CoinWay Review: a Bogus Company

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CoinWay Review
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CoinWay is not exceptional. However, the firm does not care about traders’ safety. There is no transparency in this scheme. The people behind the organization are not revealed, putting your funds in danger.

CoinWay is a company also known as Coinwaypro. It a surprise that despite this company not being legit, they have survived for months without being exposed. Nonetheless, the firm does not disclose the actual amount that investors are going to get. The entity was invented in October 2020.

Coinway review, Coinway company

Scammers often lure innocent clients using false information. They will project high profits and great trading conditions if you join them. However, the dirty schemes don’t meet their promises. Instead, they end up compromising their customer. is one of those Ponzi schemes that try very hard to cover their murkiness. The entity brags that it has won multiples awards due to its innovative measures. However, this is another bluff. The entity is not recognized for anything. If we were to award scammers, then this could probably win the trophy.

You will never be able to cash out your funds from this dirty scheme. CoinWay is not a legit blockchain entity. The entity will never attain success. If you join the broker, you won’t even have the chance to explore the market.

If you want to invest successfully in the cryptocurrency market, use legit companies. A platform with a trading history is better than one in the industry for a few months. Moreover, regulated entities operate in full transparency. Review

The company does not even feature sufficient information regarding its trading activities. The only feature a model to show investors how they are operating. Anyone can sign up to their platform and research the available renewable energy available.

The next step is to select the plans that best meet your needs. The company accepts payment via cryptocurrency. Afterward, you can await high returns. Investing with the best ventures in the market will make you get desirable returns.

CoinWay is not trading crypto or any other assets. The entity does not even care to shed light on the average win rate and drawdown. We also don’t know the technique the venture is utilizing. The website is full of fluff content.

Nonetheless, the entity claims that its renewable energy project is the one responsible for generating the desired results. Hence, anyone that joins their course has the guarantee of having a better future.

How Does CoinWay Operate?

The entity also helps investors to plan their finance. You can consult them and let the entity know the goals that you want to attain. They will help accordingly based on your need. You will likely encounter social media adverts promoting this fraud.

You should not be quick to trust the broker. The main activity that generates income for CoinWay is affiliate programs. They want you to find victims for them. It is illegal to promote services of a venture that is not licensed.

Moreover, making someone sign up for a Ponzi scheme using your referral code is unethical. Therefore, invest wisely and do not put others at risk. The energy programs that the entity claims to have are still unknown.

CoinWay state that it rewards anyone who helps them to identify a renewable energy project. You will think that the Ponzi scheme is genuinely interested in conserving the environment. The venture is allegedly interested in investment activities that deal with solar power, wind power, hydropower, and green building.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The minimum amount that investors can deposit in this venture is $100. The broker does not mention whether it is charging fees to its clients. However, you can expect anything from an offshore entity. The entity is also asking clients to identify an opportunity in the industry.

They are going to fund your project for you. However, we don’t advise sharing a project with them as they may steal it from you and never give you any credit. The affiliate market of this entity is the only source of income.

CoinWay also has challenges that we dint know they reward traders. It is most likely that you will be able to cash out your money. Moreover, deposits made by cryptos cannot be reversed. Look for a system with better withdrawal requirements.

Regulations and Registration of CoinWay

The broker is not licensed. The company is operating as it pleases without considering the law. Several governments in the market require that every business offering financial services and products acquire a license.

CoinWay is not exceptional. However, the firm does not care about traders’ safety. There is no transparency in this scheme. The people behind the organization are not revealed, putting your funds in danger.

Moreover, the platform fails to mention to the banks that they segregate clients’ money, which is no mistake. They leave this information behind because the platform is working individually. They are asking clients to fundraise and wait for their projects to mature.

CoinWay does not have enough funds to facilitate any successful activity. The government requires that any business must deposit a huge amount of capital before kick-starting their investment. However, this scam has not deposited anything in their name. Therefore, once they leave the market, clients will not receive any compensation.

Can I make Money using CoinWay?

Unfortunately, this is impossible. The venture is not effective, and they rely on the amount that you cash in to cater to their fraudulent activities. There is no use of technology. The venture is allegedly using an innovative referral system to yield high ROI.

The entity is not trading cryptocurrency, and their involvement in partaking in renewable energy investment is false. In regards to the security of funds, CoinWay claims to have a DDoS and SSL certificate. Sadly, this is not an assurance that your information and money are safe when dealing with a scam.

Moreover, what matters when it comes to security is having a license. Stay away from this Ponzi scheme, or else you lose all your savings. The features that the company brags about are worthless. Additionally, we are yet to see successful clients that have earned using the platform. They don’t even have investment plans. The trading conditions are also undisclosed.

False Testimonials

CoinWay designates sections featuring their happy clients endorsement. The information suggests that the venture is legit, and several people have earned it using their system. The statement claims that the broker is refunding the money of traders that loan the company to implement the project. Review, False Testimonials

Unfortunately, the scheme is using false information. The images they have are in stock. Therefore, you cannot rely on the data. Moreover, the entity does not have reviews on third-party websites. This is because the firm is unreliable.

You may get several referral links and adverts promoting the Ponzi scheme. However, do not buy their narrative. At the end of the day, the person who invites you to the fraudsters will get their commission. You, on the other hand, your money is at the mercy of the con artist.

Final Verdict

CoinWay is a platform that targets mainly novice traders. You will never find an expert wasting their time in a losing scheme like this one. There is no success that investors will attain by investing with this scam. They are not regulated, exposing you to hazardous limits.

Invest with the best crypto trading company in the industry. You will earn real-time income. The venture also has an outstanding performance that is verifiable. Expect the best services from the regulated entities.


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