Broker Junction Review: A Disgraceful Platform

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There’s no way you will withdraw funds from Broker Junction. Find out why in our thrilling review.

Broker Junction ( has a dated homepage which says a lot. The broker is not in touch with today’s demanding online trading platform. And this creates a lot of problems for anyone who signs up with the platform. Those who have, are now ruing the decision. The platform has, over the weeks, failed to allow members to withdraw funds. And that’s the main reason for our post. Learn more on our detailed BROKER JUNCTION REVIEW.

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About Broker Junction

Broker Junction Pros and Cons

We can see the platform claims incorporation in Delaware from the about us page. For those new to trading, Delaware is home to most tech platforms. It is also a home for companies avoiding heavy taxes.

And this could tell a short story of what Broker Junction is all about. We have a store that fails to offer any meaningful services to investors. Once you sign up and deposit funds, that’s the last you will see of it.

The platform is also a real estate service provider. We see that the platform claims to have real estate in New York. These are false claims meant to heighten the platform’s credibility and reputation.

Indeed, the website doesn’t have easy navigation. The platform tends to clamp information on a single page. You won’t find relevant information needed, such as account features. The outdated platform is also an easy target for hackers.

There’s also no background and history regarding the platform. We see a platform that wants investors to take their word for it. And when it comes to providing legal certificates of compliance, the platform ducks.

Before you invest in any platform, experts recommend doing due diligence. Try and find out more about the platform before signing up. It will help you create a more complex solution regarding joining the platform.

Advantages and Cons Broker Junction

As an investor, you have to weigh the pros and cons of any platform. If the cons outweigh the pros, it’s best to ignore the platform, as with No one will profit from a platform that seems to take advantage of investors.

For most investors, the platform’s allure comes from the promise of guaranteeing profit. But, of course, that’s easier said than done. Any platform promising a guarantee in profit is taking members for a ride. There’s no such thing as guaranteed profits.

With market prices rising and falling, every market is volatile. And this makes investing a win-loss situation. The best scenario is using expert tools or copying trades from leading experts. Unfortunately, you will undoubtedly incur losses while trading.

Here’s a closer look at the pros and cons of;

Accounts and tiers

Broker Junction offers two types of accounts, live trading and a demo account. There’s not enough information to go on about when it comes to live trading account features. And that’s where the problems start with

Accounts Broker Junction

With several features missing, investors are signing up blindly. For example, no one knows the acceptable minimum deposit or maximum leverage on these accounts. The demo account also does nothing to help investors.

You would expect the demo account to incorporate a genuine trading platform. That’s not what you get, and members instead get a buy/sell option rigged to support your call. You will note that 90 percent of the call you make are successful.

That would indicate that the platform guarantees profits. These results fool investors into signing up, hoping to reciprocate the demo account. That’s not the case, as the platform won’t even allow any withdrawals.

Account features

When depositing funds, the platform will insist that the more you deposit, the higher your chances of winning. These are false narratives as the platform intends to take all your funds. So don’t invest or fund any account with the platform.

There’s another glaring issue when it comes to maximum leverage. The platform instills maximum leverage of 1:500 on all assets. It puts your position at risk as the platform greatly benefits from your losing trades.

That’s why regulators jumped in to protect investors. In most jurisdictions, the minimum acceptable leverage is 1:100. Retail traders in the United States enjoy maximum leverage of 1:50.

Any platform having higher leverage wants investors to make losses. So you need to use platforms that follow industry guidelines and protect the interest of traders. It’s no way to invest, and the platform should not take advantage.

Assets and trading instruments

There are four classes of trading instruments available on the platform. These include commodities, forex, indices, and shares. For example, you can trade commodities such as cotton, natural gas, sugar, etc.

Forex trading is the epicenter of the platform’s activities. You get to trade with major and minor currency pairs. Sadly, the platform fails to quote the spreads available for these assets. Investors have to blindly sign up to know whether spreads are variable or fixed.

Business holder

You won’t get any information regarding who owns or runs the platform. And this makes broker-junction an anonymous investment platform. That’s why we have to expose the platform’s anonymous nature.

Despite claiming to incorporate it in Delaware, there’s no proof. The platform fails to have any business registry documents. There’s also no mention of founding or staff members. Investors need to shun anonymous trading platforms.

Client testimony and reviews

Are funds safe with

Several clients have come forward and shared their experiences with the platform. The platform takes advantage of investors. These members failed to withdraw even after making successful trades.

Most claim the platform ignored their withdrawal requests. The platform is also blocking the login credentials of these members. Sadly, there’s no support as staff members are non-existent. That’s what to expect as a member of the platform.

Contact and support

The platform plans to control the communication channels. And this is made possible by limiting communication to verbal form only. So you need to stay away from the platform or risk losing your entire funds with

Demo account

There’s no point in using a demo account that fails to incorporate certain relevant factors. How can you test the available conditions if it’s only a buy/sell option? These are why established platforms offer demo accounts fully equipped with established terminals.

Deposit and fund safety Broker Junction

There’s no safety of funds with the platform. We believe the platform fails to segregate funds as dictated by trading regulations. The owner stores all funds in a single offshore bank account.

We also see a platform failing to offer insurance cover for deposits made by clients. There’s no compensation even after the platform’s inevitable closure. Investors will be reeling after regulators shut down the platform.

Hiring recovery agents won’t help you get back funds. These agents are part of the scam and get your contact from the platform. It’s the final nail in your coffin as the agents plan to rip you off the last time.

is broker junction regulated by the NFA? NO

License and Registration Broker Junction

Broker Junction is by far an unregulated platform. Please stay away from it.

Our verdict

After exposing the platform, it’s best to avoid investing with

PS: Go for forex trading tools backed by experts and the trading community. Use transparent robots that make trading enjoyable and a success.

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