CamTrade Review: a Dubious Investment Scheme

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CamTrade is a nasty scam that does not protect the funds of their customers. Moreover, the entity is most likely not going to process your withdrawal request. If you trade with a dirty scheme that has already received a warning from a regulatory body you will only have yourself to blame.

CamTrade is a company that nobody knows its country of origin. The broker is offering an ordinary web-trading interface to its clients. However, this is not the main reason that we are reviewing its shady behavior. The entity is a nasty Ponzi scheme that will not last long in the industry.

For starters, before you deposit money kindly note that this is an offshore venture. Therefore, there is no fund safety offered to investors. The entity is offering investment services on various assets. Nonetheless, the entity is availing contradicting information.

CamTrade Review, CamTrade Company

CamTrade is an illegitimate broker that is possibly misusing information of a genuine venture. The entity states that it is providing educational materials to investors. It claims that the information is meant to increase the knowledge of the investors.

However, we cannot attest whether the information provided is of high quality. We also learned that the platform has trading bots. Therefore, traders can exploit the market with ease. Their website is suitable for both newbies and expert investors.

Ensure you trade with the best forex trading entities that are genuine and licensed. You will trade with confidence knowing that your money is in secure hands. Moreover, you will also earn passive income. Try them today! Review

The entity allegedly is trading CFDs, and Forex. The company states that forex trading activities have unmatched liquidity, and you can get the best leverage. What CamTrade is not telling newbies is that there are risks involved.

The assets are volatile and you cannot only be making returns. The company has a calculator, calendar, and widgets. We do not appreciate the anonymity of this broker. If they do not have anything to hide then it should avail info regarding the team.

CamTrade is a platform that can choose to exit the market without giving notice to traders. Unfortunately, the majority of fraudsters end up not being traced. This is because they are very careful with the data they share.

No matter how enticing the conditions of the company appear it would be best to search for another alternative. The information that the broker uses has been recycled by other Ponzi schemes. They all brag about offering the best signals, being the best in the market, and having efficient trading bots.

The reality is that most of them are not undertaking trading activities. Therefore, before you cash in your hard-earned money it is important that you take your time and research about a company. It will help you to make a sober decision.

The Trading Conditions of CamTrade

The company only has a web-based trading platform. We recommend that you stick to a venture that has an MT4 readily available for you. The software offers exceptional features which makes it a leading choice for traders.

It is offering a spread of 2.3 pips for the EURUSD currency pair. What the entity is offering is far beyond the market standard. Therefore, it is not beneficial for the investors. You need to pay more which makes this an awful entity.

The leverage that you can expect from this firm is that of 1:200. It is beyond what most of the financial markets permits. If you do not have high-risk appetites stay away from the platform. A licensed platform offers a cap of 1:30 up to 1:50.

Withdrawal and Deposits

CamTrade claims that investors can cash in via BTC, Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, and Skrill. However, once you try to deposit money you will be redirected to cash in via cryptos. The minimum amount that you can deposit at this entity is $250.

However, keep in mind that you cannot conduct a chargeback. If you choose the wire transfer method the minimum amount to cash out is $250. For debit and credit cards, the limit is $100. The legit companies do not have such shady requirements.

Moreover, CamTrade has charges upon withdrawal. They vary depending on the method that you use. The wire transfer option has a fee of $50 while the credit and debit card charge $25 and processing fee of $10. This is unheard of and only possible for fraudulent entities.

This does not end here as the Ponzi scheme also expects investors to meet a trading volume of 200 turnovers. If they do not comply the company will subject them to paying an additional fee of 10%. Why would anyone go through all this trouble when there are genuine companies?

The dormant account policy applies after an inactivity period of 6 months. They will take 10% every month from the account. The percentage form fees are usually unfair to traders. The best forex trading companies will have a standard uniform fee that is reasonable.

Stay away from the bonus that the entity is offering. This is because you need to meet unreasonable trading volumes. The aim of scammers is to ensure their clients do not get to withdraw their funds.

The Domain Insight is a company that has been in the industry since December 2020. The domain name shall expire in April 2021. The platform that registered by an unknown person. The traffic visiting the site is not appealing. According to, it has total traffic of 5,404,907. It is impossible to know the area of their audience.

The platform is still new in the market. They only have an SSL certificate that does not guarantee the safety of the investors. Investing in this dirty scheme will only lead you to trouble. Therefore, look for better brokers instead.

Regulation and Registration of CamTrade

The corporate that is behind CamTrade is Finex Group Ltd. The entity is blacklisted by multiple financial bodies in the market. Nonetheless, this company purports that it is operating as per the requirements of the Australian government.

Unfortunately, the company is using information that belongs to a legit entity that is licensed in Australia. It is a big offense for an investment scheme to use company information. The people managing this Ponzi scheme are trying their level best to stay relevant. Review, CamTrade Contact

CamTrade is a nasty scam that does not protect the funds of their customers. Moreover, the entity is most likely not going to process your withdrawal request. If you trade with a dirty scheme that has already received a warning from a regulatory body you will only have yourself to blame.

Invest with the best-licensed broker that their trading activities are overseen by reputable financial watchdogs. You will trade knowing that you are highly protected. You should not settle with ventures that have shady characterizes.

Final Verdict is a nasty scam that does not care to disclose its office address. The entity is not performing investment services. Its only intention is to defraud its clients. If you invest with them you are going to regret losing all your money.

Additionally, the company that is managing Cam Trader is flagged as a Ponzi scheme. Therefore, if you still want to sign up with them you definitely know what you are signing up for. Our best advice is to refrain from depositing funds with this broker.

Here are some of the top forex trading companies that are genuine. They are reputable and will generate passive income for you. The entities are worth your time and you will not regret having trusted them. Moreover, there are several investors that have used their services.

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