Capital Gain LTD Review: FCA Clone Scam

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Capital Gain LTD Review
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Capital Gain LTD has several unpleased feedback from investors. The company has defrauded a number of investors by impersonating a genuine platform in the UK. The venture is a clear definition of a Ponzi scheme. 

Capital Gain LTD is a company that makes us wonder why investors are still falling for these get-rich-quick schemes. Investors can complete the registration process by funding their accounts. The venture accepts crypto payments, perfect money, and Payeer. 

Getting your money from this Ponzi scheme is a daunting task. The scheme brags it is licensed, but this is a baseless statement. The venture is faking its history in the market. They insinuate being around for years.

Capital Gain LTD Review, Capital Gain LTD Company

The statistics indicating the clients that Capital Gain LTD has are also misleading. It takes time to build a positive reputation in the market. There is no evidence of trading activities. The trading interface and assets information is missing.

The venture has 8 investment plans that are exaggerated. You cannot generate over 25% ROI in 48 hours. The more money you are willing to deposit, the greater the returns. The scheme has an affiliate program.

We believe this is the only source of income for the fraud. They are taking funds from new investors and paying the pioneer clients. However, reports are indicating the scheme is no longer paying. Review 

Capital Gain LTD fails to disclose the technique it is using to yield this high income. They do not feature a team of finance officers and analysts. Additionally, we don’t know if the firm is utilizing the latest technology.

They are only bluffing on how investors are going to be rich within no time. Their About Us page is a complete joke. Instead of focusing on building trust with investors, the entity features fluff content.

A genuine investment firm will make sure that it abides by the law by getting a license in all the areas they are accepting traders from. They also maintain professional communication with traders.

The trading condition is accessible, and you can go through them before making a deposit. Capital Gain LTD uses a sales pitch and displays irresistible profits to trap more victims in their website. 

We are yet to see successful investors that have successfully attained the advertised ROI. The platform claims it has DDoS encryption for security purposes. Your funds are only safe if a company is working with a top-tier 1 bank.

Capital Gain LTD Regulation and Registration 

Capital Gain LTD has been in the market for months, but they do not see the need to get a license. The venture is targeting investors from the United Kingdom. We decide to check whether the scheme was on the list of FCA.

Sadly, we found them in the warning section. It is illegal to offer financial services in the UK without having a regulatory document. Furthermore, the entity is using the information of a legit, licensed scheme ( It is straightforward to confuse the two as their name is identical. The only difference is in the domain name. You will not receive compensation if you decide to trade with Capital Gain LTD blindly. 

The venture has hidden charges, and it can also misuse the data you share. The scheme is unfit to be in the market. They do not report their daily activities to the authority. Therefore, misuse of funds is a common thing with these ventures. 

Once the scheme exit the industry, nobody will come to save you as they are anonymous. It is hard to trace the Ponzi scheme down. Invest with legit crypto ventures that have a regulatory form from a reputable watchdog.

Customer Support and Contact Details

The customer support of Capital Gain LTD is rude. They start disclosing fees that were not featured before and become hostile when you hold them accountable. A company that does not understand the importance of having a transparent support team is unworthy of your trust.

We do not know the area of operation of this Ponzi scheme. The fraudsters understand the moment they blow up their cover. The authority is coming for them. It is a risk they cannot take as they will be put behind bars.

Capital Gain LTD Client Reviews 

Capital Gain LTD has several unpleased feedback from investors. The company has defrauded a number of investors by impersonating a genuine platform in the UK. The venture is a clear definition of a Ponzi scheme. 

It would help if you did not transact with them at all costs. They guarantee that traders can cash out their daily earning. Unfortunately, if you try to withdraw the money, the process will hit a hard rock. They inflict hidden charges that were never mentioned before. 

Capital Gain LTD has fund insurance for all their accounts and a withdrawal processing fee of 0.55 BTC. The insurance fee ensures that clients get a constant return for a lifetime. Additionally, the amount is also used to improve the security of funds. 

It is hard to predict the outcome that you are going to get. The company claim that it had not disclosed the fee before since they were optional. Currently, it is a mandator requirement if you want to get your cashback. 

Capital Gain LTD guarantees a 40% bonus after paying their fees. The charges must be paid one time every month. Do not deposit a single cent in the Ponzi scheme. If you do, you won’t be able to get your capital. 

Learn from the mistake of those that had trusted the venture before. The company is not investing, and it is a pyramid scheme that keeps going as long as new investors sign up. 

Can Capital Gain LTD generate profit?

The company is already flagged as a scam. You cannot make a profit with a Ponzi scheme. The team that Capital Gain LTD brags with is nowhere to be seen. We cannot assure that they are experienced, yet they are ghost workers. 

 The scheme fails to disclose the services it is offering traders. Whoever is behind this fraud only put up a website to steal from naive investors. Your money is at great risk if you process the deposit the scheme is asking for. Review, Features

Investors have already lost money by trusting Capital Gain LTD. The scheme is a clone venture. They cannot even come up with a unique strategy to assist customers. This platform brags that it is reputable, but numbers do not lie. The people visiting the firm are fewer. 

The payment method of the scam hinders customers from issuing a chargeback. Your money goes directly to the con artist’s wallet. The company will exit the market soon without notice. 

The Domain Insight

The identity of Capital Gain LTD founder is unknown. The domain name was recently registered, and the platform aims to be in the market for only one year. This is HYIP that has been around since September 2020. The venture has inadequate traffic visiting the website. We do not know the location of their customers. 

Final Verdict

Capital Gain LTD features an FCA certificate that does not belong to them. Their registration form is useless and does not guarantee fund safety. You are not going to get your money back. The entity does not have a term and condition policy. They inflict hefty charges to traders to keep the funds on their system.

Investing with a regulated crypto company grants you multiple advantages. The trading conditions, withdrawal, and deposit requirements are available to the public. The support is also friendly and responds in time to the query of traders. 

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