Coinscord Review: a Dark Scam

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Coinscord Review
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Coinscord is one of those enterprises with fake promises. The broker is operating without a license, exposing clients to massive risks. Additionally, the entity fails to present legal documentation. This makes them untrustworthy. They can come up with unfavorable conditions for customers. 

Coinscord is a platform aiming to ensure cryptocurrency’s massive adoption. The main asset you can invest in is digital currencies. There assure customers their main priority is to offer seamlessly and affordable service. Their main competitive feature is being innovative and maintaining integrity.

Coinscord Review, Coinscord Company

However, it is essential to perform thorough research before opening an account. In the past, we have seen scammers showering themselves praises only to end up stealing from naive the innocent.  

Coinscord is one of those enterprises with fake promises. The broker is operating without a license, exposing clients to massive risks. Additionally, the entity fails to present legal documentation. This makes them untrustworthy. They can come up with unfavorable conditions for customers. 

The platform claims it puts the security of funds and clients’ safety first. However, we do not see any measures that the company enforces. For all we know, this is another bluff. Investment is more of the numbers. We cannot believe them simply because they make claims. This is another sale pitch.

Invest with genuine cryptocurrency companies in the market. You will earn passive income without exposing yourself to severe risks. These are reputable firms that have been in the market for years. Review

Coinscord has been in the market since April 2021. The broker is privately registered. Therefore, you cannot access the data of the owner. They recently renewed the registration. However, the firm indicates it made its first digital footprint in October 2018. 

The entity is lying. You should take into account such minor details. If they can fake their history, what else don’t we know? The scheme guarantees a fast trading process. However, this is impossible since there are no products or trading tools. 

There is no media platform or financial outlet that endorses Coinscord. The scheme has also not won any award. They are not recognized for anything. The presence of the firm in the market does not make any change. 

Learn to distinguish a Ponzi scheme from a genuine company. Scammers are going nowhere unless you educate yourself on how trading and the financial market work. Avoid dealing with unregulated firms. They will only leave a dent in your pocket. There are numerous options in the industry you can explore. 

Coinscord Trading Conditions 

Coinscord has a basic web-based trading platform. This is what we were expecting from the shady company. They cannot afford to purchase superior trading software. Genuine brokers offer either MT4 or MT5. Both are leading interfaces in the market. You can trade automatically and utilize VPS, indicators, advanced tools, and charts. Review, Features

Additionally, you can customize EAs and check out the economic calendar. You should not settle for less while there are brokers with competitive services. Another thing to note is some scammers avail the MetaTrader software. Therefore, the presence of a trading platform does not guarantee the legitimacy of a company. It is just one factor in multiple criteria to check on. 

Coinscord accepts a minimum amount of $5,000. This must be the most expensive scam in the making. The best firms in the market take deposits between $10 to $250. The company advertises leverage between 1:100 to 1:500. Which is above what the FCA approves. If the entity is legally operating in the United Kingdom, it can only offer a 1:30 cap. Information on the spread is not available. 

Withdrawal and Deposit 

The available payment methods are in cryptocurrency. You can either use BTC, Litecoin, and Ethereum. It is typical for scammers to accept funds via digital currency. Payment is untraceable. Additionally, victims of the Ponzi scheme cannot issue a chargeback. 

Coinscord does not have withdrawal information. You should take this as a sign that you will not be able to take back your money. The legitimate entity will showcase all the necessary information you need to know. Therefore, you can decide on whether to join the platform or not.

Contact Details and Customer Support 

The platform’s office address is in Birmingham, UK. Clients can reach support via email or phone. However, the venture is using false contact details. They are not based in the United Kingdom. Scammers tend to use reputable locations to trap more victims. 

This is an offshore scheme operating remotely. The only time the customer support will maintain contact is when you are willing to deposit more funds. Afterward, they are capable of blacklisting your phone number. 

It is only in legitimate companies where you will enjoy better services. The support responds fast to customers’ queries. You can go back to trading within no time. Watch out and invest wisely.

Coinscord Regulatory Status

Coinscord is allegedly operating from the United Kingdom. If this were true, the entity would have a license from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). However, this firm has chosen to overlook the rules of the financial watchdog. They can disrespect anyone and even disappear with your cash.

The problem with an unregulated platform is that they do whatever they please. The FCA requires platforms to deposit at least 730,000. The money is an assurance the scheme can survive the volatility in the market. Legitimate firms observe the rules. 

The platform has not bothered to avail trading conditions and terms. You should not take them seriously as this is a mandatory requirement. Clients should know what they are signing up for before registration. 

Coinscord will most likely come up with unfavorable terms when you request a withdrawal. We recommend investing with a licensed platform. You will enjoy great services. You will also have the assurance that your money is being used for the intended purposes. 

Fund Safety 

You have every right to know the person handling your funds. It creates trust, knowing you can rely on professionals. Sadly, Coinscord does not guarantee transparency. For all we know, incompetent people are behind the scheme. It would be close to impossible to go after the con artists. 

The entity does not protect investors against negative account balances. You can lose more money than what you initially deposited. The offshore firm can also inflict hidden charges on traders. If they choose to exit the market, nobody will stop them. It is also unfortunate that customers won’t receive compensation.  

Coinscord is a venture that fails to prove the investment is taking place. The broker is not submitting daily transactional reports. Numerous Ponzi schemes use generic information and false statements to attract more audiences. However, they do not have investment products or services. They manipulate prices on their bogus interface. 

The company is not working with a reputable financial institution. Therefore, any attempt to recover money will be fruitless. Furthermore, there is no proof anybody has earned from the website. You should at least know the experience of those that have tried them out. 

It is also best to ignore unreputable entities. You should not take chances with a suspicious newly established firm. The bottom line is that Coinscord is a dangerous platform. They do not offer fund safety. We also don’t see any benefits worth opening an account with the firm. 

Final Verdict 

Coinscord is an illegitimate platform. The entity is not an investment firm as it purports. Giving the company the benefit of the doubt will cost you. Their main aim is to defraud as many people as they can. The trading conditions are pathetic. Additionally, the venture does not have withdrawal requirements. 

Here is a list of some of the best cryptocurrencies in the market. These are transparent and reliable companies. You can try them out and earn passive income. They guarantee the safety of cash.  


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