Coinphase Review: a Horrible Scam

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Coinphase Review
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Coinphase hasn’t attained the required capital that watchdogs require. Hence, once this scheme decides to exit the market, you will not receive compensation. The platform will leave you high and dry. Moreover, the entity may also choose to inflict heavy charges on customers.

Coinphase is an excellent definition of a modern scam. You only need to follow up on simple steps to start earning. First, you register into their fraudulent platform. Second, you deposit funds. The next thing to expect is huge returns.

The entity is compounding the interest of its customers. Therefore, you will never have any losses once you join the dirty scheme. We have seen familiar companies that operate identically to this suspicious firm.

Coinphase Review, Coinphase Company

The main asset that Coinphase is offering is cryptocurrency. Scammers never discuss the volatility of crypto. Therefore, they attract novice investors into their platform will absurd claims. If you are naïve to believe them, you will be counting massive losses by the time the fraudsters exit the industry.

They begin by mentioning that countries in the Middle East, China, Russia, and South and America have strict rules for protecting their citizens. Therefore, the broker has met all the requirements required by financial watchdogs. Sadly, this venture is not licensed anywhere in the world.

Coinphase has no right to run their business in world. You will only get futile results if you join this Ponzi scheme. We suggest that you look for a legit crypto trading entity that is trading. You will earn reasonable returns and your safety is kept as a priority. Review

The company is collecting funds from investors in every corner of the earth. The firm guarantees the returns that clients can expect every day. The platform allegedly can yield high returns because of its diversification in various assets.

Some of the products they have to include; binary options, forex, commodities, CFDs, and stocks. However, we find this hard to believe because the trading conditions are not discussed. The spread, currency pairs available, and leverage that the venture offers to their customers are unavailable.

A serious forex trading platform discloses with transparency things that traders can expect. Moreover, there is no evidence of trading. The average drawdown that clients can expect from the entity is mysterious. They only speak of profiting clients, but there are no verified trading results.

Therefore, investors cannot see how the broker has been performing. Coinphase is bluffing. Trading is not a child play, and one must acquire the necessary skills. However, Ponzi schemes hide their murkiness by claiming to have bots and expert traders whom investors can copy their strategy.

Unfortunately, their method of trading is not effective. This is because the experts they brag about cannot be seen. It is also not possible to verify the bots are of high accuracy due to a lack of transparency.

Regulation and Registration Status of Coinphase

The company assures investors that it puts their safety first. They state that it is common for companies dealing with high amounts of funds to be unethical. However, people should not judge the entire platform as unprofessional because some of their employees are criminals.

This is a clear indication that Coinphase knows investors are not pleased with their activity. Nonetheless, they are hiding the fact that their firm is a Ponzi scheme. A company that is dealing with members of public funds must adhere to the law.

The regulatory bodies ensure that the money of citizens is safe. Therefore, an investment scheme must report its daily trading activity. If they have price manipulation, the venture is punished accordingly.

Coinphase hasn’t attained the required capital that watchdogs require. Hence, once this scheme decides to exit the market, you will not receive compensation. The platform will leave you high and dry. Moreover, the entity may also choose to inflict heavy charges on customers.

Scammers tend to change their terms and conditions whenever they please. The best thing to avoid engaging with fraudsters is to ensure they have a license. Avoid the offshore broker that nobody knows its country of origin.

Customer Support

The only way that one can contact the support is via email. The company is offering delicate products and services that require quick attention from their support. Therefore, having a phone number would be ideal.

Sadly, since the platform deals with murky businesses, there is no point in wasting time with them. Invest with a platform to understand the importance of hiring a qualified team. Coinphase is a scam. They won’t even respond to the problem that you are facing.

They claim not to charge any fees to clients. However, you cannot rely on the Ponzi scheme. Their win rate is 95%, but they are too shy to show verified performance from a third party. We highly suspect that their claims of having software are bogus.

Coinphase Token

The venture has its own crypto coin. Their token is known as CPH. Unfortunately, this is a worthless coin that you cannot exchange with reputable digital coins. The only place that you can use the coin is on their website. Review, Company

Their asset is not even listed in coinmarketcap. The company does not plan to be in the industry for long. Therefore, once the con artists call the shots shutting down their system, investors will be left with useless tokens.

1 ETH is equivalent to 3177.38 CPH. The venture is positive that its coin value will continue to rise. However, we don’t recommend trading or buying their services. There are multiple cryptocurrencies in the industry that you can use.

Is Coinphase Profitable?

Unfortunately, this entity is unprofitable.  They claim that they store investors’ funds in cold multi-signature wallets. However, the biggest mistake of all time is to deposit your digital currency, be it ETH. BTC, LTC, or any other coin for their CPH.

Moreover, the payment methods that Coinphase is accepting limit clients from issuing a chargeback. The entity is discreet, and the best way to cover its traces is to take funds via crypto. The fraudulent venture isn’t your dime.

The area that the platform originates from is yet unknown. They even claim to be insured by the SIPC. The scam state that the traders’ account is insured for up to $500,000. However, upon checking on the SIPC website, we did not find the name of this Ponzi scheme.

The website is presenting false information to appear credible. Your money is at high risk on this website. The fact is that Coinphase will soon exit the market. The question is, when will this be. To be on the safe side, invest with legit companies.

The Domain Insight

The entity is hiding information of the founder. The website has only been in the industry for a short duration. The entity made its first digital footprint in September 2020. They expect to run their business for only one year. The low trust score from the public should be enough to keep you off this dirty scheme.

Final Verdict

Coinphase is a dirty Ponzi scheme that is not worthy of your time. The venture ought to have a license from their customers. However, they do not have one. They haven’t made any effort to acquire the necessary documents.

The company will go up the mountains to appear transparent. They even feature fake ratings from reputable organizations like ICO Bazaar and ICO Bench. Avoid this nasty scam to avoid making losses.

You can trade securely with legit crypto trading entities. These platforms have a trading history. All the coins available for trading are reputable and unique. Invest with them today and generate real-time returns.



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