BPS Capital Review: Bspcap.com A Fraudulent Company

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BPS Capital Review
  • Fund Safety
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BPS Capital is a company that is not legit. The platform does not have a license. The scheme is hiding its dirty schemes by claiming to offer the best services.

BPS Capital markets itself as the leading broker in the industry. It is a shocking and funny statement at the same time. The venture is nowhere on the face of the earth from being the best. We found various red flags that make them the worst choice of a company to trade during our research.

BPS Capital marketsReview, BPS Capital markets Company

Nonetheless, the firm advertises a tight spread that could go as low as 0 pips. The venture is also offering commodities, equity, forex, and crypto products. One of the features that the scheme believes has earned them popularity is availing the MT4.

They also claim their liquidity comes from top tier 1 brokers. It is funny that the broker advertises high leverage of 1:1000. The entity did not do its homework properly.  If they did, the scheme would know that the regulatory body of the United Kingdom caps the limit at 1:30.

BPS Capital is aiming to trap novice traders as they are the ones how might miss such details. Their trading lot is 0.01 lots. You must stay away from the broker. This is because there is no fund safety from the scheme.

They will steal your money and disappear in thin air. It is some of these companies that make naïve clients term online investment as a scam. If you jump to every luring opportunity that presents itself, you will suffer the consequences.

Bspcap.com Review

BPS Capital proclaims it has over 75 currency pairs. They provide easy access to the digital market. They claim to segregate investors’ money in separate accounts. However, the financial institution that the entity is using is not mentioned.

Therefore, we take this to be another marketing strategy of the offshore firm. Customers can also contact the platform at any time. Their trading software can be used anywhere. There is no limitation, and you can execute your order from everywhere.

The trading support is also available around the clock. BPS Capital has several accounts that customers can choose from based on their needs. It is good to know what you are signing up for before making an irreversible mistake.

The company also has an affiliate program. They pay a big commission to everyone who helps them to get more victims. It is unethical to refer anyone to a platform that is destined to fail. Try out these leading forex brokers with a legit trading history.

The Domain Insight

The investment platform registration is expected to expire in September. We hope this time they don’t renew the registration and exit the industry. The registration of BPcap.com took place in 2019. The people that are running this murky venture are mysterious. However, the traffic is low. They have a global engagement of 3,469,256. Most of their clients are from the UK.

Trading Conditions of BPS Capital

The broker has the MT4, which is the ideal trading interface in the market. However, this does not change the fact that the company is a fraud. The company has tremendous trading conditions. Their spread is in line with the market standard.

Therefore, you will pay less. The leverage, on the other hand, pushes you to hazardous limits. The company wants clients to lose for them to make more profits. It is also surprising that the scheme does not have trading results.

They should be having a large number of customers’ feedback. However, not even a single person endorses BPS Capital. Who are the clients that the scheme brags about? You should avoid the company or rest you live to tell a sad story of how they left the market with your funds.

Withdrawal and Deposit

The payment methods available are Bank Transfers, Mastercard, Skrill, Union Pay, Visa, and Perfect Money. The least amount that you can deposit is $50. The company is a Ponzi scheme. You shouldn’t deposit money.

BPS Capital state that if your account is inactive for 6 months, they will close it. The venture state that it is going to send your money back. However, the Ponzi scheme will not give you a penny. The contract that you sign will bind you, and nowhere will you turn to for help.

False Award-winning claims

The company displays several awards that they have won. These include a trophy in 2019 for being the best fore broker worldwide. In 2018 they were the best UK broker. The other two awards are for being the best forex broker in 2019.

We find this hard to believe and illogical because the venture was not in the market in 2018. Therefore, how this sleeping beauty got the award is still a big shock. They are lying, and the only trophy they may receive is for being a bogus Ponzi scheme.

BPS Capital Customer Support

BPS Capital has icons for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. We were hoping to view their social media pages. However, upon clicking the links, they lead to nowhere. What is the purpose of providing them if the company knows clearly there is nothing to see?

Moreover, the scheme allegedly has offices in several areas. These include Hong Kong, London. Hanoi, and Majuro. However, their headquarters is in London since this is the only featured address. The phone number has a code from the UK.

Unfortunately, BPS Capital is not fit to operate in the country. The address is also fake. It would help if you did not give the scheme the chance to steal your hard-earned money. There are better brokers in the world. There is also a high likelihood of the broker not responding to your query.

Once their system collapse, you won’t be able to get hold of them. You need to trade wisely and choose a company that has sound support. Your safety should be your main priority because you do not want to share your data with fraudsters.

BPS Capital Regulation and Registration

Instead of featuring a license from financial bodies in all the areas, they accept investors from BPS Capital has a registration form from Marshall Island. This could be the main area that the scheme is operating from, making them an offshore broker.

The company does not have a license from the FCA. Therefore, they are not allowed to collect money from United Kingdom citizens. The Ponzi scheme does not report their opening and closing orders daily to the government.

Therefore, it is easy for them to manipulate the price. The nasty scheme is dangerous, and considering that they are not segregating funds, your account shall be left to zero figures. The suspicious scheme is dangerous.

There is no compensation scheme. The promises of BPS Capital are null. Investing with a broker that has a license brings peace of mind. You will sleep knowing that the entity will be there tomorrow. Additionally, you will also get the best outcome.

Ironically, the offshore venture is bragging about its transparency. However, the people that are behind the scheme are not anonymous. How can you trust such people with your money? The features that the scheme brags about are not worth the take.

Final Verdict

BPS Capital is a company that is not legit. The platform does not have a license. The scheme is hiding its dirty schemes by claiming to offer the best services. They have an MT4 and high leverage. However, it would help if you did not trade with this platform. Instead, invest with the best forex trading companies in the world that are licensed.

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