CFD Merchants Review: a Weird Broker

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CFD Merchants Review
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The lack of a parent company means there is no one to go after once CFD Merchants leave the market. The company’s survival will be determined by the number of people that are convinced with their narrative. There is no trading happening in the firm, and money will eventually be lost.

CFD Merchants is a bogus investment entity. We can never recommend such a platform to traders. The only thing that investors are going to get from the scheme is a bad outcome. The entity is being run by scammers who have a chain of Ponzi schemes. The red flags surrounding this scheme are vast, and we shall discuss them in this review.

CFD Merchants Review, CFD Merchants Company

Please stick with us as we expose yet another fraud broker. The registration process is swift, but the con artist does not even care to ask users to verify their email.  The entity provides insufficient information regarding its trading process. The firm is allegedly trading forex, cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities, and shares. 

It is important to diversify and trade with multiple assets. It is a form of minimizing the risks. However, CFD Merchants is a shady scheme. They even claim to be featured in several financial websites and newsletters. However, this information is misleading. The only individuals that are endorsing the company are their marketers. 

The promoters receive their cut each time a victim signs up in the venture using their promotional link. Nobody in their right mind would urge investors to use fraud unless there is a conflict of interest. 

The only way to be safe is to trade with the best forex companies in the market. These are schemes that have been verified, and they are doing great in the market. Moreover, their results are audited. Review

Visiting the CFD Merchants website, you will notice numerous pop-ups indicating someone has earned huge returns. This is simply a marketing strategy to lure in more people. There is no social media link to the users’ platform. The firm also states it has a powerful trading platform, and orders are done at lightning speed.

The broker is welcoming all levels of traders to join them and generate passive income. They are also allegedly educating users. Nonetheless, you will not be expert inventors wasting their time in a losing entity. This is a platform that will not be in the market in the coming years.  CFD Merchants fails to introduce the team of account managers. Lack of transparency is a big drawback.

You should ensure you have trading skills. At least basic background before choosing a broker. The market has many entities, and all of them claim to be the best. However, it is only a few that meet the expectation of customers. Researching about a particular platform will save you from losing funds.

CFD Merchants Trading Conditions

CFD Merchants states it has customizable charts. There is no trading history. The spread would go from as low as 0 pips. The venture states it has 80 forex trading pairs and popular cryptos. They want customers to gain from the volatility of the industry. 

It would help if you also were mindful of the risks involved. The platform claims professional traders designed it. Therefore, it puts clients first. Regardless of your trading requirement, the entity guarantees it will meet them. They also brag about having over 30 superior indicators and efficient tools. Our main concern is the lack of transparency. 

If CFD Merchants are trading efficiently, why is it a problem to get their results? The available trading platform is a web trader. This one does not have many desirable features.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The minimum amount that investors can deposit is $50. The scheme also assures clients there are no hidden fees. The listed payment methods are; Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, SoFort, and Neteller. The platform does not have a terms and conditions policy. 

Forex companies do charge an account for being dormant. However, in CFD Merchants, we do not know the amount they charge users or when the timeline it takes for an account to be considered inactive. Moreover, the scheme claims it does not have hidden fees, but we cannot ascertain this is true. 

You have every right to know what you are signing up for. We cannot find any unique features with this platform. It is a murky scheme that is unworthy of your money. Walk away from them to avoid regrets in the future. 

Regulation Status of  CFD Merchants

The entity states it has a license from the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF). Unfortunately, this platform is unlicensed. It is unethical to provide false information to win over traders. The Luxembourg government does not permit CFD Merchants to offer their financial services and products in its jurisdiction. Review, Features

Therefore, fund safety is something the broker is not offering. If you deposit with them, it is more likely that your money will be lost. The scheme is not working with a reputable bank to segregate the account of traders. Moreover, the scheme is also not reporting their trading activities to a financial body.

The lack of a parent company means there is no one to go after once CFD Merchants leave the market. The company’s survival will be determined by the number of people that are convinced with their narrative. There is no trading happening in the firm, and money will eventually be lost.

CFD Merchants Customer Support and Contact Details

The entity requires investors to verify their accounts using government-issued documents. Giving con artists access to such information is unwise. These are people that you will be controlling your funds, yet you do not know who they are or their qualifications. The scheme also fails to disclose the location of their company. 

CFD Merchants have the power to sell the information to third parties. The only thing the fraudsters care about is getting more funds. They have a phone number and an email address. The links to their social media pages are not working. The scheme is also not located in the US despite their number having the country’s code. The fraudsters are dangerous. Once they leave the market, you cannot go after them.

Customer support services of a Ponzi scheme are worse. They cut you off immediately they learn you do not have more money to give. Invest with transparent platforms that are genuine and provide their office address to the public. These are brokers that have nothing to hide.

The Domain Insight

The domain name of the scheme was registered in May 2021. The scheme aspires to be in the market for only one year. We highly doubt they are going to renew the contract. The info of the people behind the venture is not accessible to the public. The company is determined to remain discrete. 

The traffic shows that traders are not interested in the services of the broker. However, it is important to note that con artists use unethical marketing strategies to get more victims.

Final Verdict

CFD Merchants does not have offices in Toronto or Luxembourg. The venture is a Ponzi scheme in the making, and they are going to con several traders before they exit the market. The trading conditions of the firm are not ideal.

If you want to trade successfully, then we urge you to try out these legit forex firms that are genuine. Those that have used the services before endorse that the ventures are transparent and sound. Sign up today!


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