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Summary at first might seem to be a reasonable investment option. What you get is a platform trying to keep your money. Withdrawing is not possible. And this makes it a risky option for investors.

Another platform claiming to be the leading social trading platform,, ends up being a headache. Investors have been ranting about it on social media, with most wanting regulators to take action. What drives investors to such extremes is how they were treated. After investing and trying their hand out, the platform seems to block withdrawals. No one has made it this far, making Capital Trade a total burst. Please find out more in our detailed CAPITAL-TRADE.IO Review.

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A clear overview of Review

The platform offers a variety of trading options and products. They claim to have years of expertise in the financial world. And yet, we don’t have the name of any staff member working under the platform.

From a naïve investor’s point of view, the platform looks like a genuine way to invest. After all, all the boxes check out. The information sounds right, and the imagery is one to believe. Yes, their aesthetics is commendable, with even pictures of people in a boardroom.

It’s all what the people behind it want users to see. A professional forex investment website with all what it takes to double your investment. The platform even promises to have regular webinars and educational videos, and tutorials. makes you feel like you have landed in the right place. All goes smoothly up until you want to withdraw funds. After that, the platform does not discriminate; no one gets to withdraw funds, no matter your skill level.

Account types

There are five account types to choose from, with the standard account having a minimum deposit of 5,000 Euros. It is way above the industry-recommended minimum deposit of 250 Euros.

And this is one of the many red flags we spotted. No regulator would allow such a high depository amount, especially with no insurance cover. Let’s take a look at some of the accounts available on Capital Trade;

Green account

It’s the most basic account, and investors must deposit 5,000 Euros to start trading. Members get access to a trade expert who guides them through the process. You also get a company credit of up to 25 percent.

Premium account

With the premium account, users get weekly trade recommendations. The minimum deposit allowed is 10,000 Euros. In addition, there’s a company credit of 25 percent available to members. The credit is, in other words, a deposit bonus.

Platinum account

25,000 Euros is the minimum deposit allowed for this account. It also has the same welcome deposit as the other two accounts. Members get daily trade recommendations with 1.3 loyalty points.

Executive account

For this account, investors must deposit 50,000 Euros and get hourly trading recommendations. In addition, you get a specialized trading expert with spreads set at 1 to 1.5 percent. There’s also a fully dedicated personal analyst.

Presidential account

The presidential account is the most exclusive account, with investors depositing 100,000 Euros. In addition, members get a live recommendation feed, custom loyalty points, and tailored leverage. You also get a presidential expert team. Account Types

All these accounts don’t hold value if you don’t get to withdraw funds. Those who claim to withdraw close to the owners or ask for low amounts.

Assets available for trading

Investment products on offer include CFD trading, crypto, ETFs, and stocks. The commodities include CFDs, energies, metals, and stocks. You can trade these assets without having to own the underlying asset.

Crude oil is also another asset worth mentioning. It’s one of the most appealing trading assets in the market. You can also trade popular cryptos such as Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and more.

Members get to speculate on the largest Forex market by buying and selling major and minor currency pairs. In addition, popular indices are also available such as stock portfolios of publicly traded companies.

You can also invest in stocks and trade popular stocks from leading companies. For example, offers stocks from Apple, Barclays, Tesla, and other U.S companies. And that’s the arsenal this platform has for trading. License and Registration Status

Comments from Capital Trade users is not a licensed entity and should not be viewed as such. Furthermore, the platform has no way documents to prove there are compliant with industry regulations. Worse still, there’s no regulatory body that backs them up.

What we have is a risky investment platform that doesn’t offer much. You stand losing it all as there’s no oversight. Nothing is stopping the platform from forcing investors into harsh conditions.

Without regulation, we doubt the platform’s credibility. The platform is targeting European investors who don’t know much about online trading. Make sure to use platforms that are regulated by CySEC, FCA, FMA, or SEC.

Company credit

We have to mention the company bonus which they put at 25 percent. The platform decided to use the words company credit for a reason. Regulators are against platforms issuing any bonus to investors.

With the company credit, it gives the illusion the platform offers loans to members. Unfortunately, these are bonuses that end up being a thorn in the flesh. You won’t withdraw funds unless you deposit the amount of bonus received from the platform.

Those who deposit 100,000 Euros get a company credit of 25,000 Euros. If you make profitable trades and your account balance is 160,000 Euros, you won’t withdraw. The platform demands you deposit 25,000 Euros for you to withdraw.

By then, they already know you want out and are fleecing you out of the last coin you have. Only those who withdraw small amounts, such as 2,000 Euros, get to withdraw. The platform gives them the illusion their money is still available.

Customer and support

Capital Trade Trading Platform

You would think such a huge investment platform would offer direct lines of communication. Unfortunately, on their contact page, they only offer a message board. You can only send a message and wait for a response.

One would imagine the platform ought to offer live chat. Better still, the platform should have a phone number. However, from our experience, it looks like the platform wants to control the communication channels.

They can reach you and make you wait for their response. When signing up, they ask for your email and phone number. The phone number is to call you and urge you to add more funds.

How works

The promise of offering a platform to trade with is the first step. They have designed a website that looks like an online trading website. The only issue is that no one gets to withdraw funds.

Once you deposit funds, the only time you withdraw is if you request 10 percent of what you deposited.

Before long, they shut members out of their accounts by giving false information. You get an email claiming their platform was attacked. It’s another way to tell you to get lost.

Safety of funds with

There’s no safety of funds with this platform. No one gets to withdraw funds, and there’s no safety net to protect investors. So please stay away from it as we are adding Capital Trade to our blacklist.

Final thoughts on

Assets found on CapitalTrade

Avoid platforms that don’t have proof of withdrawal or direct means of communicating.

Choose a better way of investing by having tested tools. Go for industry-backed forex robots that enjoy the backing of the forex trading community.

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