Clariscaplimited Review: Avoid this Crypto Platform

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Clariscaplimited Review
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Clariscaplimited should be on the crosshairs of regulators in no time. The platform is swindling from those who deposit funds. Learn more in our clear review.

Clariscaplimited ( claims to be the leading crypto-financial expert. From what we have seen, the platform could as well shut down today. Hundreds of investors have lost funds with Claris Capital Limited. The platform lures investors in by promising a hefty ROI within a short time. After depositing, the platform blocks all withdrawal attempts. And this is why we have to expose them. Please find out more in our eye-opening CLARISCAPLIMITED REVIEW.

Note: When investing in crypto, experts recommend joining proven and tested investment options. These include using crypto tools such as crypto trading robots that offer immense attributes. In addition, you get to have advanced tools such as market analytics and charting tools.

About Clariscaplimited

Clariscaplimited wants to be the leading asset management platform on the about us page. The platform claims to envision attracting the most attractive investment opportunities. Unfortunately, the about us page fails to mention the background and history of the platform.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Clariscaplimited

We don’t get to see when the platform came into existence. And this shows that we are dealing with a non-existing platform. Those who sign up with the platform end up losing everything. The platform merely wants investors to buy what’s being sold.

You have to ask questions when it comes to crypto investments. It sometimes becomes hard to know which platform to use with numerous options. And that’s where we come in and expose all the red flags on any platform.

There are some key pointers to look out for. These include platforms that offer high ROI within a short period. For example, the minimum investment period is three to four months with crypto investment. So any platform promising a high ROI within hours takes you for a ride.

The platform claims to hold three strong pillars. These include Impact, Inclusion, and Innovation. There’s undoubtedly nothing innovative about the platform. You have to know the issues found from the inside.

Experts recommend that you research on a platform before committing funds. Tyr and find out what makes a platform tick. That’s the best way to invest in a platform and protect yourself from online crypto scams.

Accounts Clariscaplimited

Clariscaplimited offers three distinctive investment options. These include Basic, Standard, and Secondary. Each of the accounts comes with a different set of features and expected ROI. Here’s a closer look at each of these accounts;


You have to deposit a minimum of $200, with $19,999 being the maximum amount. The account promises members a 2 percent daily ROI. In addition, it comes with a maximum vesting period of 10 days and a 10 percent referral bonus.


For the standard account holder, you have to deposit a minimum of $20,000 and a maximum of $49,999. In addition, you get a promise of making 2.5 percent in Daily ROI for 15 consecutive days. The account also offers a 10 percent referral bonus.


It’s the most basic account, with investors having to deposit a minimum of $50,000. There’s no maximum with this account. The account guarantees 3.5 percent ROI for a vesting period of 20 days.

Account features

Accounts Clariscaplimited

We have to highlight the glaring red flags found on these accounts. One of them has to be the guarantee of making a profit. With any investment, there’s a risk of losing funds. And this is why we have to expose the platform.

Cryptocurrency markets enjoy a lot of volatility, making it impossible to make guarantees. The platform ought to give investors a reality check. No expert or robot can manage to make such bold statements.

Another issue is the vesting period, and it’s too short. The minimum vesting period in a genuine crypto investment platform is three to four months. That’s why we believe that is a get-rich-quick scheme.

Affiliate and partnership

To try and widen the trap, the platform offers a bonus program. For every person you bring to the table, you earn 10 percent of their deposit. It seems like a good way of earning passive income. Unfortunately, that’s far from the truth, as the platform doesn’t release any commissions.

Plus, you have to be a member to sign up with the affiliate platform. Both you and the referred party end up losing your investment. If you refer a close friend, you might lose your relationship.

The platform will move quickly to delete your accounts. It’s their way of ensuring no one gets to prove their status with the platform. You won’t even get any notification that your conversion worked as an affiliate.

Business owner

There’s little information regarding who owns or runs the platform. All we have is the name of the company, Claris Capital Limited. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t have any registered documents to prove efficiency.

What we see is a platform that hedges anonymity. You should avoid anonymous and unregistered crypto investment platforms. Without an actual location, it makes it impossible to recover funds.

Investors who attempt to hire recovery agents end up losing more. A recent investigation reveals that these agents are part of the scam. The agents will receive your contact details for the last con from the platform.

You receive an email from the agent claiming a lawsuit was filed against the platform. The agents claim to have won and reveal there’s compensation available. All you have to do to earn part of the compensation is to cover legal fees.

There’s no settlement in the first place; once you send the legal fees, the agents stop communicating. As a result, hundreds of investors have lost funds, too, while attempting to recover funds using agents.

Are funds safe with Claris Capital Limited?

Clariscaplimited License and Registration

Clariscaplimited doesn’t enjoy any license or registration. So you need to stay away from the platform or risk losing everything. Instead, invest in a proven platform that wants compliance from regulators.

Make a point of checking with regulators such as the FCA, NFA, and the SEC. These regulators ensure that all parties adhere to strict investment and trading rules. It’s the only way to guarantee safety.

Client testimony

Mark invested with the standard account and lost $20,000 in the process. All his attempts to hold the platform’s staff members hit a snag. We can tell that the platform blocked all his contact avenues.

There’s also no forwarding address on their homepage. And this should be an indicator that the platform doesn’t want any contact with members. No client has proof of ever withdrawing funds from Claris Cap Limited.

Contact and support

As indicated earlier, the platform fails to offer any direct means of communication. All members get is a message dashboard where they are to leave their message. You won’t get a listed phone number on the platform.

Deposit and withdrawal

There’s no way you will even get a chance to deposit or withdraw funds from the platform. That’s why we recommend against investing in such platforms. Please stay away from it or risk losing your funds.

Is a scam?

Deposit fund safety with Clariscaplimited

Your funds are far from safe with a platform that fails to segregate accounts. We have a platform that wants investors to deposit funds but blocks withdrawals. The platform doesn’t even segregate accounts.

Funds are held in a single account, likely an offshore account. The platform also fails to offer a safety net to members. Your deposits don’t enjoy any security cover, which is a high risk.

Final thoughts

Now you know what to expect with the platform. We recommend against investing with

Note: The best way to invest is using crypto trading robots. These are bots designed to help ease trading.

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