Capital Sands Fx Review: another Gross Scam

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Capital Sands Fx Review
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The broker is based in St Vincent and Grenadines. The area is infamously known for hosting scam entities. The government has also issued a warning stating it does not license forex trading or any other online business. Try out some of the best entities in the market.

Capital Sands Fx is a platform that markets itself as the best forex trading company. The entity claims it is trading Indices, Stock market, forex, and commodities. They also brag about providing a reputable MT4 platform.

The broker allows investors to create anonymous accounts. The process only takes a few minutes. Once you sign up with them you start trading immediately. However, this is a broker that is shady and we won’t be recommending them to the public.

Capital Sands Fx is an entity that is trying very hard to stay relevant in the market. The platform looks professional and the firm is trying its level best to impress clients. Investors might find it hard to know if this is a reliable entity.

The company is offering a spread of 2.4 pips which is not lucrative. Moreover, investors are allowed to choose the leverage that best suits them. The company assures investors that it will guide them in all their forex activity.

Capital Sands Fx boasts that it is a dream come true platform. Therefore, once you invest with them you will automatically make money. The broker allegedly was established by the financial professional, and a group of traders. Review

The venture states it has the best team of experts. However, what is surprising is that this entity lacks transparency. They do not credit their team. We cannot attest that the people handling investors’ money are indeed qualified.

Capital Sands Fx is welcoming investors from all over the world to join them. It does not matter what your qualification is. The platform states it is offering the best trading solution. They also claim to have helped a number of investors to earn.

Capital Sands Fx Review, Capital Sands Fx Company

The broker claims it is guided by various principles like Integrity. Sadly, we find this hard to believe considering that the firm is anonymous. Moreover, this firm is offering a trading bonus of 50%.

They also have demo accounts that investors can use. The entity also has several trading accounts. They also provide liquidity to their clients and assign fund managers to them. It is very easy to mistake this for a legit entity.

Invest with legit forex trading companies that are reliable and genuine. You will earn reasonable returns. Moreover, these brokers have served multiple clients. Therefore, there is no need to worry and you can earn without compromising yourself.

Contact Details

Capital Sands Fx claims to be based at Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 2NX. They also allegedly have offices in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The platform can be contacted via email or phone.

Investing in this venture will only leave a negative impact on your account. The platform features a lot of information that is not relevant. The customer support which this entity brags about does not exist.

They will only jeopardize your savings. The support becomes unfriendly and rude once you try reaching them. Investors need to be cautious with their money otherwise you will suffer the consequence.

Capital Sands Fx Regulatory Status

Capital Sands Fx is a company that is not licensed. The platform brags that it is based in multiple areas. Therefore, this entity ought to comply with several trading regulatory bodies in the market. Investors’ funds are not safe in this firm.

The broker is based in St Vincent and Grenadines. The area is infamously known for hosting scam entities. The government has also issued a warning stating it does not license forex trading or any other online business.

Capital Sands Fx is an entity that does not care about investors. They are only looking for people to scam. They will start receiving warnings from various regulatory bodies. The broker claims that it is based in the UK yet they are not in the FCA database.

Investing with regulated brokers brings a lot of assurance to investors. You stand a chance of being compensated once the company faces bankruptcy. Moreover, you will have peace of mind knowing that there is nothing to worry about.

Trading Conditions of Capital Sands

The company uses a web-based broker. The entity is projecting what they want other investors to see. There is no trading taking place in this entity. There are various features of this platform that are limited. For instance, the broker has fewer chart customization options.

Capital Sands Fx Review, Capital Sands Fx Trading Conditions

Capital Sands Fx trading platform does not offer the popular MT4 trading platform which is loved by most investors. There is nothing great or unique that comes with investing with this firm. Investors need to be keen when choosing a broker to venture with.

The leverage that this entity is offering is way beyond what is regulated by the financial conduct Authority. The platform should offer a leverage cap of 1:30. It ensures that all the parties are favored. Moreover, investors are not exposed to more risks.

Capital Sands Fx Withdrawal and Deposits

Capital Sands Fx is an entity that processes the withdrawal request of investors through This is a clear indicator that this is a scam. Genuine entities will have reliable methods of payment.

Additionally, investors can issue a chargeback whenever they please. If you trade using a regulated broker you have nothing to worry about. However, Ponzi schemes will never process your withdrawal request.

Capital Sands Fx accepts a minimum amount of $1. You can cash out using either BYC or wire transfer method. There is no information regarding the least amount of funds that you can deposit. The forex trading entity has limited information.

Additionally, info regarding the dormant account is not available. Leaving out such critical data raises more questions. Avoid such investment ventures. It is best that you find genuine companies instead of wasting time in this entity.

The Domain Insight is a broker that was registered on November 209. The platform is registered for a period of two years in the market. Therefore, their contract will expire in November 2021. It is not certain if the offshore entity will renew its contract.

Moreover, this company is registered anonymously. Surprisingly this platform has an ranking of 171,197. The location of their audience is India. Investors should be careful with offshore entities.

Is Capital Sands Fx a legit Broker?

Unfortunately, this platform is not legit. They are not licensed by any government in the world to conduct their trading activities. There venturing with them will be a blind move. You will end up counting losses. There is no point in entrusting your funds with such a dirty scheme.

Anonymity is one of the factors that make us not recommend them. We of not know the qualification status of the account managers. There is a lot of information that is missing from their website. Legit platforms do not operate in this manner.

Final Verdict

Capital Sands Fx is a broker that has been in the market for over a year. Unfortunately, there is no evidence of trading activities taking place in their entity. They are operating anonymously. Additionally, this firm is a nasty venture that does not care about the needs of its clients.

The company does not have client feedback. Nonetheless, we were able to know that most of their clients are from India. Investors should be careful with these kinds of brokers. In a matter of time, you will end up counting losses.

Invest with the best forex trading companies in the market that are licensed by the authority. You will never regret trusting the best ventures. Moreover, you will have all the reassurance that you need.



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