Braiss Company Review: Untrustworthy Broker

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Braiss Company Review
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Braiss Company does not have legal documentation, and instead, they present an incomplete statement that shows a lack of professionalism. We do not know the trading volume you have to meet to cash out.

Braiss Company has an enticing welcome bonus. If you deposit $1000, you will get $500 for free. It is a moving sales pitch. However, it is only rookie traders who would accept the deal. You should be aware these are lucrative opportunities with unrealistic conditions. We recommend that you go through the legal documentation before blindly taking the bonus.

Braiss Company Review, Company

The platform claims it has a license from a reputable financial body. They even claim to have won awards for being the best forex service provider. The entity is using contacts that other scammers have overused.

In 2019 The entity claims it won an award for being the best investment platform globally. The other recognition was in 2018 and 2017 for the same title. However, the platform was not established during these years. It is unwise to lie about such minor details.

Investors need to trust a scheme, and this is not possible without accountability. Braiss Company lacks trading history. Additionally, the information of the founder and the account managers is not available. It is illegal to collect funds from investors without having a license. Nonetheless, this has not stopped scammers from exploiting naive clients. Review

Braiss Company allegedly offers free analysis tools. The trading process is conducted at lightning speed, and they have over 2,000 assets. The entity has over 140 currency pairs, including popular, minor, exotic, and metals products. This trade is 0.2 pips for forex and 0.4 pips for CFDs. 

The platform has a commission of $3 for stock products and 1.25 dollars for commodities. They claim to have the best market analysis. The entity is promising investors excellent experience. We also learned that the scheme has educational materials. Unfortunately, we do not know what the course entails. 

Braiss Company features its recent payout to win the trust of investors. This is not proof of payment, and anyone with basic computer skills can design the table. There are numerous loopholes in the game. Generating reasonable returns requires years of experience, and it is impossible to join the industry and start making mind-blowing profits.

The broker does not care about traders, and it does not put them first. The organization stated it was established in 1986, a false claim. No one can come in their defense and a firm earned. The core values of the platform are featured to deceive more victims.

There are no professionals in this shady entity. Their statistics are also vague. The only sure thing is money will be lost, and the scheme will collapse. Investment is all about statistics and verified data.

Invest wisely by trying out some of the leading forex tradings in the industry. These are transparent and reliable ventures. They put the safety of investments first. You will be able to yield real-time returns and improve your trading skills.

Trading and Conditions of Braiss Company

Braiss Company offers competitive commissions and spreads for all its products. The platform assures investors they will get more rates as their volume increases. The platform has four trading accounts. The bronze package has risk management tools, information on trading, learning materials, betting tax-free profits, and account managers. 

All the preceding accounts have the same statements. The trading conditions are not discussed anywhere on the platform. The venture does not have a trading interface; images are only available. They have different cryptocurrency prices, but this does not make them legitimate firms.

Forex trading entities provide superior trading software to assist investors in generating more rewards. You can utilize numerous trading tools, EAs, and indicators to get the best outcome. The leverage information is not available. The spread information is also worth considering that The entity does not conduct trading activities. Since this is an offshore entity, you should not be surprised when they promise high leverage.

Ironically when you open an account, the firm asks you to select between a mining and a trading account. However, the venture does not reveal the software it uses to mine and handles the mining costs. 

Withdrawal and Deposits

The minimum amount that you can deposit is $200. You can only cash in via the digital currency option. It is impossible to recover funds from the scheme once the process is complete. Additionally, you cannot go after the fraudsters. 

Braiss Company Review, Features

Braiss Company does not have legal documentation, and instead, they present an incomplete statement that shows a lack of professionalism. We do not know the trading volume you have to meet to cash out. Moreover, the minimum amount to cashout is also left out. We suspect that the entity will withhold your payment and block you from accessing their website.

Regulatory Status of Braiss Company

The platform allegedly has been licensed by the following financial bodies; Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the UK, FSCA, and Australian Securities and Commodities Authority (ASIC). 

Additionally, the entity states it has the license from the USA regulatory body. The broker does not have a parent company. They are anonymous, and giving them access to your fund is unwise. Moreover, they expect clients to agree with their terms and conditions, yet no documents are available.

Braiss Company has not attained the minimum capital the authorities require from brokers. The entity also makes a bold claim that the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the United Kingdom licenses its operation. It also states that the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA)of South Africa and the Australian Security and Exchanges Commission (ASIC). The venture purports to be operating from California. The USA watchdog has strict requirements. The scheme is faking its location. 

Investing with a licensed company grants you peace of mind. Offshore entities close down without giving notice. You are better off without this entity. Trade wisely and refrain from doing business with companies that operate independently. The entity is also not segregating users’ funds in reputable financial institutions. Hence, misappropriate use of funds by the broker is possible. 

Contact details and Customer Support

Braiss Company is a shady entity with which you should not share your details. The location of the platform remains unknown. They also do not have a reliable customer support team. Scammers only respond when the terms suit them. When they realize you start to question them, they will cut all communication.

If you encounter any shortcomings during your trading, the entity won’t be responsible. Legit platform hires a professional and friendly team. They respond in time to queries facing customers. A phone number, email address, social media platforms links, and live chat are available options. 

Braiss Company lacks clients’ reviews. Without knowing what to expect from the firm, you expose yourself to too much danger. It is essential to perform thorough research on a firm to save you from much trouble. 

Final Verdict

Unfortunately, the FCA and all other regulatory bodies did not authorize Braiss Company to conduct its business in their jurisdiction. Moreover, the broker does not have over 30 years of experience as they are barely a year old. You can also expect unprofessional customer support services from the entity.

Here is a list of reliable and genuine forex trading companies. You will generate passive income without having to worry about your safety. The brokers have excellent trading conditions. They operate transparently. Their trading conditions are also great. Invest wisely and avoid wasting your time with bogus schemes.

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