforms in functionality and design. You should always invest in companies that provide an MT4 or MT5 platform.

Black Diamond Swiss is one of the newest scam operations in the market. They are promising clients all kinds of services in the market. They offer forex brokerage, trading signals, and trading education. This presents a conflict of interest by the broker. Additionally, this company has a lot of gaps that render it untrustworthy.

In an ever-growing market, many companies are quickly coming up. Unfortunately, most of these companies coming up are scammers. These companies come into the market, sweet-talking investors and guaranteeing them instant profits. 

Consequently, it is necessary to do enough research before investing. This is the best way to avoid scam operations. It is a big shame that many people are losing their money to these companies. 

Black Diamond Swiss Review, Black Diamond Swiss Company

Luckily, there are a lot of legitimate forex brokers that will offer you better services. These companies have been in the market for a long time and have the trust of many traders. Moreover, they are more transparent and professional. Review

Black Diamond Swiss provides a web-based platform for the trade of forex, commodities, stocks, and indices. This platform does not compare to the MetaTrader platforms in functionality and design. You should always invest in companies that provide an MT4 or MT5 platform. These are the industry standard platforms, and any serious company would know that.

Blackdiamond invest claims to be one of the top-performing companies in Europe. This is very surprising because this company has only been around for less than three months. There is no way it is a top-performing company. It takes longer for any company to gain such a reputation. 

Further, this company is offering clients trading education and technical signals. However, they do not tell us who they are or what their trading history looks like. You should never take such services from unknown people on the Internet. That is a recipe for disaster. At the very least, a company should present you with the team’s trading results.

In terms of customer support, this company has various channels to reach the team. You can give the company a call at +442037693116. You can also send the team a message via WhatsApp at +447405313408. Fuhrer, you can email them at While this may be good, there is no guarantee that the company will respond to any of your queries. Many fraudulent companies stop responding to customers as soon as they are done scamming them.

Black Diamond Swiss Account types

There are four account types on Black Diamond Swiss. These include the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Black accounts. These accounts are different depending on the investment a client makes.

The Bronze account accepts a minimum deposit amount of 10,000. This account has static spreads and maximum leverage of up to 1:100. The minimum trade volume is 0.1 lots for this account. Additionally, account holders receive an account manager to help them with their activities.

The Silver account has a minimum deposit of 20,000. This gives you static spreads and leverage of up to 1:100. Additionally, clients get a personal manager to help them in their trading. The minimum trade volume for this account is 0.1 lots.

The third account is the Gold account. This account has a minimum deposit of 50,000 and comes with a 50%  welcome bonus. The maximum leverage for this account is up to 1:300. Additionally, this account has access to analytical updates and a minimum trading volume of 1 lot.

The final account is the Black account. It comes with a minimum deposit of 100,000. Account-holders enjoy a dealing room and a personal manager. The leverage for this account goes up to 1:500. Additionally, the minimum trading volume is 1.5 lots.

These are not the cheapest accounts in the market. Investing such a high amount in a shady business is a bad idea. You should avoid this company like the plague. It has nothing good to offer you.

Founders and Physical Location

You should never invest in any company that conceals the identity of the team members. This is a common characteristic of illegal operations. The people behind such companies hide their identities to avoid facing the law. 

Unsurprisingly, this company does not introduce us to any of the founders or team members. This is a huge red flag. People who hide their identities are not trustworthy. They do not want their name associated with a scam operation.

Moreover, revealing their identities would do the company more good than harm. We have no idea why they wouldn’t just do it.

In terms of physical address, this company gives its address as Friedrichstraße 68, 10117 Berlin. While this may be good, we can assure you that this company is not in this location legally. This is yet another huge red flag.

Black Diamond Swiss Regulation and Fund Safety

Black Diamond Swiss claims to be a registered and regulated company under the umbrella of the company BDswiss. This company claims to have regulations from the FSA and BaFin. However, we can assure you that this is far from the truth. This is an illegal company operating without regulations.

For starters, the FSA is no longer the regulatory body in the UK. The body in charge of forex regulations is the FCA. Nonetheless, we searched on the FCA and BaFin registries to verify whether this company is telling the truth. Unsurprisingly, we did not find any results matching Black Diamond Swiss or BDswiss. 

Black Diamond Swiss Scam Review, Black Diamond Swiss features

You should never trust any company that lies about its regulations. These are more likely to be scams. Moreover, you should not invest in any company that does not have regulations. They are illegal, and the law will eventually shut them down.

Further, unregulated companies cannot assure you of your funds’ safety. Such companies do not have segregated accounts in Tier-1 banks. Therefore, your funds are not safe from the company’s and the bank’s financial situation.

Moreover, there is no evidence of systems’ protection. There is no mention of software or hardware this company has in place to keep out hackers. There are just too many ways to lose your money with this company.

Diamond Insight

Black Diamond Swiss claims to have vast experience in the forex market. Spanning many years and hundreds of satisfied customers. The company claims to be one of the best and popular in this field.

However, Whois records reveal otherwise. This company has not been in the market long enough to boast about its experience. Black Diamond Swiss has less than three months in the markets. 

Additionally, this website is not as popular as the team wants you to believe. The website ranks as low as 7,309,059 on Alexa rankings. It is much wiser to wait out this company before investing your hard-earned cash.

Final Verdict

Black Diamond Swiss has all the signs of a scam operation. This company is a scam pretending to be a legitimate forex broker. Your funds are not safe with Black Diamond Swiss. 

Furthermore, this is an unregulated forex broker. The people behind this company are liars only looking to steal your funds. This is a disaster waiting to happen. The law will eventually catch up with Black Diamond Swiss and shut it down.

You are better off sticking with the top legitimate forex brokers in the market today. Such companies are regulated by recognized bodies and do not operate under shady means. They will provide the services you are looking for without compromising your peace of mind.


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