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Brava500 Review
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Brava500 is an entity that features office addresses in Brazil and Malta. The company can also be contacted via email or phone. However, we are against investors trading with offshore firms. These kinds of brokers will ignore your messages without minding the outcome.

Brava500 is an entity that assures investors they are going to trade with ease. The entity is involved in trading commodities, stocks, and crypto. It also states that you will have the global trades at your fingertips.

Moreover, you can also trade anywhere, and anytime in the most popular assets. The company provides a web-based trading interface. The firm states that it is a superior platform that processes trading orders instantly. However, you cannot compare it to the MT4.

The entity is easy to use and can be accessed from a phone or a computer. The firm is suspicious but speaks highly about itself. They also have several trading accounts that you can select from. Brava500 is an entity that is hiding its shadiness so that nobody can see.

Brava500 Review, Brava500 Company

Once you come across their venture you will think that you are dealing with a unique genuine firm. The firm aims to benefits from the downfall of its loyal customers. The entity has no intention of assisting anyone to realize their financial freedom.

If you are interested in opening an account with this entity the process is swift and straightforward. The sooner that you sign up the gladder the people managing this company will be pleased.

The whole process is unprofessional and they do not even send a confirmation message. Moreover, you will not be notified that an account has been created. The entity is not worth your trust. Review

Brava500 is trading EFTs, Commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. Nonetheless, this firm does not appear to be offering any forex trading services. We did not find currency pairs that they are trading.

However, the entity promises leverage of 1:50 but they also mention that investors can expect more. They also state that you can trade with a low spread of 0 pips. The venture does not charge any commission.

Brava500 is also offering a bonus and brag of having over 41 assets. Moreover, this entity also claims that it has several benefits for its customers. The company state that it has top security measures to protect their customers.

Brava500 Scam Review, Brava500 Features

Unfortunately, you should not take the word of an offshore broker seriously. The firm also states that it wants to transform the lives of its customers. You will become a successful trader if you trade with them.

Additionally, Brava500 also avails multiple educational materials that are meant to increase the trading experience of their clients. Unfortunately, we do not know the qualification of the people managing the operation of this firm.

Invest with top forex trading brokers that are transparent and reliable. You will earn genuine returns. Before venturing with any firm it would be best to research a venture thoroughly.

The Trading Conditions

Brava500 brags that it is a transparent investment firm in the market. The platform claims that it is sincere. However, we cannot find anything worth venturing with them. The firm is 100% anonymous. They also state to have leverage that is 20X.

Therefore, you will acquire the best trading price whenever you trade. The entity does not have trading software for its clients. Their claim of offering a Web-based interface is false. The entity has nothing worth trying them out.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Brava500 is a company that has multiple payment methods for its clients. The entity claims that the withdrawal process is also processed on time. The venture assures its customers that it does not charge any fees.

The firm is availing contradictory information on their website. At one point the entity state that the minimum amount that you can deposit is $500 while at another it indicates $250. It is hard determining the correct method.

The withdrawal requests will be processed within 3 days. However, we do not recommend investors to use this firm. You would rather find a genuine reliable firm that is worth your time. Trade with the best firms in the world.

Regulatory Status

Brava500 is a venture that states it secure. Moreover, the firm is allegedly authorized by the relevant authority in the market. Therefore, your personal info and funds are safe. Unfortunately, this information is false.

Additionally, the company does not state the financial bodies that license their business. They also feature information that indicates it gets its liquidity from top financial providers. The platform brags to be operating as per the requirements of Australian and Malta financial bodies.

Unfortunately, after checking whether the venture is in the database of ASIC or MFSA we were not surprised to find them missing. Therefore, the entity is featuring false information. The firm is capable of providing deceitful info.

Moreover, the financial watchdog of Malta has issued a warning to their customers. The company is offering its investment services to investors across the world. It is an offshore firm that is based in an undisclosed area in Brazil.

Contact Details

Brava500 is an entity that features office addresses in Brazil and Malta. The company can also be contacted via email or phone. However, we are against investors trading with offshore firms. These kinds of brokers will ignore your messages without minding the outcome.

The customer support is unreliable and once you give them access to your funds that will be the end of it. Scammers have no intention of maintaining a professional relationship with their clients. Trade with transparent firms.

The Domain Insight is a venture that made its first digital footprint in July 2019. Their domain was renewed in 2020 and will expire in 2021. There is a high possibility that the venture will not come back in the market.

The traffic that the firm is receiving is not much. According to, the total global Alexa ranking is 6,689,362. The geographical location of their clients is not known. The firm is operating illegally.

Is Brava500 a genuine entity?

The venture is not a reliable or a legit forex trading entity. The entity is blacklisted by a reputable broker in the market. Moreover, they are targeting investors from various geographical locations in the market and especially the South American area.

The trading conditions of this entity are shady. Moreover, the entity is offering a trading bonus which is something against financial watchdog. The entity does not have a license and this puts your funds at a very big risk.

The broker also does not exhaust their trading conditions. Therefore, we do not know the fees that you will charge for the inactivity or upon withdrawal. The broker is only registered for a period of one year.

We did not find a trading platform in this venture. This is the reason that we doubt there is no investment taking place. The venture is surrounded by multiple loopholes. We recommend that you invest with genuine firms in the market.

Final Verdict

Brava500 is a company that is based in an offshore area. The entity lies to their clients that it is licensed. However, this information is misleading and the firm is operating on its own accord. Entrusting your funds with them exposes you to severe risks.

Invest with genuine forex trading entities that are transparent and reputable. You will have to enjoy the best services. The customer support of this firm is professional and ready to help. Moreover, you can earn real-time passive returns.

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