Ciizurn Global Limited Review: Unmasked Scam

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Ciizurn Global Limited Review
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Ciizurn Global Limited is a proudly unregulated investment scheme. Nonetheless, the venture is trying to convince investors it is operating illegally.

Ciizurn Global Limited claims it utilizes technology to generate desirable returns for investors. They allegedly also have reliable and professional customer support. The venture is mainly dealing with CFD trading. The individuals behind the firm state they only want the best trading opportunities for their customers. 

Ciizurn Global Limited Review, Ciizurn Global Limited Company

Other products that the venture is allegedly trading include; Stocks, Forex, Cryptocurrency, indices, and commodities. The least amount that investors can deposit is $100. However, we do not recommend investing with the broker. The venture has two account categories; the company and CFD. 

It appears the broker is only permitting those that have been invited to join. Ciizurn Global Limited is an entity that does not deserve to be in the market. You should never share your details with an offshore scheme. They will call you until you give in to their demands. 

The sales rep is convincing and tactical. The venture is also not accepting investors from Kenya, Canada, Nepal, and Israel. Regardless, they are accepting customers from areas with stringent requirements without having a license. Avoid this scheme at all costs. Review

How come Ciizurn Global Limited is not accepting citizens of Canada yet, it claims to have an award from the same country? The entity did not take their time to double-check their fabricated narratives. Whoever is behind the scheme was in a hurry to steal from innocent investors. 

The scheme also brags prominent financial institutions around the globe oversee its trading activities. However, the information is unverified as the scheme does not care to reveal the name of these agencies. 

Ciizurn Global Limited lacks originality. They have even copy-pasted other ventures’ legal documents. They forgot to change the name, and this gives them away as a dirty Ponzi scheme. This is a losing venture. Their only target is to steal from innocent and naive traders. 

Expert traders will never waste their time in such a company. They don’t even have a trading history. The company thrives on anonymity. If they were to expose who they are, the authorities would come after them. Given the nature of this platform, you are not going to make a penny.

Here is a list of some of the leading forex trading companies in the industry. You can invest with them and generate passive income. The safety of your money is their main priority. 

Trading Conditions of Ciizurn Global Limited

We do not know the trading platform that the entity provides. We were unable to access the user area. This being an obvious scam, we would not be surprised if there is no available interface. The best software in the market is the MetaTrader.

The majority of investors are using the interface. They have advanced trading tools, EAs, and charts. The advertised spread is 0.3 pips. There must be a hidden commission with this Ponzi scheme. The available leverage is 1:50.

 It is per the regulator limitation. The higher the leverage, the higher the risks. Scammers tend to guarantee you are going to make mind-blowing ROI within a short duration. Sadly, if you believe them, you can only be losing money.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Ciizurn Global Limited leaves out information regarding the payment methods that traders can use. The venture being a fraud will not allow clients to cash out or issue a chargeback. You will be depositing funds to the con artist accounts or wallets. Bank cards are the safest as they allow you to issue a chargeback. Review, Features

The minimum amount that investors can deposit is $100. Regarding the fees, we cannot discuss that as the information available does not represent the terms of this broker. Ponzi schemes never intend to give back a cent after you give them access.

Customer Support and Contact Details

Weirdly, Ciizurn Global Limited expects investors to provide their data yet cannot avail their office address. Your information is most likely going to be violated by being shared with criminals. Expect anything from the scheme but not to generate real-time returns. 

The address indicates this is a Vanuatu entity. Offshore schemes can register their firms without being there physically, and considering that the scam lacks originality, it cannot afford to hire expert support. Therefore, once you experience any problem, you can rest assured that nobody will be there to handle your issue. 

You are investing with transparent forex schemes that grant you peace of mind. You have the guarantee that professionals are handling your account. They promptly resolve any problem that you may face.

Regulatory Status of Ciizurn Global Limited

 Ciizurn Global Limited is a proudly unregulated investment scheme. Nonetheless, the venture is trying to convince investors it is operating illegally. After a thorough analysis, we found a warning from the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets. Investing with a blacklisted venture exposes you to severe risk. This is a clear indicator that the entity is a Ponzi scheme.

The firm does not have a compensation scheme in place. They are not working with a financial institution to safeguard money in separate accounts. Hence, con artists can use your funds for unintended purposes. It can also be hard to recover your money. 

Moreover, Ciizurn Global Limited terms and conditions belong to a different company. Therefore, traders are not protected. There is no assurance that the venture is trading. Trading with a licensed scheme has several advantages. Refrain from doing business with offshore entities. They can exit the industry whenever they please. 

Is Ciizurn Global Limited a genuine Company?

No, this is a platform that has vivid red flags. For starters, we could not find the experience of their clients. The company uses information that does not belong to them legally. The people that are responsible for the broker are anonymous. For the sake of your peace of mind, avoid investing in the scheme. 

The performance of the scheme is also questionable. We cannot trace a trading interface. Hence, all the assets that the firm presents are only put there to crowd the mind of novice investors. Moreover, Ciizurn Global Limited lacks a trading history.

You cannot reach the support. Offshore companies never stress leaving their actual office address. They are operating remotely. This is a fraud that will steal everything from your data to funds. This is an untrustworthy firm. Walk away while you still can. Nobody will be able to help when the platform collapse.  

The Domain Insight

Ciizurn Global Limited was established in April 2021. The venture is anonymous; the information of the founder is not available. The domain name will expire after one year. The traffic of the entity is not low. Those that blindly join the venture will lose everything. 

Final Verdict

Ciizurn Global Limited is already an exposed scam. There is no trading software. Therefore, the trading conditions that the scheme presents are only meant to make investors deposit funds. The location of the firm also raises more suspicion. The Terms and Conditions of the company are unknown.

Do not get in bed with a straightforward scam. Here is a list of some of the best forex trading companies in the market. These are genuine platforms. Your safety should come first when investing. Moreover, make sure that you run a background check of the venture you wish to trade with.

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