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BullishFXMarkets Review
  • Fund Safety
  • Regulation


If you choose to trade with them you are exposing yourself to severe danger.  BullishFXMarkets will not grant you fund safety. Additionally, since it is not bound by any law the entity can change its policy.

BullishFXMarkets is a company that is not worth traders’ trust. The entity allegedly offers a spread of 0 pips to customers. It is an impossible limit that cannot exist. The firm is only looking for ways to attract more victims.

The platform states it does not have restrictions for investors. Therefore, clients will enjoy the best prices from them. The company is allegedly trading Forex and CFDs. It brags of having 232 tradable instruments.

BullishFXMarkets Review, BullishFXMarkets Company

It offers 60 currency pairs to forex traders. 19 commodities, 120 stocks, 5 bonds, and 23 indices products. The company brags it is one of the leading companies with the highest trading volume in the world.

It is a bold claim coming from a venture that does not have a trading history. Moreover, the domain name of this venture is also new. BullishFXMarkets states it has over 100,000 active clients in the world.

Unfortunately, it is also not possible to acquire such a large audience within a short duration. The best thing that you can do is to look for a genuine entity that has been in the market. Scammers use false statistics to draw in more victims.

Bullishfxmarkets.com Review

The trading platform that BullishFXMarkets avails is compatible via phone and desktop. Investors can therefore trade from anywhere. The firm also guarantees that clients have full access to their funds. Hence, they can cash out at any time.

The entity is also charging zero commission to traders. The registration process in this fraudulent scheme is fast. Unfortunately, you will be surprised to know that this firm is only offering digital currency assets of four coins.

The rest of them are unavailable. This is a confusing investment scheme that is being run by anonymous individuals. Nonetheless, we did find trading software. The information presented and on the website differs from what you will get on their dashboard after registering.

The people that are handling the funds of investors are not credited. Therefore, we do not know the qualifications that they possess. In most cases, fraudsters will claim to have experienced financial analysts. The reality is the people handling your money lack all the essential skills.

Ensure that you trade with legit forex trading companies that are reputable. You are going to earn decent returns from them. Moreover, these brokers will ensure your safety is a top priority. Their trading conditions keep traders’ needs into consideration.

Trading Conditions

BullishFXMarkets is offering a spread of 0.1 pips for the EURUSD currency pair. The entity states that it has tight spreads for their customers 24/5. It also states orders are executed at a high speed. The company also has trading EAs.

The broker boasts it processes over 500000 tradable assets in a day. They handle 2/3 of all trades in the market that are made using trading bots. It is a bold claim coming from an infamous venture. The entity claims it has diverse liquidity, and it reduces slippage.

Despite the company not availing currency pairs, it advertises leverage of 1:500. The trading software of BullishFXMarkets is of low quality. The information is contradicting since you will not find what this entity is advertising.

The features that are available are also not enticing. The platform has time frames, price alerts, news live feeds, indicators, and a calculator. You cannot compare the interface with the mighty MT4 software.

BullishFXMarkets Withdrawal and Deposit

You can deposit funds via Neteller, Visa, Crypto, MasterCard, Skrill, and PayPal. However, we cannot validate that these are indeed the payment options that the firm accepts. This is a company that is highly likely to only accept funds via digital currencies.

Scammers do not permit investors to issue a chargeback. Hence, it is impossible to recover your money. The least amount that you can deposit at this venture is $200. The withdrawal requests are handled within two days.

The only withdrawal fees that the company charges are $20 for wire transfers. The broker does not feature information regarding dormant accounts. It is best to refrain from engaging with BullishFXMarkets as it does not have all the necessary information.

The entity is a dirty scheme. Therefore, they might give all sorts of excuses not to handle your requests. Moreover, there might be hidden charges that are not clearly outlined. You need to be careful with offshore firms.

Regulation and Registration

BullishFXMarkets is a broker that states it is licensed by the ASIC financial body. However, this platform is availing false information to traders. Therefore, this is a self-regulated entity not authorized by ASIC or CySEC.

A company lying about the serious matters should not be taken lightly. Moreover, the venture has received a warning from the CONSOB financial watchdog. The Italian government has blacklisted the entity as it is collecting funds from its citizens without meeting the necessary requirements.

If you choose to trade with them you are exposing yourself to severe danger.  BullishFXMarkets will not grant you fund safety. Additionally, since it is not bound by any law the entity can change its policy.

Investors may also be asked to pay more for their withdrawal requests to be handled. You cannot be certain about what a scam is going to do. Therefore, the best thing is to refrain from giving money to these fraudsters.

BullishFXMarkets Contact Details

The office address of BullishFXMarkets is at BullishFXMarkets HIS Buildings, Providence Mahe, Seychelles. Unfortunately, we highly suspect that this is not their actual location. The scam cannot blow up its covers like this.

BullishFXMarkets Review, BullishFXMarkets Contact

They have only put up the information for transparency purposes. The entity is using data that does not belong to them which is another huge red flag. The only way of contacting the support is via email.

The majority of businesses avail of a phone number for ease of communication and convenience. Ponzi schemes do not want disturbance from their victims. They will contact you when the need arises. You should find a better company that cares about the experience of their clients.

Client Feedback

BullishFXMarkets brags that it is a 5-star rated venture in Trustpilot.  However, once you visited the website the only thing that we found is complaints. The information also appears to be a marketing statement advertising a recovering agency.

Nonetheless, we do not trust information from TrustPilot as the monitor is not strict. The company does not have customer reviews which should serve as a red flag. The numbers the company brags of having should be enough to endorse them. Unfortunately, this is a losing scam that nobody wants to engage with them.

The Domain Insight

Bullishfxmarkets.com is a venture that was registered in August 2020. The domain of the entity will expire after one year. It was impossible for us to determine the person behind this company. Their Alexa rank is 2,065,265. Sadly, we do not know the location of their targeted audience.

Final Verdict

The company is a nasty scam that is operating as it pleases. The company is not licensed and it features a fake office address. Moreover, BullishFXMarkets appear not to be involved with any financial activity.

You can trade with genuine forex trading brokers that are reputable. These are some of the best companies that are licensed by reputable financial bodies in the market. You will get the best outcome. Invest with them today.


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