Crown Brokers Review: not Worth of Investors Trust

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Crown Brokers Review
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Anonymous offshore entities are very dangerous. Trade with a platform that is offering better services to investors. The money you cash into this system will go to the scammers directly. Avoid Crown Brokers.

Crown Brokers is a company that allegedly has the potential to expand the possibility of investors. According to the information on its website, the broker believes best relations are the ones built on trust. But the real question you should be asking yourself is whether this is a trustworthy venture.

The platform is not charging any commission to investors. They urge investors to sign up and get unlimited opportunities. Moreover, it also promises a tight spread. The company markets itself as the best forex broker in the market.

Crown Brokers Review, Crown Brokers Company

However, Crown Brokers is not anywhere close to being feature as a top investment firm. The sales pitch of this venture has been used by several Ponzi schemes in the market. The platform is a dirty scam that does not have a trading background.

The entity is allegedly trading Forex, Indices, Futures, Energies, Metals, and shares. They welcome all forms of investors to register and exploit the market. The mobile application that the firm uses allows traders to enter the market at any moment.

However, you should not believe the information that Crown Brokers avails. There is more than what meets the eye. Their attractive website is meant to defraud innocent people. The broker is not regulated. Therefore, trade with these genuine reputable licensed brokers instead. Review

The platform allegedly offers high security to its clients. There is no transparency in this venture. The company states that it is working with top international financial institutions to achieve high safety. Sadly, there is no segregation of funds with Crown Brokers.

The company claims its main priority is meeting the satisfaction of traders. It does not matter the account type that you choose the entity guarantees you will attain high quality services. If the broker really cares about the experience of traders then it should avail the appropriate data.

Its financial reports that are verified by a third party should be readily available. Additionally, the team of the company should be credited for their hard work. Crown Brokers is a firm that is hard to suspect it is fraudulent.

Moreover, the venture also boasts it a famous company. They are serving investors from over 50 countries. Additionally, their staffs are multilingual and speak over 30 languages. Moreover, the people managing their operation have toured a number of cities to understand the need of their customers better. The domain name of this company is still new. The firm also aspires to be in the market for only one year.

Crown Brokers is good with words. Their statements cannot be verified. Therefore, we can only take this as a bluff. The trading platforms that the brokers brag about are not unique. Traders will not get the best treatment from this firm.

Trading Conditions of Crown Brokers

The leverage of the platform is 1:200. The entity provides a web-based interface that does not have compelling features compared to the MT4. Their spread is 0 pips for EURUSD currency pair. However, we are skeptical and this should be treated as a red flag.

Legit brokers in the market do not offer anything close to this. Moreover, Crown Brokers assures investors it does not charge any commission. Its offer is ridiculous. The FCA limits the leverage of investment brokers to 1:30.

Crown Brokers Review, Crown Brokers Features

The trading platforms available include Pioneering, web-based, and next generation. There is nothing exceptional about them. Stay away from Crown Brokers at all costs. There are better firms in the market that you can use.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The company states it offer several deposit and withdrawal methods to investors. These include; Bank transfer, crypto, Skrill, PayPal, Debit/Credit Card, and Neteller. It is a custom of scammers to display several payment methods but the reality is that they do not avail all of them.

In the case of this broker, it is only taking funds via BTC. Let us empathize with the risk involved. Digital currency payment cannot be reversed. Moreover, you will not know the person that you send money. It proves that the company has no intention of releasing your money.

Crown Brokers claims it has multiple trading accounts. Therefore, investors will have several options to select from. We also learned that the entity accepts a minimum deposit of $3000. It is way beyond the average market standard.

The minimum amount that you should cash out is $50. The firm takes a period of 5 days to process the requests. The company charges an inactivity fee of $258 for accounts that have been dormant for 12 months.

Crown Brokers claims that it can impose trading volumes on investors’ accounts without notifying them. Unfortunately, the venture fails to disclose the volume. If you issue a chargeback you need to compensate the company.

The company also obliges traders to agree to their terms and conditions. Therefore, you cannot hold the platform accountable for any damages. It means that you cannot sue them. This is an entity that has the right to do whatever it pleases with your account and information.

Crown Brokers Contact Details

Nonetheless, this firm brags about having a 5 star rated customer service. They handle the complaints and other queries of traders within 24 hours. You can contact them throughout the week. The address of this company is at 1 Churchill Place London e14 5hp.

The entity can only be contacted via email. Their level of concealing their identity and information is astonishing. The company expects investors to provide their personal data yet it cannot provide a phone number.

The emails that you send to Crown Brokers will be ignored. You cannot be certain with an offshore venture. Moreover, the location of the company is not in the United Kingdom.  These fraudsters would not risk exposing themselves.

Regulation Status

The company should be in the database of FCA since it claims to be operating from the UK. However, once we visited the website we were not surprised to find the name of this entity missing. Additionally, the leverage that the venture is offering is beyond the limit of the financial body.

Additionally, the entity states that investors should check whether their government prohibits them from trading with Crown Brokers. Nonetheless, it is the work of the broker to abide by the rules and regulations of the countries it target investors from.

Investors are not going to get fund safety from this dirty scheme. Investors need to stay away from this scheme. It can inflict hefty charges on you. Additionally, the company can change its terms and conditions to suit its greedy needs.

Anonymous offshore entities are very dangerous. Trade with a platform that is offering better services to investors. The money you cash in to this system will go to the scammers directly. There is no hope of recovering it and this is the reason you should avoid this venture.

Final Verdict

Crown Brokers is a platform that is not genuine. The platform is an illegal scheme that will exit the market after scamming a number of clients. The broker does not have what it takes to generate passive income for its clients.

Invest with the best forex trading companies that are regulated. These platforms operate in accordance with the law. Moreover, their customer support is also responsive. You will get the best treatment from them. Sign up with them.

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