Canz-Trades Review: an Obvious Scam

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You will not get fund safety if you choose to test the waters with Canz-Trades. The broker is using information that does not belong to them. The platform has pretended to be operating as per the government requirement.

Canz-Trades claims that it is offering multiple services to its customers. The broker is allegedly dealing with Forex, stock, cryptos, commodities, real estate services, and even offering management of funds.

According to the platform engaging with them will automatically result in yielding more returns. However, we would like to clarify that this company is a scam. Nonetheless, the broker states that it stores the data of customers at cloud storage.

Canz-Trades Review, Canz-Trades Company

Canz-Trades keeps the traders’ personal data at logical pools. Therefore, hackers cannot steal from them. You cannot rely on a Ponzi scheme to offer top-notch security. They only care about making themselves rich. Therefore, it is the least of their concern whether you make money or not.

The platform also states that the deposit process is fast and smooth. They also have multiple payment channels of funding accounts. Sadly, this firm has no intention of helping its clients. The big mistake you can make is to entrust your hard-earned funds with them.

The company states that it understands the economic crises that are there. Therefore, it presents an opportunity that helps investors to start earning immediately. The online investment venture is volatile and risky. You need to have the necessary skills to start trading. Review

Canz-Trades claims that it utilizes the latest technology in the market. therefore, it has a sustainable income solution for investors. Moreover, this broker emphasis that traders must disclose all their source of income. This is to help their alleged professional team to use the best strategy to suit your goals.

However, you should take this as a red flag. This is because the information you will share helps the company to approach you best. The broker is capable of manipulating their customers into giving them more money till their pockets run dry.

Canz-Trades also urge those that might experience any challenge not to hesitate to ask. scrolling through their website we found real estate and mortgage news. Sadly, this is generic information. Investors should refrain from entrusting their funds to this nasty scheme.

Additionally, the company does not have a trading history. It is operating as it pleases. You will not make any income with them. The broker also lacks transparency. The team that the company claims to be experienced is anonymous. It fails to credit them probably because they are not qualified for the job.

Invest with forex trading companies that are regulated by the relevant reputable financial watchdogs in the market. These ventures are trustworthy and dedicated to helping investors earn passive income. Try them today!

Trading Conditions of Canz-Trades

Canz-Trades is a get-rich-quick scheme that does not have trading products or services. Moreover, this is an entity that does not have a trading software or platform. Therefore, we cannot help but what really is this company involved with? How does it generate returns for its customers? Review, Features

The platform additionally promises investors weekly returns of 4%. This is a lot of money but nothing but a ploy to make investors deposit funds in their system. If the entity is indeed involved with forex trading activities it should show its leverage and spread.

Legit investment companies offer the popular MT4 and MT5. Some of their features are appealing indicators, EAs, and Algo trading. The company is anything else but not a financial investment venture.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The least amount to deposit at Canz-Trades is $1000. The entity is expensive and exploitive. They are overcharging their customers. The payment methods that the firm avails confirm our fear that this is a scam.

You can cash in via wire transfers, cryptos like Litecoin, BTC, and Ethereum. They do not allow traders to issue a chargeback. Moreover, you will not know who receives funds. The money goes directly to the scammers’ pocket.

It is a perfect way that fraudsters use to conceal their identity. You should not invest with a broker that has no intention of giving back your money. Additionally, Canz-Trades is a firm that does not provide the necessary information.

For instance, are in the dark regarding the withdrawal requirements. Additionally, we do not know the applicable fees. You might have to wait till eternity without receiving your money. The essential data that is missing proves this is an illegitimate scheme.

Customer Support of Canz-Trades

The broker allegedly can be contacted via email, WhatsApp, and live chat. The office address of this broker is allegedly at Suite 2, 710 Great South Road, Penrose, Auckland, 1060, New Zealand.

The real location of this platform is not known. The venture is operating as it pleases. Scammers will never disclose their real area of operation to avoid being put behind bars. Additionally, this company does not have a telephone number, and contacting them will be a nightmare.

The only time Canz-Trades will reach out is when they need more funds from you. If you email them the entity will not respond. In most cases, these ventures do not have a customer support team.

Regulation and Registration

The broker does not have a license or a registration document. The entity is allegedly based in New Zealand. The firm is abusing the term regulation. Moreover, the financial watchdog of this country has blacklisted Canz-Trades .

This is clear evidence that this is a scam. Therefore, you will not get fund safety if you choose to test the waters with them. The broker is using information that does not belong to them. The platform has pretended to be operating as per the government requirement.

The broker has not deposited an initial capital that can act as compensation for their customers in case of unfavorable trading outcomes. If you choose to test the waters with Canz-Trades we assure you of nothing but regrets

Canz-Trades Customer Feedback

Canz-Trades is a company that features clients’ testimonials on their feedback. Investors claim that this is the best forex trading entity to venture with. They deliver their promises of generating high income.

Investors also praise the platform for having a dedicated customer support team. Their account managers also guide investors in their trading activities. However, if you pay attention you will realize there is no single negative review.

The information is cherry-picked. We recommend that you read customers’ feedback from third-party websites. Ponzi schemes do not have the power of manipulating information from there.

The Domain Insight was established in March 2018. The domain will expire in March 2021. We do not know how this platform has managed to service the industry this long. The firm is privately registered and we cannot determine who is behind this firm.

Final Verdict

The majority of the investors are wondering whether they can make money using Canz-Trades. The truth is that this broker will exit the market leaving you devastated. The entity target exploiting their clients.

Despite them being in the market for a couple of years this venture has low traffic visiting their website. Currently, we do not know the country that the majority of their traffic is coming from.

The warning issued against them shows that the company is not worth your time. There are also no customer support services. It also has a referral program which we believe is the company’s only source of income.

Trade with some of the leading forex trading companies that are reputable. You are going to generate passive income. Their trading conditions also consider their customers. You can trade with confidence with them.


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