CaratCapital Review: a Subtle Scam

CaratCapital Review, CaratCapital Company
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CaratCapital Review
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CaratCapital is a scam platform with numerous red flags, and it is not a safe investment option. The online investment venture is plagued with shady platforms that are only interested in client’s deposits. Invest with reputable forex trading companies.

CaratCapital is a company that offers a trading platform for a plethora of assets. The company says they allow users to trade in cryptocurrencies. This company claims to be a non-custodial platform. This is an encouraging statement.

However, other details show that this is nothing to be proud of. The company fails to provide a safe trading platform. Therefore, you cannot trust this company with your funds. The company recommends that you use their crypto wallet. However, they do not tell us the name of their wallet or where to download it. This shadiness is a common characteristic of fraudulent companies.

CaratCapital Review, CaratCapital Company

You can never trust a company that does not offer enough information upfront. They will end up scamming you and taking no liability for it. After all, they never admit to anything on their websites.

If you are looking to make money, this is not the place for you. Only invest in legitimate forex trading brokers. Such companies have a proven track record and operate with full transparency. Only such companies can help you trade successfully in various markets.

CaratCapital Review

The front page of tells people to invest in the world’s leading social trading network. However, we know this is not true. This trading platform would not even break the top 200 best trading platforms. The company barely has any traffic. You can tell this because there are no site metrics for them on

The company claims to have over 50,000 clients. However, they barely have any engagement. Do not trust these people with your money. Moreover, they do not have an actual trading platform. The only platform on the website is a third party graph for tracking prices. It is in no way connected to an actual reading platform.

They claim to have the world’s most secure and fast platform. However, there is no evidence of this. Moreover, they do not tell us what trading platform they are using. This makes it hard to research what this platform has to offer.

The only good thing is that this company offers customer support. They provide a number of channels to contact them. First, you can chat with the company via a live chat option on the website. Secondly, you can call the company via +17162578507. Further, you can email the company at Finally, you can leave the company a message by filling out a contact form.

Pricing and Features

Perhaps the worst trait of this company is the lack of transparency upfront. The company does not tell us what it costs to receive their services. They just want clients to send them money without knowing this. This is a terrible way to run a business. No professional would run their operations in this manner.

Other than cryptocurrencies, the company claims to support a number of other assets. These include forex, indices, commodities, and bonds. However, the company does not reveal the trading conditions they provide. We do not know the leverage or spreads we can expect from the company. This is not a company run by professionals. These people are only in the market to steal investors’ money.

CaratCapital Deposit and Withdrawal

It is very important to know the payment options supported by a company. That will help you know whether the company is for you. Unfortunately, this company does not tell clients the payment options they support. This shows that the company is not interested in supporting its customers.

We suspect the company wants people to deposit funds using Bitcoin deposits. This is because they say you can trade over 50 assets using deposits. It is not an ideal payment option. This is because Bitcoin transactions are permanent. This means that it is impossible to recover your funds.

Additionally, Bitcoin transactions are between virtual addresses. This makes it impossible to trace your funds. For these reasons, you should never invest in a company that only supports Bitcoin deposits. Such companies are more likely to be fraudulent.

Founders and Physical Location

Any experienced trader will tell you that it is a bad idea to invest in mysterious people on the Internet. This is a recipe for disaster. Enough people have already lost their money to unknown individuals on the Internet. As such, you should only invest in companies run by people with verifiable identities.

Unfortunately, this is not one of those companies. does not introduce us to the people behind the operations. They expect investors to send them money without knowing their background and history.

This is a common characteristic of fraudulent operations. They hide their identities to avoid facing the law. Even worse, the address this company provides does not fully check out. CaratCapital lists its physical address as 101 WEST 79Th Street, New York, NY 10024 United States.

However, we looked for information on this building and found that it is a residential building. There are no offices in this building. So unless these people are running the company from their home, this address is not trustworthy.

CaratCapital Regulation and Fund Safety

You should never invest in an unregulated company. That is a recipe for disaster. Regulatory bodies keep companies in check to ensure they can protect investors’ funds. This company claims to have regulation by both the FCA and CySec.

We searched the databases of these two regulatory bodies. This resulted in some conflicting information. First, we found that CB Payments, Ltd is an authorized entity by the FCA. However, this does not mean a lot. This is because that name has some association with a well-known fraudulent operation.

On CySec, we found a warning against using the domain Therefore, CaratCapital is not a trustworthy company. They cannot assure you of your funds’ safety. They do not meet regulatory requirements to offer financial services.

This means they do not have the right banking set up to protect your funds. Regulated bodies must have segregated accounts in a tier-1 bank. This ensures that investors’ funds remain protected from the banks and the company’s financial situation.

Furthermore, CaratCapital does not provide any evidence of systems’ protection. This means that hackers can access the company’s systems and steal your funds. There are just too many ways to lose your money here.

Final verdict

We hope by now you see that this company is nothing but a scam. The sheer design of its operations shows us this. No legitimate operation would have so many gaps in the information they provide to clients. Additionally, no legitimate operation would hide the identities of its founders. Only fraudulent companies see the need to do that.

Further, this company’s regulation has a huge question mark. While they have regulation from the FCA, there is also a warning against them by CySec. The CySec warning is from the year 2021. Therefore, it is the latest information about the company’s operations.

This company has nothing to offer you. Do not trust these people with your hard-earned cash. You will lose your money and have no one to turn to. There are better companies that will offer you better services.

You should only invest in legitimate forex brokers that have a proven track record. Such companies will provide you with the best environment to safeguard and grow your investment.


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