Bromfield Investment Review: FCA Clone Broker

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Bromfield Investment Review
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Bromfield Investment does not segregate funds. Therefore, there is no fund safety in this venture. The money you deposit will most likely go to the fraudster’s account. The people that are managing the operation of the firm are discreet. 

Bromfield Investment is a Ponzi scheme that is impersonating a genuine venture in the market. The scheme falsely claims to be based in the UK while it is operating in an offshore area. The red flags of this venture are too many, and ignoring them will only lead to loss of funds.

Bromfield Investment Review, Bromfield Investment Company


The platform does not have the right to collect funds from investors in any country. The chances of them violating the rules of financial watchdogs are very high. Investors need to look after themselves and stay away from such schemes. 

Scammers keep polishing their skills by taking their fraudulent activities to the next level. You may click on their ads unknowingly only to end up losing your savings. The Ponzi schemes use luring content that easily convinces investors they are the ideal trading partner.

The manipulation of the con artists is on another level. They keep asking for funds, but the scheme will never process when it comes to withdrawal requests. You should never share your bank information or personal data with a suspicious venture. The company will use the information against you.

Invest with a proven forex trading company that doesn’t intend to defraud you. These are brokers with outstanding performance. Their trading performance is also verified. Look after yourself to avoid the bad ordeal. Review

Bromfield Investment company claims that it is the leading trusted venture in the market. Factors like great reputation in the market are what prove an entity is the best. The traffic visiting this platform is not much.

There are also no traders who endorse them. The lack of feedback shows that the scheme is still new in the market. The anonymity of this venture is another shortcoming that should be taken seriously. 

The shady venture will say anything to remain relevant in the market. They do not have a great relationship with traders. It would help if you refrained from dealing with them. The only guarantee is making losses if you decide to test the waters.

We do not know the trading platform available at Bromfield Investment. They fail to disclose the leverage and the spread provided to investors. Everything is under one page. The venture lacks professionalism, and there is nothing for investors. 

They are not trading. Instead of highlighting the advantages traders have, the entity uses basic fluff content. They also fake their history. You won’t get financial advice from this venture. We suggest you look for a more reliable scheme.

Regulation Status of Bromfield Investment 

The company makes a big mistake of claiming it has a license from the Finacial Conduct Authority. The FCA does not feature this fraud in their database of legit platforms. Instead, they blacklist them from offering their services in the UK. 

Bromfield Investment has not met the initial capital that the financial body requires. The 730K EUR proves that a broker can withstand the volatility, and they will not misuse the money of traders. The amount is also used to compensate investors in case of bankruptcy. 

The venture will not help to grow your income. It is unethical of them to impersonate a legit company. The entity is desperate, and it will do anything to steal from innocent people. We do not know what the venture may be hiding from users. 

Once  Bromfield Investment exit the market, the authority will not come to your aid. This is because nobody knows where this broker is operating from. It is important that you always check with your regulator before trading if a scheme has a license. 

Offshore platforms can go against their terms and conditions and steal from investors. Your main worry should also be your data landing to thieves. Stay away from this Ponzi scheme for your sanity. 

Contact Details and Customer Support

Bromfield Investment featured address is Sir John Rodgerson’s Quay, Dublin 2, Ireland. There is also a phone number and email for traders to use if they need anything. However, this is a random address that the Ponzi scheme is using to deceive traders. It is based in a reputable area. Review, License

The real area of operation of the platform remains a big mystery. The scammers cannot risk sharing their data with the venture. The authority would come after them and put them behind bars.

It is the norm of scammers to cut communication with investors. Bromfield Investment will stop responding to investors’ queries the moment they get access to money. There are better legit brokers that respond in time to traders.

Does Bromfield Investment have Fund Safety? 

The broker does not segregate funds. Therefore, there is no fund safety in this venture. The money you deposit will most likely go to the fraudster’s account. The people that are managing the operation of the firm are discreet. 

It is more likely that they are ae unqualified. Bromfield Investment’s location is also unknown. You will never get hold of the company once their system collapse. They can inflict high charges on traders without facing any repercussions. 

We do not know what the venture is offering investors. You do not need any specific skills to know you are dealing with fraudsters. They do not have a term and condition policy. Stay away from this offshore entity. 

Lack of Clients Feedback

Bromfield Investment claims they have been in the market since 2004. They also brag about having the best services in the industry. The scheme purports it is reputable. However, there is no proof to their statement.

The company does not have clients’ feedback, and this is a major drawback. Avoid a platform that you cannot tell how they are performing. A genuine entity will have endorsement from clients who have transacted with them in the past. 


Scammers advertise their fraudulent activities, which could be the main method Bromfield Investment is applying. The venture also has does not have a track of its performance. It is hard knowing whether they are trading.

Bromfield Investment can also use random people to endorse them. It will appear like you are going to make money with them. If there is no proof of payment, walk away from the scheme. 

Final Verdict

Bromfield Investment is a platform that is not transparent. The people that are running this scheme are anonymous. The venture is a clone site of a legit FCA venture. Therefore, they will not help you in financial matters. Instead of the Ponzi scheme, the entity will defraud you.

Invest with some of the best investment companies in the market that are reputable. These forex brokers have a proven history. Their trading conditions are clearly outlined for everyone. 


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