CapitalOfFocus Review: an Offshore Broker

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CapitalOfFocus Review
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CapitalOfFocus is a company that uses false information to market its fraudulent activities. Their history in the marker is false, and they make absurd promises to investors. There are better investment platforms that you can use to earn reasonable returns.

CapitalOfFocus is one of the newest companies in this sector. There are too many forex brokers in the market. However, this is not a trustworthy company. It is an offshore forex broker that operates from the Marshall Islands.

CapitalOfFocus claims to have over eight years of experience in the market. Additionally, it claims to have a customer base of over 245,665 investors. They claim that this customer base is from over 17 countries around the world. A company with such a good reputation would be very attractive to invest with.

CapitalOfFocus Review, CapitalOfFocus Company

However, this good reputation is just handwritten. This company is one of the shadiest operations in the market. Before investing with a forex company, investors should carry out enough research to see if they are as good as they claim.

Some companies are nothing more than scammers looking to prey on unsuspecting individuals.  If you are new in the market, ensure you do a proper background check on these forex companies. That is the best way to avoid scammers.

Fortunately, there are many legitimate forex brokers in the market. They operate with full transparency and offer a safe trading environment. Such companies have been in the market for a long time and have professionals behind the operations. In the meantime, here is our detailed review of CapitalOfFocus.

CapitalOfFocus Review

CapitalOfFocus provides clients with its own in-house trading platform. However, this platform is far from what is the industry standard. These people are not professionals. Otherwise, they would know that this platform does not measure up. You are better off investing in companies that provide an MT4 or MT5 trading platform.

There’s a wide range of assets that you can trade under this platform. However, the main asset is cryptocurrencies. This is appealing to customers that want to spread their risks. However, this may not be appealing as it seems. Having all these options means nothing if there is no safe trading environment. Moreover, these people are only using the cryptocurrency hype to attract customers.

CapitalOfFocus has a live chat option on its website where you can reach them at any time during business hours. Additionally, they have an email and phone number for customer support in which you can reach them. You can reach them via the email

Also, you can call them via the number +420234717525. However, our efforts to reach them via this number were fruitless. This is very unreliable for any company handling investors’ funds.

 Account Types

There are five main account types on These include the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond accounts. These accounts differ depending on the amount a client invests.

The first one is the Bronze account. This accepts a minimum deposit of €250. It offers clients leverage of 1:200 and up to 25% margin loans. Additionally, clients get an account manager to assist them in their operations.

The second account is the Silver account. Here traders can deposit a minimum of €5,000. This one has the attractive option of a personal account manager. Leverage remains at 1:200. Additionally, it offers a platform for portfolio construction and monthly trades with brokers. Further, you get 30% margin loans.

The third one is the Gold account. It has a minimum deposit of €25,000. The leverage is 1:300 with up to 50% margin loan. Also, there’s weekly trade with brokers with portfolio construction.

The fourth account is the Platinum account. It requires a minimum deposit of €100,000. This has a leverage of 1:300 and up to 75% margin loans.

The final account is the Diamond account. It accepts a minimum deposit of €500,000 and above. Leverage is 1:400 with up to 100% margin loan.

Founders and Physical Location

It is very important to know the people who are handling your money. This will give you an insight into what to expect from them. You do not want to invest in people with criminal histories. That is a recipe for disaster. You also should avoid investing in mysterious people on the Internet.

Unsurprisingly, does not introduce us to any of the founders. We have no idea who these people are or what their background looks like. Do not invest with people who do not want to introduce themselves.

Even worse, this company operates from a very shady jurisdiction. They have their headquarters in the Marshall Islands. This is a hotbed for criminal brokers. This is because it has very lax laws. Anyone can register and run a company without stepping a foot on the islands.

Therefore, if you go to the address they provide, you will find nothing there. There is nothing good about a company that operates in this manner.

CapitalOfFocus Regulation and Fund Safety

Regulatory bodies ensure that companies are not running illegal operations. Additionally, they ensure that companies have the right banking set up to protect investors’ funds. They are there to protect the public from scammers.

Unfortunately, the Marshall Islands does not have a recognized, strong financial regulator. This means that this company is operating without regulation. They can do anything they want. After all, there is no one overseeing their operations.

CapitalOfFocus Review, CapitalOfFocus Features

As such, this company cannot assure you of your funds’ safety. There are too many ways to lose your money here. The founders may take off with your money, and you will have no one to turn to. Additionally, you may lose all your money when the law shuts them down.

Moreover, there’s no evidence of an SSL certificate. This means that hackers can easily access your account and steal all your money. Additionally, hackers may also steal your personally identifiable data. Investors should avoid this company at all costs. Too much is at stake.

Domain Insight

The official domain for this company is The website provides the founding year as 2012. We did a quick search on to confirm this. Unsurprisingly, the company’s registration year is 2020. They have less than a year in the market. Only illegitimate companies see the need to lie about their founding date.

Additionally, their certificate expires in a year. This indicates that they have no intention to stick around for long. Also, this company is not as popular as they want you to think. The website ranks 7,584,983 on This is very low for a company that claims to have a huge customer base.

Final Verdict

There are just too many red flags about CapitalOfFocus. The design of its operations screams scam. First, the founders are unknown. It is never a good idea to invest in mysterious people on the Internet. Additionally, it operates from an offshore country with lax laws. The Marshall Islands does not have a reliable financial regulator. This is a recipe for disaster. You should never invest in an unregulated company.

Further, the company lies about its eight-year stay in the market. On the contrary, they have only less than a year in the market. This is not where you want to put your money. There are better companies with better services.

We do not find people who have already invested in this company. There is no evidence of payment. We highly doubt this entity will process the withdrawal requests of their clients.

Only invest in the best legitimate forex brokers in the market. Such companies have a proven track record and operate with full transparency. Moreover, they will never compromise on our funds’ safety.



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