Capital Trade Hub Review: A Dangerous Crypto Scam

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Capital Trade Hub Review
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Capital Trade Hub professes to make your investment grow tenfolds. After reviewing them, w found disturbing features. What investors are going through is beyond words. The only people who profit are the creators and those marketing the platform.

Capital Trade Hub is making the bold promise of making consistent ROIs. We admire their belief but having consistent ROIs is not plausible. Various reasons make it nearly impossible to achieve. The market is volatile, and the price of various goods and services change without warning. Anyone claiming to make consistent ROI better be an institutional bank with fixed interest rates. Our investigation revealed some damning issues with Learn the entire truth on CAPITAL TRADE HUB REVIEW.

About Capital Trade Hub

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About Capital Trade Hub

The platform claims to deal with Bitcoin mining, crypto trading, forex, real estate, and stocks. From the look of things, the platform seems to have it all. After digging deeper, we found some red flags worth mentioning. The platform is nowhere near what the homepage appears.

We have a well-designed platform meant to fool naïve investors. By doing thorough research, we help expose the dirty tricks used by the people behind CTH.

As you navigate through the website, you find several pages leading to calls to sign up. We have to give it to the designer for creating an aesthetically appealing website. To the naked eye, this seems to be a legit way of investing in Crypto.

With Crypto becoming one of the hottest investment options, scam artists are lurking. Creating a visually appealing website is just the first layer we uncover on this platform.

Accounts types

Capital Trade Hub offers two types of accounts based on daily and weekly timelines. Daily plans are categorized into four packages. These packages include basic, standard, platinum, and exclusive.

The basic account is the start point and guarantees an ROI of 1.5 to 2 percent daily. Before we move to other accounts, this is not plausible. The minimum deposit is $3,200, which is way too much to risk.

Weekly plans are also divided into four plans. These plans include ruby, eminent, magnificent, and premium. The ruby plan comes with a 12 percent weekly ROI, another insane profit margin. All these plans are meant to target all classes of investors.

As long as you have funds to spare, you can easily join. The platform even suggests you don’t need any investment or trading knowledge. According to capitaltradehub, you only deposit and wait for the results.

Affiliate plans

There’s an affiliate commission set aside for members who direct investors to the weekly plans. These plans start at 7 percent for the ruby account and 15 percent for the premium weekly account. Before you convince staff members to join this platform, you need to know the truth.

Those who participate in the affiliate plan don’t get any commission. There’s an alert from leading affiliate platforms regarding non-payment. Most affiliates already blacklist the platform.

Another problem with joining their affiliate plan is the negative image it gives you. Victims will solely lay the blame on you. These victims point the finger at affiliates for directing them to a scam.

In the eyes of the law, you are seen as an accomplice to online fraud. It’s best to stay away from this bogus platform.

Business owner

When it comes to who owns the platform, Noah Bouchard is the business holder. And this leads us to believe the people behind it use anonymity to shelter themselves. Joining any online anonymous investment platform is risky. We couldn’t find his name or the name of team members on any social media platform.

There’s no way of making contact with these people. All you have are fake addresses that don’t lead anywhere. Those that claim to know the people behind this platform are lying.

Capital Trade Hub License and Registration

Despite trying to convince us they reside in Canada, Capital Trade Hub holds no license. The platform does not comply with industry regulations making it a risk. Once you deposit funds with such a platform, regulatory bodies won’t protect you.

The platform may decide to shut down, and investors will immediately lose their money. Even if there are balances, the regulator won’t help recover funds. You signed up for a non-compliant investment option.

CapitalTradeHub Team

Several risks come with non-regulated entities. It’s best to avoid all these risks and get legit platforms tested and trusted by the investment community. The platform should have copies of their license documents on display.

We don’t get any information on their compliance which is another red flag. Such platforms avoid compliance to take advantage of naïve investors.

The only certificate we see is from Belize, an offshore regulatory body. We don’t trust such regulatory bodies since they don’t restrict investment companies.

It’s best to use platforms regulated by ASIC, CONSOB, CySEC, FCA, SEC, and more.

Comments from users

The platform has been in operation for nearly 200 days with no positive review. No one has come out praising the platform for the results. And this means no one has made any headway using Capital Trade Hub.

Those videos you see on their homepage are from paid actors. The client testimony only means they can download stock images. We couldn’t find these people on any social media page.

Domain insights ( review)

293 is the number of days the platform has been active. The actual date the page went live was on August 4, 20202. seems to share the same server with other Crypto scams.

The server has low-ranking websites under them, with most having no Google ranking. These are the reasons why we insist on staying away from the platform. Even search engines have low trust ratings on this website.

Features of Capital Trade Hub

Payment options Packages

The mode of payment is cryptocurrency. On rare occasions, do they accept FIAT as the platform doesn’t comply with KYC rules. There’s no need to deposit funds as withdrawing is a huge problem.

We haven’t seen any member coming out with proof of making money with the platform. It means we are dealing with a rogue platform that doesn’t allow withdrawals. Once you deposit, your funds are as good as gone.

Safety of funds with Capital Trade Hub

With the platform using a regulatory license from an offshore jurisdiction, safety is a concern. The website itself doesn’t offer SSL encryption. It’s easy for hackers to launch DDoS attacks and steal private information.

Imagine what would happen if hackers got your banking credentials from this website. The security of funds is also an issue since the platform does not offer insurance cover to deposits.

Scam or legit Capital Trade Hub

Capital Trade Hub is a scam waiting to pounce on investors who want quick and easy money. The platform targets greedy investors who think they can double funds in a week. Our review has exposed the tricks used by these scam artists.

We hope you will stay away and share this post with friends. Before joining any investment platform, we urge you to conduct due diligence.

Bottom line

Capital Trade Hub Review

After reviewing all the facts, we have to add this platform to our blacklist.

Get a better alternative to investment by using tested crypto trading bots. It’s what successful investors have been using over the years.

Feel free to contact us by email if you need information or review on any investment platform.

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