CapitalEU Review: Brutal Scam in the Market

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CapitalEU Review
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CapitalEU is a platform that does not care about their clients makes money. They are only looking after themselves. The platform can become insolvent at any time. The fund of those who sign up with them will be trapped in their system. Try out the best forex trading companies instead.

CapitalEU is another scam that has invaded the market. Venturing with them will not yield any great outcome. Investors need to be cautious with this firm. The entity claims that it has multiple trading platforms. They accept investors from all over the world.

The entity allegedly offers a tight spread to their clients. One of our main problems is that this firm is operating anonymously. Moreover, they also have the best powerful trading tools. Despite this being an offshore entity, they brag that the entity is secure.

CapitalEU Review, CapitalEU Company

Unfortunately, CapitalEU is a dangerous entity that is not safe. Additionally, they are offering account management services. Trusting people that are anonymous with the safety of your money is a bold move.

The platform also brags about having the best support. The company states that it is offering a customized trading experience to all its clients. The platform also sends daily financial news to its clients. We still are not certain about this firm.

Invest with legit forex trading companies in the market. These are some of the reliable entities that have the best interest for their clients. There are better alternative and do not be deceived by these scammers. Review

CapitalEU is not a trustworthy entity that you can sleep soundly when they have your funds. The entity is just another dirty scheme that is operating in an offshore area. The broker has a high chance of exiting the market without giving any notice.

In this case, scenario investors are likely to suffer huge losses. The entity does not provide enough information regarding its operation. A lot is missing from their website. Once you sign up with them, you will end up regretting it.

CapitalEU is a platform that does not care about their clients makes money. They are only looking after themselves. The platform can become insolvent at any time. The fund of those who sign up with them will be trapped in their system.

The firm has not provided any information regarding how they are protecting the fund of investors. Lack of banking information is proving enough that money foes directly to the scammer’s pocket. It would be best if you were mindful of such companies.

Trading Condition

CapitalEU is a company that is providing an MT4 platform to its clients. The interface has been in the market for years. Moreover, it is one of the recognized trading software. Investors can trade automatically. Additionally, there are various charts. Scam Review. CapitalEU Trading Conditions

The broker is providing investors with a spread of 1.2 pips. Their leverage ranges at 1:40, which is at a range of what financial bodies permit. Nonetheless, this is beyond what the FCA permits. It is clear that they are not operating as per the jurisdiction of the financial conduct.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Investors can deposit funds using SePA, BTC, VISA, and Mastercard. The minimum amount that you can deposit at CapitalEU is $250. It is a lot, and some better brokers are accepting as low as $1.

However, this entity leaves out information pertaining to the minimum fund you can cash out from the entity. The payment method the platform provides cannot be verified if it is what the company is accepting.

If you have to deposit funds with CapitalEU, use the credit card option to avoid any surprises. The broker claims it handles withdrawal requests within 3 business days. The scam is not left behind when it comes to using bonuses to lure in new clients.

They promise bonuses ranging from 50% up to 150%. For starters, the FCA does not allow forex trading companies to offer such lucrative. The money belongs to the company, and there is the trading margin that you need to reach for you to cash out funds.

Contact Details

Unfortunately, CapitalEU does not provide its real location. The entity only provides an email address and a telephone number. You can also fill up their contact form. It won’t be easy locating this entity.

The company purports it is operating from the United Kingdom. Nonetheless, this is another ploy to deceive investors and appear as a legit entity. The best thing to do is to avoid this firm at all costs. The customer support will never handle your query on time.

CapitalEU is only going to steal all your money. Why invest with an anonymous entity while there are multiple better choices in the industry. Your trading experience should be your main objective.

Regulation Status

CapitalEU is a platform that is operating on its own accord. The platform is neither registered nor regulated. However, this venture brags that it is observing the UK regulator watchdog rules. Unfortunately, once you search about this broker, you will be surprised.

They are not in the database of the FCA. Moreover, this entity is targeting investors from the United Kingdom. You must search an entity before depositing funds with them. It will save you from the agony of undergoing a long process to get your funds back.

CapitalEU is not a secure entity. The Financial Conduct Authority has very strict measures that are set to protect investors. For instance, a broker needs to deposit at least 730K EUR before starting up their business.

The amount acts as a compensation scheme in case an entity faces bankruptcy. Moreover, a broker also needs to report their daily trading activities to the financial watchdog. It helps in ensuring the entity does not misuse the fund of investors.

Sadly, with CapitalEU, you will not enjoy such benefits. Investors need to be careful when dealing with anonymous offshore brokers that fake their location. There might be some benefits that come with investing with unregulated brokers, but in the long run, it is not worth it.

The Domain Insight is a platform that joined the market in October 2020. The company domain will expire in October 2022. Unfortunately, we were not able to acquire information regarding their founder. The platform is privately registered.

The geographical location of their client is not known. Nonetheless, the broker has not established itself. They have meager traffic, which indicates investors are not interested in the services of this entity.

Client Feedback

During our research, we were able to find a couple of negative reviews from investors who have traded using this platform. Investors are complaining about this firm. The entity seems to have not filled the needs of its customers.

One trader claims that CapitalEU took advantage of their nativity. The firm is requesting more funds. They are counting losses. It will be a cat and mouse chase once you try getting your funds back.

It appears that this broker is targeting investors from the UK. Additionally, some investors claim to be contacted by the company. They will randomly call you regarding an irresistible offer. The entity claims to be regulated once they reach out to you.

Final Verdict

CapitalEU is a platform that its actual location remains a mystery. Trading with this broker will put your funds at a greater risk. We recommend that you only trust reputable forex trading platforms that are reliable.

Despite the market having several scammers, there are still legit entities that you can trust. Invest wisely and look out for any suspicious company that is not licensed. We believe that with insightful research, you will make the best decision.

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