BMEC Solutions Review: an Unprofessional Forex Broker

BMEC Solutions Review, BMEC Solutions Company
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BMEC Solutions Review
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BMEC Solutions is a relatively new forex broker who is licensed and regulated by ASIC. However, the company does not provide adequate information on its website, and it is still not reputable. Invest with the best forex trading companies.

BMEC Solutions is a forex broker that operates from Australia. The company claims to have a team of professionals on board. Further, they say they can provide traders with everything they need in their trading operations. Consequently, they offer a trading platform together with some introductory material.

Every forex broker that enters the market promises to be better than all the other options. This is the same with BMEC Solutions. This is despite the website being around for only one and a half years. They have not been in the market long enough to make this claim.

BMEC Solutions Review, BMEC Solutions Company

Further, this company has some worrying details that make it hard to trust. The design of its operations does not match what we expect from legitimate operations. The people behind this platform have a lot of details to iron out before we can fully recommend them.

If you are looking to invest in the forex market, then there are trustworthy companies for you. You should only invest in the best forex brokers in the market to save your peace of mind. Such companies have a long and reputable track record.

In the meantime, here is our review of BMEC Solutions.

BMEC Solutions Review is the official domain for this company. At first sight, you can tell that these are not professionals we are dealing with. The website has a lot of missing information. Case and point, we do not know the pricing of the services this company offers. This is not something that a company should leave to clients to figure out.

Additionally, the company does not tell clients the payment methods they support. Basically, this company expects you to invest your money without full disclosure. That is not an ideal trading environment. You should only invest in people who offer enough information upfront.

Even worse, the company requires your personal information when you sign up. This is the first thing before you even know the pricing.

The only thing this company can brag about is the MT4 platform they offer. However, this is not that exciting. The MetaTrader platforms are the most popular platforms among traders. Consequently, MetaTrader platforms are the industry standard offered by a lot of companies.

Nonetheless, this company offers a variety of assets to trade. Users get access to forex, metals, and energies markets. That means that traders can spread the risk of investment across different assets.

Customer Support

You can tell a lot about a company by the way they treat their customers. Sadly, the customer support offered by BMEC Solutions is sub-par. The only way to contact this company is by emailing them via

This is very unreliable as emails can go for days without an answer. Moreover, the company does not reveal how long it takes to respond to customer queries. Therefore, there is no guarantee that they will respond to any of your questions.

Customer support is an essential service, especially for companies offering financial services. Any professional company would recognize the importance of providing reliable customer support. The company is asking you to invest your hard-earned cash. Reliable customer support should be the least they can offer.

Leverage and Spread

You must be wondering what the trading conditions are like on Well, the company promises low spreads and high leverage. The spread they promise range from .04 pips for EUR/USD. On the other hand, the leverage on GOLD/USD ranges from 0.5 pips.

In terms of the leverage, they have leverages from 1:100 to 1:500. This is relatively high and gives traders more money on trade with. They believe these conditions are perfect for making any trader profitable.

The minimum trading volume stands at 0.1 lots for all assets. However, the maximum volume depends on the market you are trading. For example, the maxim volume for forex and energies stand at 50 lots. But for gold, the maximum volume is ten lots.

BMEC Solutions Founders and Physical Location

It is imperative to know the people behind a company you are investing in. Their background and experience should tell you what to expect from the company. Generally, you should never invest in companies operated by people with shady histories.

Sadly, we do not know who is behind this company. The founders and team members operate in full secrecy. This is a common characteristic of fraudulent operations. The founders hide who they are to avoid facing the law or their clients.

BMEC Solutions Scam Review, BMEC Solutions Features

No legitimate company sees the need to conceal the identity of the team members. Moreover, revealing the founders of a company does it more good than harm. Therefore, it is impossible to understand why the founders hide their identities.

The only good thing is that they provide details about where they operate. They give their physical address as Level 1,342 Forest Road, HURSTVILLE NSW 2220, Australia. People living in this jurisdiction can visit the offices if they need one on one service.

Regulation and Fund Safety

The regulation of a company is the most important aspect to look at. No company can operate legally without regulation. Luckily, BMEC Solutions is a regulated entity. They have a legitimate regulatory status from ASIC.

This company checks out when it comes to regulation. This makes us wonder why the other areas have so many gaps. For example, why do the founders hide their identities? Additionally, we cannot overlook the poor service in other areas due to regulation. The company needs to address these areas before we can fully recommend them to people.

Further, the company promises to secure clients’ funds. They promise to store investors’ funds in reputable banks with high liquidity. Additionally, they promise to have segregated bank accounts. There is no worry about this since regulated companies cannot operate without these requirements.

Further, the company promises the best systems’ protection. They have an SSL certificate to protect the platform from hackers. However, Google Chrome issues a not secure warning on this platform.

Should You Trust BMEC Solutions?

While this company may be legit, it is the poor service that worries us. There is a general lack of information on the website. The company does not even tell clients what their pricing is like. Additionally, there is no information on the payment options that they support.

Further, the company does not tell us who is behind the operations. These are not the characteristics of a professional company. The founders should first address the lack of transparency on the website before we can fully trust them.

Additionally, they should provide better means of contacting them. Customer support is a basic service that every company should provide reliably. An email address does not suffice for a company providing financial services.

Final Verdict

There is a range of assets that you can trade on The only problem is the conditions they operate under. Under such conditions, it is easier to lose money than it is to make any money. Consequently, we recommend looking elsewhere for forex brokerage services. Moreover, this company is still new. It is better to wait them out before you invest.

In the meantime, there are companies that already prove to be a trustworthy day in and day out. Only such legitimate forex brokers can provide you with the services you are looking for. Additionally, they will not compromise on your peace of mind.


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