CMDFunds Review: a Nasty Fraud

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CMDFunds is neither licensed nor regulated. In accordance with the law, the entity ought to have a license from the Financial Conduct Authority. This is the regulatory body of the UK. Upon checking on the FCA database, we were not surprised to find the entity missing.

CMDFunds is an investment scheme that does not have the decency to disclose its country of origin. Before anything else, trusting the firm with their personal data is unwise. Once this venture exits the market, you cannot get hold of them.

CMDFunds Review, Company

The other red flag worth noting is that the company is not licensed. We urge traders that might be tempted to give them the benefit of the doubt to refrain from trading with the entity. The platform moreover does not feature leverage that customers will enjoy.

The broker state that it uses innovative measures to yield desirable returns to clients. The main assets that the platform offers are Forex and crypto. The firm clarifies that it is unlike many other useless entities that never fulfill their promises.

CMDFunds assure customers it shall guide them in ensuring their strategies are working. The focus is to see traders grow into successful individuals. Unfortunately, this is a venture that you should not credit the benefit of the doubt.

For starters, their transparency is questionable. They can claim one thing only to end up not delivering the desirable returns. Invest with the reputable and trustworthy crypto trading bots that have been tried. The clients of this software attest that the bots are legit. Review

The entity states it has over 40 forex trading pairs. The CFDs assets that clients can venture into include; sugar, gas, oil, coffee, wheat, and cotton. They also have over 200 stocks and popular digital coins. Additionally, clients can trade CFDs on Indices.

CMDFunds is a company that can magnify the returns of clients. They use a leveraged margin that allows you to receive more payout if your prediction is correct. The risk can be severe, and in most cases, scammers manipulate the price so that you lose.

Just like gambling, the house must always win. Nonetheless, the platform recommends portfolio diversification. It is important to find a genuine trading partner that does not have ulterior motives with your funds.

They also claim that all clients are treated the same despite the account they choose. Once the con artist detects you have more funds, they pay attention to your account. Whatever the scenario, they always get more funds from their victims.

At first, the venture will display figures that suggest you are winning trade. The other thing is that they request more money, even to double the already attained capital once you request a withdrawal. That’s when things start going south.

The broker comes up with all sorts of excuses. The amount will also start disappearing, and they will still ask for cash to recover the losses. You need to be smart and avoid the financial narratives of the con artists.

Trading Conditions

CMDFunds allegedly assign a personal manager to every client. Their responsibility is to provide assistance and teaching traders. They are available around the clock. In most scenarios, the people con artists claim to be experienced lack the necessary skill to assist customers.

You end up not learning anything from them. There are no trading activities taking place in this dirty scheme. Their trading interface is also presented as easy software that has cutting-edge features. However, the entity does not disclose whether they are using a web-based platform.

Leaving such essential information behind makes us question their business more. Legit forex and the crypto firm will let you know beforehand what you are getting. Furthermore, a CMDFunds purport it is trading forex, yet their leverage cap isn’t mentioned. Expect risky measures. Considering that the entity is unregulated, it will lure in victims using high leverage.

CMDFunds Withdrawal and Deposits

The minimum amount to deposit at CMDFunds is $100. You can fund your account via credit card. However, we were not able to sign up for the venture. Hence, we cannot attest whether this is the real payment option.

Make sure this is the method you use since you stand a better chance of recovering your funds if things turn out unexpectedly. The platform does not disclose whether it charges fees to investors.

Nonetheless, those that accept bonuses from CMDFunds need to meet a turnover of 30 times the unit of lucrative issued. It is super hand to meet this requirement. The company is only after your funds. They are thieves disguising themselves as a reputable broker.

CMDFunds Contact Details

As we had earlier mentioned, nobody knows where this platform is operating. The entity claims its parent company is Fitting Ltd. We could not establish the locale of the corporate as well as it does not exist. CMDFunds features an address that purports the platform originates from the United Kingdom. Review, Fetures

However, you should note that con artists use strict jurisdiction areas to steal from innocent people. The reality is that this is an offshore scheme unfit to get your attention. Customers can contact the support via email or phone.

However, con artists usually use VIOP numbers. You cannot reach them once they close down their business. Therefore, we suggest you find a genuine entity that provides professional customer services. It would help if you had the assurance that your issue will be handled timely and professionally.

Regulation and Registration

CMDFunds is neither licensed nor regulated. In accordance with the law, the entity ought to have a license from the Financial Conduct Authority. This is the regulatory body of the UK. Upon checking on the FCA database, we were not surprised to find the entity missing.

The watchdog ensures customers get compensation in case of insolvency. Additionally, the companies must report their daily activities to the agencies. Investing with a platform that is well-regulated grants you fund safety.

The legit entities will never push you to dangerous positions. Their leverage is per the set limitation set by the financial bodies. Additionally, there is transparency, and you will know the people that are handling your funds.

The Domain Insight

Time is almost up for this scheme. The platform aspires to be in the market for only one year. Its registration took place in December 2021. They might choose to surprise us and renew their domain if people are still buying their bizarre narrative.

However, you now know that this is a scam. There are no financial reports that the venture avails. Moreover, we couldn’t also find reviews from their existing customers. The entity has a low trust score. The global traffic visiting the website is also low.

Despite the information regarding any website history available in, CMDFunds lies that it has been operating since 2007. They did not exist using a different name. This company is capable of faking anything so long as it gets what it wants.

 Final Verdict

CMDFunds is a disgusting Ponzi scheme that does not have a trading platform. The trading conditions that the entity offers are also unknown. The spread and leverage are left out. Moreover, this outlaw is operating as it pleases without having a license.

Invest with transparent best crypto trading companies. You stand a better chance of getting real-time returns. Additionally, you attain peace of mind since you have the assurance the entities won’t walk out on you. The performance of the software is also outstanding.

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