BrisTrades Review: a Nasty Scheme to Avoid

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Bristrades Review
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Bristrades has displayed a lot of false data. Moreover, it also brags about being awarded the trophy of the best affiliate service. Additionally, it also states having an award for the best customer service among many others. Invest with legit brokers in the market.

Bristrades is a company that claims it has the ability to help investors make high returns online. The entity is dealing with Forex, CFDs, Shares, Cryptos, and indices. They also brag of having multiple investors already signed up in their entity.

Unfortunately, this broker is to no good. Their website is filled with fluff information. Therefore, it does not shed light on the actual trading activities taking place. The people running this firm are lazy and do not care about investors.

Therefore, you will make a big mistake if you decide to test the waters with them. Moreover, this firm is also involved in Binary Options trading. We have constantly emphasized that these are like gambling products. Therefore, if you trade with them you are going to regret it.

Bristrades Review, Bristrades Company

The registration process of this venture is easy within no time you will be directed into their trading platform. Unfortunately, it a complete disaster since the trading area does not have currency pairs or binary options.

Therefore, we are left with the question what is Bristrades really dealing with? The venture purports that it is trading but the reality is that this is another waste of cyberspace. Nonetheless, their investment plans have grown popular in the market. We emphasize that you stay away from this scam! Review

The company claims that it is a regulated venture. The features which the scam displays there is no regulatory body in the market that would allow them to operate in their jurisdiction. The venture also states that it is a brunch of the Brix Trading entity.

Bristrades has displayed a lot of false data. Moreover, it also brags about being awarded the trophy of the best affiliate service. Additionally, it also states having an award for the best customer service among many others.

Unfortunately, this information is not verifiable. The self-proclaiming award-winning entity will only steal all your savings. It is the least of their concerns whether you make money or not. The platform is relying on the money coming into their system from their clients to process the withdrawal requests.

Bristrades does not perform actual trading. If traders become smart and not buy their financial narrative story they will have no option but to close down their business. You should stay away from luring offers made by fraudsters.

Invest with genuine and transparent forex trading ventures. These ventures have been in the market for years serving investors diligently. Choose them today and earn real time genuine returns.

Bristrades Trading Conditions

Bristrades is an entity that has lucrative investment opportunities. Sadly, this is an obvious scam that does not care about investors. Moreover, the entity is also offering a trading bonus to its clients. They guarantee that the amount is available for withdrawal.

The more trading volume that you attain the higher your payout will be. The venture also states that it has an affiliate bonus and CPA. If you become their affiliate partner you increase your chances of becoming rich quickly.

Refrain from believing such lies because you are only going to make losses at the end of the day. Additionally, this scam also avails educational content to all their customers free of charge. The information entails signals and indicators to aid the trading activities.

Unfortunately, we cannot attest whether the data availed is of high quality. Bristrades also presents trading software to investors once they complete the registration process. The entity states that unlike many scammers in the industry that advertise and never offer the bot they are an exception.

Moreover, you do not need to download anything. You only require an internet connection and to open your browser. You can use their software even when on vacation. However, we do not know the performance of the bot. Therefore, this could be another bluff of these fraudsters.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Bristrades displays multiple payment methods on their website. These include; BTC, Skrill, Perfect Money, MoneyGram, Neteller, MasterCard, PayPal, Visa, Western Union, and Ria Money Transfer. Unfortunately, it is not possible to determine if this is what the venture is indeed accepting. Review, Bristrades Features

Moreover, it is only the BTC payment option that does not subject investors to contact the support. It is important that you keep in mind crypto payments do not allow investors to issue a chargeback.

Therefore, deposits made using this method will be completely lost. The minimum amount that you can cash in this system is $500. You can cash out using the bank transfer option. Bristrades fails to provide more info regarding the withdrawal.

Customer Support

Bristrades brags that it has an award for offering the best customer services in the market. Their main focus is offering high-quality services to their clients. It is hard to believe that a Ponzi scheme cares about traders.

They do not provide a telephone number and the only way of contacting the venture is via email. It is an old-fashioned communication method especially when it comes to investment. Scammers have a tendency to not responding to the queries of their clients.

Nonetheless, Bristrades features two office addresses on its website. The platform insinuates that it is located in New York and California. They are targeting investors from the USA which is one of the countries with strict jurisdiction in the market.

The company has no intention of meeting customer satisfaction. Instead of risking unprofessional treatment from this Ponzi scheme, it is best that you trade with genuine forex firms that care about their clients.

Bristrades Regulation Status

The entity is operating on its own accord. They do not have a license from any financial body in the market. The operation of this Ponzi scheme is illegal. The company exposes you to severe risks. For starters, your money is not safe and your personal data can land in the wrong hands.

Bristrades is not in the database of the NFA. The USA has strict rules and guidelines for investment schemes in the world. The company ought to have deposited a huge amount of money as their working capital.

Since the broker is not bound by any rules it can exit the market at its own timing. Therefore, you can wake up one day to find their website is down. The firm should be avoided at all costs. It is illegal to promote fraudulent firms. Hence, refrain from participating in their affiliate program.

Bristrades does not have a lot of traffic visiting their website. There are also clients who accuse them of being scammers after stealing their money. You might also come across their marketers working tirelessly to promote their services. You should not believe their words without payment evidence.

Final Verdict

Bristrades is a platform that does not avail the essential information regarding their trading activities. The venture has three investment plans that are exaggerated. The payout ranges from 15% up to 60% within 24 hours.

It is not possible to generate such income in the current volatile market. Moreover, the venture does not state the currency pairs that their clients are offering. Additionally, we did not find a trading terminal. Therefore, this scam is not worth your time.

Trade today with the best forex trading companies in the market. These platforms actually care about the experience of their clients. It is important that you only choose regulated platforms because you will enjoy fund safety.

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