Continental Crypto Review: Another Fraudulent Company

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Continental Crypto Review
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The withdrawal information is not discussed in detail. It will hard to recover your money once it is lost in this dirty scheme. Moreover, this trading software claims to be dealing with crypto assets. Unfortunately, the average drawdown to expect from this entity is unknown.

Continental Crypto is a sneaky scam that is to no good. The company claim that it wants to help investors diversify their investment and earn passive income. Unfortunately, the problem is that there are no trading activities happening on their website.

There are multiple ways that you can use to generate income online. Nonetheless, there are several scammers in the market that you need to be cautious about. Every day a new platform is designed.  Some of them only have generic information.

Continental Crypto is an entity that is filled with marketing content. The firm is allegedly using AI to generate high income. They also state that unlike trading manually where there are multiple errors their bots are customizing to win trades.Continental Crypto Review, Continental Crypto Company


The trading software scans multiple data and identifies the best alternative. Moreover, they urge those that might be skeptical to view the AI performance statistics. Unfortunately, the entity is overhyped. The only certain thing is that people will lose money.

We recommend that you use tested and verified crypto trading bots. You will earn passive real-time returns. These companies are legit. Moreover, the customer support team is professional and will help you through your trading process. Review

Continental Crypto claims that they want to assist investors to trade like a pro. The entity is allegedly trading millions. Cryptocurrency is not a get-rich-quick asset like the way scammers put it. There are risks involved and their volatile nature contributes greatly to the fact you will make a profit or losses.

The entity also relies on its account manager. It states that they are the ones that help investors to earn huge returns around the clock. Unfortunately, you cannot only be making profits. It is evident that this broker targets naïve investors that lack adequate knowledge.

Continental Crypto is a platform that you won’t find expert traders wasting their time. They also brag that they have won several awards. However, they forget to mention which organization awarded them any of these titles.

Continental Crypto Scam Review, Continental Crypto Features

This is no mistake. The broker is using false claims to attract innocent investors. Moreover, the entity also proclaims it has been highly reviewed by their existing clients. You should not trust anything published by an anonymous entity.

The team they are boasting about is not credited. However, the whole operation seems like a mindset of one person. There is no expert involved and the venture lacks what it takes to be a legit company. The best thing is to stay away from them.

How Does Continental Crypto Operate

The company claims that it offers its clients a free hardware wallet. Moreover, once you join them you also get a funded trading account. Such offers are made by scammers only to get new traders to sign up.

Continental Crypto also proclaims that it partner with the best reputable and prestigious entities in the world. However, there is no proof to verify their claims. We believe that the shady firm is bluffing since they have nothing to offer.

They mention reputable exchanges that have nothing to do with this platform. We do not know the mechanism that the entity is using. The company only claims it is using AI. However, there is no evidence of trading taking place.

Customer Support and Contact Details

Continental Crypto office address is at 2002 Lane St San Francisco, CA, 94124, USA. It is a randomly generated address. The reality is that this firm is based in an anonymous area. Once they exit the market it will impossible to trace them.

Moreover, the only possible way of contacting customer support is via email. They do not have a telephone number. You will wait till eternity before hearing from them. The company has several red flags that we cannot turn a blind eye to.

Continental Crypto also features several social media platforms on its webpage. However, the links are broken. The company will never respond to your query. Their main interest is for you to deposit funds.

Client Reviews

Continental Crypto brags that it is a 5 star rated investment firm. The reviews that the entity has on Trust Pilot present the venture as an ideal investment firm. Clients claim that the entity is easy to navigate and secure. They urge new clients to join the entity immediately.

There is not even a single negative review. There is more than what meets the eye with this entity. Unfortunately, these are paid, reviewers. If you pay attention you will notice that they do not have profiles.

Additionally, there is no proof of payment. You should not believe blindly what other people claim. The individuals claim that Continental Crypto returns are guaranteed but this is not true. The Ponzi scheme will go a mile further to pay people to endorse their services.

Regulation Status

Continental Crypto claims that it is located in the United States of America. The country is one of the areas that have very strict measures for investment ventures. It is protecting its citizen from engaging with the wrong companies.

The entity is not licensed by any financial watchdog in the market. It is operating on its own accord. Fund safety is not guaranteed by this entity. There are better organizations in the market that you can trust.

Continental Crypto is a complete waste of time. Once this entity exits the market it will be a daunting task to recover your money. They can change their term of service to suit their greedy needs whenever they please.

The Domain Insight is a venture that does not have a trading history. The entity was registered on Feb 2021. They will exit the industry after the expiry of their domain or before. The company is privately registered. The firm has low traffic of 4524377. If the entity is profitable as it claims then we should be able to see more numbers of investors.

Is Continental Crypto Legit or not?

Unfortunately, this is another scam in the making. The company has no intention of being in the market for long. They are only looking after themselves. Investing with this firm will leave a huge dent in your pocket.

The withdrawal information is not discussed in detail. It will hard to recover your money once it is lost in this dirty scheme. Moreover, this trading software claims to be dealing with crypto assets. Unfortunately, the average drawdown to expect from this entity is unknown.

The company is an anonymous platform. The team and the founder remain mysterious. Invest with only the best firms that are transparent. The reallocation of Continental Crypto is also undisclosed. There is nothing great regarding this firm.

Final Verdict

The awards that Continental Crypto posts are fake. The company is a self-proclaiming best investment venture in the market. They have nothing to offer and the best thing is to look for better alternatives in the market.

The entity is not regulated by any financial body in the market. They are operating illegally while they are based in an offshore area. The law will not come to your aid once this venture exits the industry.

Invest with the best crypto trading companies in the market that are licensed. These platforms are the best and genuine. You can entrust your funds with them. The entity has professional customer support services.

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