BTC Robotics Review: an Illegal Venture

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BTC Robotics Review
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BTC Robotics does not have the best trading conditions. Their charges are absurd. There is no reason to give them the benefit of the doubt. The venture also does not segregate the funds of the traders. Them not being licensed means that they do not report their daily financial activities.

BTC Robotics is an investment platform that believes cryptocurrency is the future. This we don’t disagree with. We only have a problem with how this venture is operating. The trading conditions of this entity are standard.

Nonetheless, the broker claims it has a MetaTrader5 trading interface. It is one of the reputable trading platforms in the world with numerous features. Our main concern is the legitimacy of this venture. The spread that this firm offers is not competitive, but its leverage is generous.

BTC Robotics Review, BTC Robotics Company

BTC Robotics states that its trading software doesn’t have slippages or requites. Investors will be able to execute trade instantly. Unfortunately, they have only 5 assets to offer. The leverage that traders will receive is that of 1:500.

Moreover, the company is also offering educational resources to its customers. Once you register with them, you will receive access to trading bots and expert advisors. Additionally, the firm assures its clients that it will respond fast if they face any challenges while using its website.

Unfortunately, this platform lacks transparency, which is why we are not recommending them to the investors. Legit forex trading software will offer you the best services in the industry. Furthermore, their trading results will be readily available. Review

BTC Robotics claims that it offers the best privacy to its customers. It assures investors they will not share their data with a third party without asking for permission. Nonetheless, offshore brokers are very dangerous, and they violate their own terms and conditions.

There is no fund safety in this scheme. The first thing that you need to do is complete the registration process. The platform requires your name, phone number, and email address. The other step is to deposit 250 EUR.

BTC Robotic is also offering a bonus on your first investment. Keep in mind that regulatory bodies are against investment firms providing such lucrative. This is because the money legally belongs to the company. Additionally, you will be required to meet strange requirements to be able to cash out.

The venture states that its clients can trade over 3000 assets and yield high returns. Their educational materials guide novice investors on how to trade successfully. They also write blogs entailing forex exchange to boast the trading skills of investors. They also present tutorials in the form of video.

The Investment Accounts

They have four investment plans. The beginner account accepts a deposit of 999 EUR. The firm offers leverage of 1:100 in their beginner account. Investors who chose this package will have a personal account manager.

The leverage cap keeps increasing as you deposit more money. The spread range from 1:9 up to 1:5. In regards to the web-based and MT5 trading interface, none is working. Therefore, BTC Robotics is not involved in trading activities.

BTC Robotics Review, BTC Robotics Plans

You should not expect any positive results from this broker. The dirty Ponzi scheme will only exploit you and leave you high and dry. Our best advice is that you find a genuine venture that offers MT4 and MT5. You will earn reasonable returns and enjoy great trading conditions.

The leverage that BTC Robotics is offering is too high and risky. The financial regulatory bodies have set limits to protect investors against making losses—for instance, the EU cap the leverage to 1:30, and the USA at 1:50.

BTC Robotics Withdrawal and Deposits

The entity is allegedly accepting funds via Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Bank Transfers, Maestro, Ripple, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. BTC Robotics claims that it does not charge any hidden fees or commission.

If you still want to test the waters with this suspicious firm, then deposit credit cards. It will allow you to issue a chargeback within 540 days. Cryptocurrency payments are very risky. Moreover, it is impossible to recover your money once you make a deposit.

The least amount that you can cash out is $100. BTC Robotics has unfair requirements, which are a big red flag. Legit companies allow clients to withdraw any amount that they please. Investors’ requests for cashing out are processed within 7 days.

Moreover, this trading firm charges an inactivity fee of 25% of the total balance in the account. However, the firm does not clarify the duration that it takes for an account to become dormant. The charges made in percentage form are also unfair to the investors.

Investors must meet hefty requirements after accepting bonuses. For 100 bonuses, you must trade 20 lots. This is equivalent to a $20 million turnover. It is impossible to attain their demand. Therefore, you will never receive the benefit.

Regulation and Registration

The company that allegedly manages the operation of BTC Robotics is Jousting LTD. The corporate claims to have a registration form from the Isle of Man. Unfortunately, this is a false claim since this firm does not have a license or a registration document from this area.

Therefore, the broker is operating on its own accord without minding the repercussion they might face. Moreover, investors’ money and personal data are not safe. You are risking a lot by depositing money into this dirty scheme.

BTC Robotics does not have the best trading conditions. Their charges are absurd. There is no reason to give them the benefit of the doubt. The venture also does not segregate the funds of the traders. Them not being licensed means that they do not report their daily financial activities.

Your money can be misused. Instead of risking your safety, why not venture with legit investment schemes. Licensed companies are transparent and present the qualification of their team.

The Domain Insight

BTC Robotics is a venture that has been in operation since 2017. The registration of this firm will expire in September 2021. The information of the registrar is not available. Hence, it is impossible to know the people that are managing your money.

Moreover, we do not the location of their targeted audience. Despite the trading bot being in the market for years, they lack a trading history. Additionally, the engagement that the platform is getting worldwide is not much.

BTC Robotics Client Feedback

The company brags that it has the best trading features in the market. However, they do not have client testimonials that prove this is the next big thing in the industry. During our research, we tried to get the experience of their customers to no avail.

BTC Robotics is a platform that traders should avoid. They will only leave you broker and with multiple regrets. Therefore, you should avoid having any engagement with them. Do not allow them to be their guinea pig.

Final Verdict

BTC Robotics does not have a trading platform. Therefore, they can’t trade. The entity nonetheless promises high leverage and spread that is in the market standard. Sadly, the firm does not have a license.

It is a major red flag since the people running this company can decide to exit the market without notice. Moreover, the trading conditions of this entity are unfavorable. The company is charging hefty fees to their customers.

Why not try out these legit forex trading EAs that are transparent. The trading performance of these platforms is available for all. You can view the information whenever you want on their website. The companies charge a reasonable fee to keep their business running.

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