Capital Crypto Review: Offshore Broker

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Capital Crypto Review
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Capital Crypto provides its services to numerous clients across the globe. For the entity to operate legally, it needs to have a regulatory form from several financial watchdogs. Nonetheless, the venture fails to talk about licensing.

Capital Crypto gives a vibe that is not new to us. Several platforms have overused their sales pitch in the past. They create the impression you will start from zero and become a hero. It is such an ideal opening remark. However, the question is, does this venture have what it takes to generate passive income for investors?

Capital Crypto Review, Capital Crypto Company

Please stick with us in this unbiased review to learn more about this entity. Investment is something that traders should not take lightly. Entrusting your hard-earned money to the wrong investment scheme would lead to devastating results. You need to analyze a company thoroughly before making up your mind. 

Capital Crypto deals with CFDs and cryptocurrency assets. The entity allegedly has the best trading tools for its customers. The firm believes it is a leading investment broker in the industry. How are we supposed to believe this when there are no past reading results? The entity has nothing to prove. Moreover, the individuals that are behind the venture are also anonymous. A big red flag.

The venture, through the help of its advanced tools, boasts of fast trade execution. The assure client of world-class customer support services. Therefore, availing an exceptional trading experience. There is more than what meets the eye. If we were to rate their marketing strategy, we would award them a 5-star rating. Sadly, investment is not all about narrative but verified statistics. Review

Investors who choose this platform can trade using phones or computers. The entity states it has a low spread. They want traders to know they got their back. Clients will not have any exchanges that arise when dealing with exchanges. The trading interface is also utilizing high technology.

Capital Crypto only needs users to have an internet connection to exploit the opportunity it provides. Digital currencies are decentralized, and no government controls them. However, this does not exempt investment entities collecting funds from citizens from acquiring a license from financial watchdogs. 

The platform is allegedly accepting investors from over 50 counties. They haven’t attempted doing it legally. Moreover, the scheme is not transparent. The individuals behind the venture are unknown. There is also no proof of trading. We cannot believe their words blindly.

Once you deposit money using the available payment options, you can use their trading platform. However, it is important to note that you cannot yield profits with an offshore platform. They may pay at the initial stages, but this does not go on for long. They are doomed to fail. 

It is better to exploit the opportunities of a legit cryptocurrency trading company. The security of your fund and personal data is taken care of. There are also better results, and you trade with peace of mind. 

Customer Support and Contact Details

Capital Crypto requires clients to sign up in their entity and verify their account to withdraw funds easily. We suggest that you avoid shady businesses that require your personal data. The information you avail can be used for identity theft. The authority will come after you if an offense is committed using your info. 

How can you entrust your money to a venture that lacks the decency of availing their actual area of operation? This is a scheme that only claims originate from the Commonwealth of Dominica. They present an email address and a phone number. 

However, this does not guarantee Capital Crypto is a responsive venture. There is no evidence that the company will handle the problem that clients face on time. You are risking a lot by entrusting your information to an anonymous offshore scheme.

Capital Crypto Trading Conditions

Capital Crypto avails a web-based trading platform. Digital currency investment is an activity that you should not rush to without understanding how the assets operate. The coins are volatile. Moreover, over the past years, several entities have come up and exited the industry unceremoniously. Review, Features

There is a tendency for price manipulation. This entity is also pricey, and to open a position of Buy/sell of BTCUSDT pair, one must pay $300 to $320. Multiple legit investment entities in the market take as low as $50 for the BTC spread.

Capital Crypto offers a spread of 1:10 up to 1:40. This might not seem as much to many, but it is risky. The regulatory bodies in the market limit the leverage to 1:2. Some countries do not regulate derivative crypto trading. We do not endorse this platform, and neither should you test the waters with them.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The minimum amount to deposit in Capital Crypto is $250. Several transparent and reputable investment firms for cryptocurrency trading take as low as $10. The listed deposit methods include; MasterCard, Visa, and Bitcoin. To be on the safe side when investing, we suggest you use debit or credit cards.

This allows you to issue a chargeback. The entity charges withdrawal fees of $25. Once you accept the venture bonus, you must attain a 20,000 turnover. If you do not, then you must pay an extra fee of 20%. Of Course, attaining such limits is ridiculous, and investors will have no choice but to pay. 

The inactivity policy starts taking effect after 60 days of inactivity. Capital Crypto takes a fee of 10% of the amount you have in your account over 100 units. We cannot fathom what the venture means by these, but this is still a scammish trait.

Regulation Status of Capital Crypto

Capital Crypto provides its services to numerous clients across the globe. For the entity to operate legally, it needs to have a regulatory form from several financial watchdogs. Nonetheless, the venture fails to talk about licensing. We decided to do a thorough background check. However, the only information that only shows their parent company.

Aqua Sun Limited is an offshore corporation that originated from CommonWealth of Dominica. This is a country that is not strict with investment companies. Therefore, it has become a hotspot for all sorts of fraudsters. The entity does not even care to introduce the team behind its activities.                      

This is an offshore entity that does not offer fund safety. There is no segregation of funds. Moreover, Capital Crypto does not report its trading activities to any financial body in the market. A platform offering investment services should deposit a substantial amount of capital that can act as compensation to clients in case of unforeseen events.

Capital Crypto Clients Feedback

It is worth noting that Capital Crypto has several negative reviews from clients. The investors seem unsatisfied with the results they are getting from the scheme. They flag the platform as a scam. Any investment platform that does not handle withdrawal requests of traders is a big scam. Stay away from the scheme and learn from the mistakes of their victims. 

The Domain Insight is a scheme that has been in the industry since August 2020. This is a long time for them not to avail their trading results. Moreover, the information of the founder is not available to the public. The venture has a low trust score in the market. Their global traffic engagement is also not appealing and is at 6,923,266. 

Final Verdict

Capital Crypto is a venture that is unworthy of second thoughts. The scheme is dangerous and infamous. Trade with the best crypto trading entities in the market. You are in a better place with them. They guarantee the safety of funds.


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