BTC Mining Base Review: Beware of this Platform

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BTC Mining Base Review
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BTC Mining Base offers no safety measures to investors in the event of failing to reach the intended goals. What the platform does is pour out empty claims and promises. The only people likely to profit from this are the creators and people working to market the platform.

BTC Mining Base is a complex crypto investment platform with red flags all over. The platform is unclear on what exactly they bring to the table. Our investigations have revealed some damning details that we must point out. What we have is a platform that doesn’t exactly reveal itself. From the look of things, we believe this is a crypto investment high risk and reward platform. Learn what we found out in our clear and detailed BTC MINING BASE Review.

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About BTC Mining Base: What they are all about

BTC Mining Base Review

BTC Mining Base has an interesting call to action. Trade in the moment, invest in the future. The platform claims to offer goal-based strategies designed to offer links to key investors. Judging by their name, one would think they offer cloud mining services.

Its clear BTCMiningBase claims to be a trading platform. There’s little to no information on the available trading assets on the platform.

The homepage itself does seem to be well designed despite having no clear message. We looked at every page and only see they have a token sale. How this came to happen is not mentioned making us raise the alarm.

When it comes to their plans, we only know of two plans. The platform has little information on the plans set for investors. Everything else remains a mystery, including their ICO and IDO. And this should be a major concern to investors.

Accounts and plans BTC Mining Base

BTC Mining Base won’t indulge in the available plans they have. We checked the entire page for details of these two plans. The only information we got was from the FAQ page. Other than claiming to offer superior returns, we have no idea of the set plan conditions.

Daily Plan

To start investing with the daily plan, a minimum deposit of $500 is required. That’s all the information we got regarding the daily plan. There’s no information on the account conditions or expected ROI.

Monthly plan

For the monthly plan, members must deposit $2,000 to use the platform. Again, we couldn’t find any information on the monthly plan. It got us thinking the people behind it were quick in creating the website.

There’s no genuine crypto investing and trading platform that could leave out such valuable information. Members who sign up end up not knowing the conditions available with the monthly plan.

Compound returns on the plans

All the accounts accrue compound returns; this is according to the platform. The compound returns guarantee more investment than regular packages. Does this mean users can choose to have the compound return plan instead?

With little information to go by, we won’t even recommend trying out their plans. The lack of clear information is a huge let-off.

Affiliate and referrals

BTCMiningBase Trading Platform

Other than making money with the set packages, the platform also offers affiliates and referral programs. Joining the affiliate would look like a noble thing to do and make money out of it. Before joining their affiliate program, you should understand the risks that come with it.

Since the platform is a burst, the affiliate member will be to blame for any losses. Victims will point the finger at you for directing them to a scam. Authorities will also see you as an accomplice to online fraud.

Before you lure your family and friends into investing, do some research. We urge investors to do due diligence before committing funds to any platform. It will help you find common ground regarding who is who in the Crypto trading world.

Alexeev Orlov Nikolaev and his team

Records on the homepage indicate Alexeev is the CEO and Leader of the platform. A quick search on the person yielded no results. Even when we look at the homepage for face value, we can determine it’s a phony name.

Alexeev doesn’t exist, and it’s all a ploy to lure investors into believing it’s a legit crypto trading platform. Daniel Field is the senior developer, while Garcia Friday is the Director of Operations.

Rose Fernandez is the account manager, which we highly doubt. The images are stock photos downloaded from the web. There’s no professional platform with any of the above names. The staff members are not on platforms such as LinkedIn or Jobcase.

BTC Mining Base License and Registration

For all their attempts to look and sound legit, they don’t comply with regulations. BTC Mining Base fails to offer any certificate to show registration. With no oversight in play, investors are in for a rude surprise.

The lack of regulation means investors are at the mercy of the people behind the platform. Regulation helps to protect investors from harsh trading conditions. With the platform claiming to reside in the United States, we did check with authorities.

None of the regulators, including the SEC, have registered the platform. There are no documents to show the platform is dully registered as a legal person. Investors are risking a lot of depositing with an unregulated platform.

Contact and support from BTCMiningBase

There’s an email and phone number available for anyone wanting to make contact. We realize the platform prefers users to use Whatsapp. The line of communication is averted from direct calls to messages.

Once you vent your anger on Whatsapp, they block your number. Reaching out to any of the team members is a problem. During our investigation, we couldn’t talk to anyone. It means support is not available to everyone.

Domain records ( review) domain records

The name of the registrant has been held for privacy reasons. has been active for 629 days as we publish this post. The platform was created on September 8, 2019, and has made two changes to its IP address. has a low trust rating among search engines. The website also fails to rank on Google, choosing instead to remain anonymous. It’s best to stay away from such websites as they could easily send malware.

How the BTCMiningBase scam works

It all starts with the claim of making superior returns. All the red flags are there for everyone to see. The platform starts by failing to inform users of the account packages. All they do is provide depository amounts with no account features.

Once you deposit funds, withdrawing should be the last thing on your mind. The platform will delay or hold your funds. With support not available, most members end up losing faith.

Safety of funds with BTC Mining Base

Security of funds is out of the question with an unregulated platform. The risks are too high, and with no proof of success, the safety of funds is not possible. There are way too many red flags for us to trust the platform.

Scam or legit BTC Mining Base

BTC Mining Base would be a splendid platform if only they were more transparent. With the many loopholes, we have to steer clear of them.

Bottom line

BTC Mining Base Token and Account packages

To protect our investors, we won’t recommend using the platform. Please stay away and use other proven alternatives.

These proven alternatives will protect your funds and offer realistic returns.

Feel free to leave a comment or email us with any questions regarding crypto investment and trading.

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