Review: A Shady Forex Trading Company

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Scammers have a tendency of stealing money from innocent investors.  They use randomly generated locations. Therefore, once you try to contact them to get back your funds the task becomes impossible. is not a genuine company. is a platform that brags it has a variety of assets for its clients. Investors can allegedly trade Indices, stocks, cryptos, and commodities. The venture is a suspicious firm that states it handles withdrawal requests instantly.

However, this is another ploy to make you deposit funds. Scammers have no intention of releasing the funds of their customers. The moment you entrust your money with them you automatically lose access. Review, Company also proclaims that its customer support is responsive. It operates around the clock 7 days of the week. They are also offering free financial advice. Their support is allegedly always ready to help.

The company is capable of saying anything as long as it wins sales for them. The technology that the platform is using allows investors to trade from anywhere in the world. You can also use a mobile phone to execute the trade.

This does not change the fact that the platform is not legit. We do not recommend them to the public because of their shady features. Therefore, try out these forex trading entities that are transparent and genuine. Review assures their clients they will have all the necessary information to help them trade. It sends webinars and daily notifications to investors. Therefore, their customers are always updated on the current news.

Moreover, this platform is also offering education to its customers. The company brags that it has over 60 animated videos. The information is meant to assist investors trade successfully. Ponzi schemes information is unverifiable.

Additionally, we do not know whether the provided information is of high quality. is also offering a trading bonus. It is a red flag since legit firms do not offer such lucrative. The requirements that you must meet to be able to cash out are unrealistic.

The trading platform that this venture is using is marketed as a powerful one. Their tools are also innovative and execute the trade at a very high speed.  There is no fund safety in this firm. The broker is using false information and any deposit that you make here will never be recovered.

They are operating in 100% anonymity. They do not care about the needs of investors. Their main purpose is to steal from many people and exploit them. The company lacks professionalism. Search for other genuine firms instead.

Trading Conditions of

The broker offers a leverage of 1:200 which is beyond what several regulatory bodies permits. The reason why legit companies offer less is that they want to protect their clients against making losses. offers a web-based trading interface that does not have such desirable features. You cannot compare it with the MT4. The spread that investors are provided with is that of 4.2 pips on the EURUSD pair.

It is not a profitable opportunity for investors this is because you will be required to pay more. The platform does not hide the fact that it is only after enriching itself. Legit companies offer gave way better spreads than this one.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The platform showcase multiple payment methods. These include; Yandex, Qiwi, Visa, MasterCard, and Web money. Unfortunately, we cannot affirm whether these methods are the ones the broker is indeed offering.

The company states that traders can process to withdraw funds via the credit card option. The activity will take 5 days to be completed. The least amount that you can deposit at this venture is $500. It is way beyond the average market cap. Review, Features

Additionally, the least amount that you can cash out is $50. However, UMarketz fails to disclose whether it is charging any fees to its customers. The platform leaves out a lot of information which is a big red flag.

Furthermore, investors will not earn passive income with this platform. The venture is offering financial investment services to traders across the globe. However, it does not have the necessary documentation. The way that this broker is operating shows that it is not genuine. is also offering a trading bonus but you must meet absurd trading volume to be able to cash out. Avoid this exploitive good-for-nothing scam. It is only going to leave you high and dry.

Customer Support and Contact Details office address is allegedly at FinServices Ltd 1574 Sofia, R.A. Hristo Smirnenski, 112 Geo Milev Str. Partner Floor. Office 1. The entity can be reached via email or phone. However, we are not certain that this is their actual location.

Scammers have a tendency of stealing money from innocent investors.  They use randomly generated locations. Therefore, once you try to contact them to get back your funds the task becomes impossible.

Fraudsters are very tactical and exploit their clients without any mercy. You will stress over looking for them. Their support is also very rude and they do not mind about their customers’ needs. It is also surprising that even after showering itself with praises the venture does not have customer testimonials.

It appears as though there is nobody has tried out their services. Usually, you will get feedback from those that have tested the trading software. In the case of, it is unreputable. Therefore, find brokers that have been in the industry for a reasonable timeframe.

Regulation and Registration of

The location of this broker is allegedly in Bulgaria. The venture does not mention whether it has a license from this government. Moreover, multiple investors especially novice ones never research the legitimacy of a firm. ‘

It is important that you visit the regulatory body website to run the name of the company that you choose to invest with. This will save you from the huge risks of dealing with fraudsters. Therefore, we searched for in the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC).

However, we were not surprised to find them missing. The entity is not genuine and it is an illegal scheme. It does not adhere to the rules of the EU regulatory body. Their trading conditions are beyond what the law permits.

There are clear red flags that show this is not a trustworthy company. You are going to put your money at huge risk as well as your personal information. is a scam all indicators point us to affirm this.

The Domain Insight is a broker that is new in the market. The website registration process took place in January 2021. Therefore, the platform does not have a trading history. Its registration is fr a period of one year.

Scammers never stay in the market longer than this duration. Additionally, the entity is privately registered and you cannot get information of the people managing its business. The platform has a low Alexa ranking that shows there are fewer traders interested in their trading activities.

Final Verdict

An SSL certificate does not guarantee that your money is safe with this platform. The broker features a telephone number from the UK. However, this firm is operating in a discreet area that nobody knows about.

Moreover, they are targeting people from all over the world. Traders need to acquire the necessary knowledge to help them distinguish a genuine firm from a scam. is a nasty scheme that is not worth traders’ time or trust.

Therefore, it is important that you stick to genuine investment companies that are reputable. You are going to earn reasonable returns. These firms are also transparent and regulated by relevant financial watchdogs in their area of operation.

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