Review: A Fallen Ponzi Scheme

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Summary is doomed to fail and will leave its customers high and dry. The domain registration is only for one year meaning you cannot entrust them with long-term services. is a dark Ponzi scheme operating illegally. The entity is blacklisted by one of the reputable financial bodies in the market. This is a clone website masquerading itself as a genuine entity. Review, Company

Unfortunately, their website lacks a trading history. The registration process took place in 2023. This is a sufficient timeline for the platform to have submitted the performance report.

The platform claims to be operating in the United Kingdom. This is one of the top-regulated countries. However, there’s no sufficient proof that the venture operates from the region. The majority of scammers provide false information to gain customers’ trust. Review fails to credit its team. They do not disclose the qualification or the identity of the team. It is important to know beforehand whether you are dealing with experts.

 You might choose a sham broker to only end up making losses. Here is a list of some of the best crypto companies with genuine trading terms. Trading Conditions and Accounts offers a high leverage of 1:400. This might seem attractive to those who don’t understand how the market works.  Unfortunately, higher leverage attracts high risk. 

You might lose all your savings in the blink of an eye. However, scammers never mention the risky part only the possibility of making profits. The scheme has a tight spread of 0.5 pips. They do not mention anything about the commission. However, this does not mean that is not applicable. uses a web-based interface. The software lacks competitive features. To trade legitimately use a broker that has a top-notch trading interface like the MT4 OR MT5.

Withdrawal and Deposits 

Customers can only find the account via digital currency payment. Shady brokers prefer crypto payment because it is irreversible. Scammers are also able to remain anonymous. accepts a minimum deposit of 250 EUR. 

Do not entrust such an amount to a shady firm lacking proof of trade. The withdrawal requirements are also over the moon. The company does not comply with the Anti Money Laundering rules AML. Their withdrawal method withdrawal is wire transfer which is not mentioned as a deposit method.

Investors cannot withdraw less than 3,000 EUR. Such requirements are only with scammers. Users should have the liberty of cashing out any desirable amount. Regulation Status provides fake legal documents to gain the trust of investors. This is a type of entity that tries to remain relevant even by operating unethically. The first thing you should check is whether an entity has a license.

Visit your local regulatory body’s database and run the name of the broker. The Financial Conduct Authority FCA has issued a warning on this company. They are targeting citizens from the UK without meeting the requirements.

The agency requires companies to have a minimum capital of 730k Euros. Brokers must also report daily transaction history. They must also operate in full transparency by providing the name of the parent company. Unfortunately, does not adhere to the above guidelines.

The entity is not providing negative account balance protection. Customers can lose more funds than what they initially deposited. There’s also no proof of payment raising more suspicion. Invest with a licensed company to enjoy peace of mind. Is not a genuine company.

Final Verdict is doomed to fail and will leave its customers high and dry. The domain registration is only for one year meaning you cannot entrust them with long-term services. 

Ensure you trade with transparent and reputable crypto companies to enjoy fund safety. Choose an entity that offers a fast withdrawal process. You should also settle with a platform with ideal trading conditions.


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