BTCoin Xpress Review: a Blacklisted Company

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BTCoin Xpress Review
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The shady company has one payment method. You can only fund your account using crypto payments. Therefore, this becomes the best method for BTCoin Xpress to hide their identity. Moreover, funds deposited in their system are trapped.

BTCoin Xpress is another crypto scam. Ironically, the entity claims that it is a trustworthy broker. The FCA has already issued a warning against this entity. Therefore, this is perfect confirmation that the venture is nothing but a Ponzi scheme.

BTCoin Xpress Review, BTCoin Xpress Company

The entity welcomes both rookie and expert traders. However, you will not find experienced investors wasting their time on this platform. The company brags that it has advanced tools to facilitate the trading activity of its customers.

The false claim of them being regulated by several watchdogs proves BTCoin Xpress will do anything to remain relevant. The con artists are not giving up on any chance that can earn them more victims. There is nothing for you here!

The website is not secure. Sharing your personal data exposes you to hazardous limits. The entity state that it protects investors against negative balance. You should not take this as a guarantee of safety. Scammers tend to say one thing only to violate their own terms.

Investing with a licensed crypto trading company grants you peace of mind. You sleep better knowing that your safety is a top priority. The support of a legit firm also responds in time. Why take chances with the shady broker when we have the best solution for you? Review

BTCoin Xpress brags that it has an excellent customer support team. They operate around the clock and hire a multi-lingual team. The venture is allegedly a decentralized platform. It invests and trades on various coins. Therefore, its customers can also trade and sell digital coins.

However, before you are all existed, this entity is not utilizing any technology to generate returns. Their promise to remit daily ROI in your account is another bluff. The broker further claims that the profits are constant and not affected by the market condition.

The company is also acting as an exchange. However, they are not listed in Coinmarketcap. This puts you at more risk. The scheme is can still all your savings in a matter of seconds. Entrusting your funds to such a losing scheme is a dire mistake, one that you cannot recover from

BTCoin Xpress state that it compounds all their generate income. Therefore, this allows them to maximize profit. Unfortunately, the entity fails to disclose the risk mitigation measures that they have taken. They are only promising to make traders rich overnight.

The platform also brags that it has partnered with reputable companies globally. The best is yet to come as every year they close down even better deals. Unfortunately, this is another false claim. The best crypto companies would not tarnish their name by engaging with this scam.

BTCoin Xpress Investment Accounts

BTCoin Xpress has four trading accounts. The minimum amount that you can deposit is $250. We believe this is much that what other remarkable ventures are taking. The plan lasts for one day. The daily return to expect in your account is $900. The entity also has a referral bonus of 3%.

You don’t need rocket science to know that this is a Ponzi scheme. It is impossible to quadruple your money in a few hours. The demo account requires you to deposit $1. You can use it for 4 days and expect a $2 daily profit.

The timeline for using the demo account is concise. You cannot familiarize yourself with trading in such a short timeframe. On the other hand, we have the ECN Zero account. The acceptable capital is $500. The plan runs for one day. Investors can expect $1300 as the accumulated amount. You can also utilize the referral bonus and earn 2%.

The Cent account. The account takes a deposit of $1500. The plan expires after one day. The total ROI is $800 and an affiliate bonus of 4%. Finally but not least we have Express Money. For you to enjoy a daily profit of $150,000, you must deposit $3,000.

We do not understand the platform’s technique to earn such a high amount of returns. Even if it is trading software, the profits are ridiculous. We don’t know how BTCoin Xpress has survived this long in the market without being exposed.

BTCoin Xpress Withdrawal and Deposits

The shady company has one payment method. You can only fund your account using crypto payments. Therefore, this becomes the best method for BTCoin Xpress to hide their identity. Moreover, funds deposited in their system are trapped.

Investors cannot reverse payment, as the process is futile. The entity also states that it does not take fees from investors, but we can believe their words. Furthermore, the platform mentions that it is mining crypto but fails to disclose the location of its mining farms.

Moreover, we don’t know the hardware or software BTCoin Xpress is using. The mining cost that clients must pay is also missing. No advantage comes with investing in this firm. You should trade with a transparent crypto firm.

BTCoin Xpress Regulation and Registration

BTCoin Xpress claims it has licenses from FSCA, CySEC, FSC, and FCA. Unfortunately, this is another fat lie that the broker is using to trap more innocent traders. The broker does not qualify to get a regulatory document. They claim to be based in the USA, but this is another false statement.

Moreover, the FCA has already blacklisted the venture. The company continues to collect funds from UK citizens without FCA approval. They have not deposited 730K EUR in their name. Therefore, once the firm exits the industry, you won’t receive compensation.

The Ponzi scheme is only after the funds of traders. They expose you to dangerous trading conditions so that you may lose money. You should not rely on the T&C of BTCoin Xpress. There is no assurance that the company will follow its own rules.

Cryptocurrency is the future of money. The coins are decentralized, seamless, and payments are made instantaneously. Unfortunately, scammers are also misusing digital currency to their best advantage. This platform violates the rules of watchdogs in the world by collecting funds illegally.

The Domain Insight

Let say that Btcoinxpress has managed to fool several scammers. The company has existed since September 2020. Their domain is about to expire. However, scammers are unpredictable, and the venture may renew its registration. If they do, kindly avoid the scheme.

The broker has been getting high traffic. It shows that their strategy is working. Unfortunately, we do not know the location of their targeted audience. Stay away from this Ponzi scheme at all costs.

Customer Support and False Testimonials

BTCoin Xpress’s real location is unknown. You can also reach the venture via email or by filling in the contact form. The broker features false customer testimonials to manipulate their customers. The venture is using stock images to cloud the minds of potential clients. Review, Clients Feedback

You should research thoroughly to avoid falling for scammers. Ponzi schemes use murky traits to get what they want. You may innocently give them access to your money based on the information you come across to end up getting disgusting results.

Final Verdict

Instead of BTCoin Xpress remitting profits to your wallet, they will steal all your money. The platform also claims that it offer the best educational material to traders. However, understanding how this scheme works is still a mystery. You should not expect to learn anything valuable from a Ponzi scheme.

The venture also holds regular contents. If you want to earn from their promotion, you need to prove you have the necessary skills. The global experts that the Ponzi scheme brags with are nowhere to be seen.

If they have enough human resources to hire professionals, they would not have a problem crediting them. Invest only with the best investment companies in the industry. These are regulated crypto trading software with outstanding performance.


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