CloutZap Review: an Absurd Scam

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CloutZap Review
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There are numerous ways that one can earn using CloutZap. You can get paid for only clicking on the referral links or completing daily tasks. Another method is receiving payment for referral signups. The company also has hourly giveaways for customers.

CloutZap is the latest scam in the industry. Their marketing strategy is excellent. There are numerous adverts and endorsements from shady marketers claiming this is a revolutionary entity. The website was allegedly built for influencers.

Their main target is people on TiK Tok. The venture claims one can earn $500 to $1000 daily. You can make returns from work, school, or from home. This pyramid scheme requires one to refer other people to the website for them to earn.

CloutZap Review, CloutZap Company

CloutZap is an infamous venture. They urge potential customers to use the power of social media to earn a living. Withdrawal processes are processed daily. Once you sign up, you will receive a bonus of $35. Bonuses are banned in Australia, the UK, and the EU. Yet these are some of the countries the company is accepting clients from.

This is a company that does not have legal documentation. Hence, the conditions clients have to meet to withdraw the bonus are unspecified. This is a giant Ponzi scheme that will exploit many. Review

There are numerous ways that one can earn using CloutZap. You can get paid for only clicking on the referral links or completing daily tasks. Another method is receiving payment for referral signups. The company also has hourly giveaways for customers.

Keep in mind that there are no investment products or services in this fraud. They even claim that you will receive a payment if you test their free application or play games. Unfortunately, we are yet to see anyone who has earned using this scheme.

Ponzi schemes like CloutZap are established each day. Their narratives are spiced up, and they will never see the red flags for naive individuals. Don’t you think everyone would be joining the company if the advertised returns were genuine? This is an entity that was recently designed. The website’s traffic is low, proving that not many are by their story.

If you want to trade genuinely, you can trade in forex or cryptocurrency. These are volatile assets, and the price fluctuation is what many investors take advantage of. Legit crypto trading platforms are also licensed by reputable financial agencies globally. They value their customers and invest in top-notch security measures.

How Does CloutZap Work

CloutZap claims it helps influencers leverage social media into money. This is a unique scam that brags about having over 560k members. Once you register, you will interact with a community already making money on social media.

You will need to share your referral link with other people to earn. There is a commission of $15 for every new referral. It is unethical to invite someone to a pyramid scheme. The positive reviews online are coming from the market using their referral code.

CloutZap is a doomed fraud that has nothing to offer. They do not have trading tools or products. The scammers are using a familiar technique. This is a company operating anonymously without revealing its ownership information. Review, Features

Fraudsters are tactical, and they will never blow up their cover by revealing their true identity. The statistics provided by the platform are fake. A repeatable platform will hire researchers, developers, financial marketers, and traders.

Investors only need an electronic gadget and internet connection to start earning. You can join the platform for free and start earning. They are paying users for basic activities they usually perform online. 

CloutZap is also giving out money when you answer their survey question. If you don’t want to lose funds, walk away while you still can. Everything about this company does not sit well with us.

Withdrawal and Deposits 

CloutZap claims that payments are made via PayPal, CashApp, Bitcoin, and Venmo. The firm fails to disclose the minimum amount that one can deposit. Additionally, we are not aware of whether they are withdrawal fees.

A company is only praising its ability to generate massive commissions for clients. However, there’s nothing for you in this Ponzi scheme. They would soon be out of the market just like all other fraudsters.

Customer Support and Contact Details

CloutZap boasts it can yield high outcomes for clients. Unfortunately, they cannot hire a professional team. It is impossible to reach the company as there is no phone number or email address on the website.

A legitimate company would never destroy its PR in such a manner. It is the focus of every business to offer world-class customer support. The way you treat your client speaks volumes about your organization.

CloutZap does not reveal its country of origin. There is also no physical address on the website. A sound investment company will have multiple options that customers can use to reach them.

Regulatory Status of CloutZap

The company is accepting investors from areas with strict jurisdiction for investment platforms. The entity does not have a license from the National Future Association (NFA) and Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), yet it accepts investors from the USA.

Additionally, CloutZap does not fall under the; European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), The Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IROC), Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) of South Africa, and the Australian Securities and Exchanges Commission (ASIC).

The Ponzi scheme can decide to exit the market without notifying their customers. It will be impossible to trace them down, considering no contact detail is available. Clients will not receive compensation since there is no segregation of funds.

You will only receive money if new clients are signing up at CloutZap. With pyramid schemes, money going out will always be higher than cash coming in. Hence, the only beneficiaries of search platforms are their marketers and Pioneer investors.

Clients Reviews of CloutZap

There are numerous screenshots from the company’s users. They are complementing the individuals who invited them to CloutZap. The individuals claim to earn over $610 by completing simple tasks. Others are utilizing the referral program and have earned over $800.

There are over 210,000 active clients, and the firm has paid over 22 million since its establishment. The average monthly payout is around 10,000 dollars. The scheme also claims it has been in the market for more than 4 decades. However, there are no verified results. We need to see proof of payment more than screenshots from anonymous individuals.

CloutZap is a biased platform. You cannot trust the information published on the website. The people endorsing the company will receive a commission at the end of the day. Avoid the entity and find a transparent broker. 

Final Verdict 

CloutZap is a dangerous Ponzi scheme that is infamous in the market. They deceive investors on the possibility of generating a high profit by doing the task available. However, this is a platform operating illegally, and its sole intention is to steal from innocent people. Do not mind numerous reviews available on their platform. The information is unreliable and for selfish purposes. The broker fails to feature its withdrawal requirement.

You can earn passive income by trading on various products like cryptocurrency and forex. Ensure you perform thorough research on the company you intend to trade with. Relevant authorities license legit cryptocurrency platforms. They also operate transparently by providing their trading conditions to the public. All the relevant information is available, and you will make a sober decision before depositing funds.


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