BND Option Trades Review: a Hoax Scheme

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BND Option Trades Review
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BND Option Trades state that it is the leading crypto trading venture in the market today. They are far from the list of the best entities. We don’t know if the venture uses trading bots or automatically trades by utilizing the analysis of their team. You will not receive stable returns from this dirty scheme.

BND Option Trades is a suspicious company that has raised concerns in the market. Several traders disregard their way of operation. It is not advisable to do business with this entity. Upon visiting their website, you are welcomed with a luring tempting offer.

The platform has a promotional profit of 250% for those that invest over $1000. The lucrative bonus is ongoing for only 3 months. Such generous offers raise red flags. The company is only trying to get the attention of potential clients.

BND Option Trades Review, BND Option Trades Company is not a revolutionary entity. Those that join BND Option Trades will experience unimaginable losses. The registration process is straightforward. You need to provide your personal data, select a plan, and deposit funds.

Afterward, you will start receiving the promised ROI. The entity also claims the withdrawal process is fast. Clients only need to request their funds. Unfortunately, if you want to lose funds fast, join this scam. They are mercilessly leaving clients high and dry.

We cannot detect trading activities taking place in the venture. We suggest you invest with reputable crypto trading platforms in the market. These trading bots have an outstanding performance. You can also check their performance before signing up! Review

The cryptocurrency investment continues to grow popular. Some of the rookie traders think that crypto is a get-rich-quick scheme. The lack of mass knowledge about how digital currency works has led to many people being conned.

Just like every other investment, you need the necessary skills to get started. BND Option Trades is allegedly also trading forex, commodities, and stocks. Moreover, they also partake in investment in real estate. Sadly, the entity fails to provide sufficient data regarding its trading conditions. It is also unknown what customers should expect from them.

The company focuses on providing general information. Our interest is to understand how it plans to generate the mind-blowing ROI. They use sales pitch is compelling, yet there is no record of accomplishing their performance.

Additionally, BND Option Trades state that it is the leading crypto trading venture in the market today. They are far from the list of the best entities. We don’t know if the venture uses trading bots or automatically trades by utilizing the analysis of their team. You will not receive stable returns from this dirty scheme.

Their clients only need to deposit funds, relax and wait for the massive profits. The ROI is disbursed daily to the trader’s account until the expiry of the plan. It is upon you to decide whether you want to reinvest the capital or withdraw. We are yet to see a successful client that has earned using this venture.

Who is behind BND Option Trades?

The platform is discreet and does not provide information that reveals its founder. The team behind the operation is also mysterious. It is the requirement of the law for every investment scheme to operate in full transparency.

BND Option Trades does not have the right to collect funds from the public. Investors have every right to know the people that are managing their funds. You will sleep better knowing that you have entrusted your cash to qualified individuals.

Several legit crypto companies are upfront. They provide all the necessary data to the public. You, therefore, join them knowing they have the capacity to run an investment scheme successfully. Whom will you go after when their website becomes nonfunctional?

Investment Plans and ROI

BND Option Trades has five investment plans. For starters, it worth noting that the company fails to reveal the leverage and spread that it offers. They claim to have an MT5 trading interface, but we did not find any trading platform, even a web-based one.

We can therefore conclude that there are no forex trading activities taking place. 11% commission is applicable for all plans. The entity has basic, standard, gold, diamond, and platinum account. The daily ROI is as follow respectively; 1.5%, 1.7%, 2%, 2.5%, and 3%. The more amount you are willing to invest, the greater the reward.

However, the volatile nature of the assets BND Option Trades is dealing with effect the results. Therefore, it is not possible to earn such a high ROI. The venture also publishes its top investors. They also have an affiliate program. Considering that the entity fails to disclose the technique it uses to earn the high profits, you are better off without them.

BND Option Trades Withdrawal and Deposits

The minimum deposit at BND Option Trades is $500. The company is exploiting investors by setting up expensive packages. Legit companies accept even $10. The investors can cash out any amount they please.

The payment method is available in crypto. The entity does not mention having fees. Nonetheless, considering we are dealing with con artists, you can expect a change of terms. o. Keep in mind that you cannot issue a chargeback.

BND Option Trades Contact Details     

BND Option Trades claim to be located in London, United Kingdom but is this the actual locale of the broker? This is one of the questions that should pop into your mind. The suspicious venture is based in a mysterious area. The fraudsters are operating remotely.

Moreover, no corporate is managing this venture. The company is operating as it, please. Customer support is only available via email. There is no phone number for easy access. You rest assured that the entity will not respond to your query.

BND Option Trades has traits of a scam. Your email will therefore be ignored. The platform is unprofessional. The experience that clients get is the least of their concerns. We suggest you find a legit investment firm that is transparent.

The firm cannot trust its client with their contact detail. Why would you risk your data safety and fund security with such a murky broker? There are thousands of ethical entities in the market that you can utilize.

Regulation and Registration

BND Option Trades claim to be conducting its business from the UK. However, the company is unregulated. You cannot rely on this entity to generate returns. It would help if you stayed away from offshore platforms. The authority will not come to your rescue once this platform exits the industry.

Constant warnings have been issued against trading with a broker that does not have a regulatory form. The FCA is one of the reputable financial watchdogs in the market. It is dedicated to helping investors against dealing with scammers.

For instance, companies that have a license compensate investors upon facing bankruptcy. Additionally, they must report their daily financial activities to the authority. This helps in ensuring funds are not used for unintended purposes.

It is also important for the venture to work with a top-tier 1 bank. The funds are segregated in separate accounts. Finally, the FCA requires a broker to deposit at least 730K EUR in their name. It shows that the entity is capable of surviving volatility.

Multiple perquisites come with trading with licensed entities. Ponzi schemes only expose you to severe risks. Your safety should come first. Stay away from BND Option Trades. You only regret joining the platform.

False Testimonials and Client Feedback

The entity has a couple of false testimonials on its website. They are using stock images, and we are still surprised that they are using the bogus tactic. The information suggests that BND Option Trades is the best crypto firm. Review, BND Option Trades Testimonials

Despite having bold claims, there is no client feedback on the third-party website. We also couldn’t spot proof of payment. The dirty scheme is not paying. The platform has been in the market since July 2020.

It is enough time for them to avail trading results. Their domain is about to expire, and the chances of them ceasing to exist are high. They are mainly targeting UK citizens. Exercise caution when their sales rep approaches you.

Final Verdict

BND Option Trades is a proven scam to avoid the venture. Their red flags are multiple. Nonetheless, the venture tries very hard to remain relevant.

Invest with genuine investment crypto companies. Your money is in better hands with the trading bots. They are tried and tested software. In case of any problem, you can contact support.

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