Cryptexo Review: CONSOB Blacklisted Firm

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Cryptexo Review
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The Italian regulatory body is not pleased with how this scheme is operating. The Swiss watchdog is also the stringent agency in the world. They also don’t recommend citizens to invest with Cryptexo is a Ponzi scheme. Find better reliable entities in the industry.

Cryptexo is a platform that has the attention of FINMA and CONSOB. The broker is blacklisted by both entities for operating illegally in their jurisdiction. There is no need to beat around the bush. This is a scam!

Cryptexo Review, Cryptexo Company

Investors who ignore the warning and trust the firm will only have themselves to blame. The venture does not care about the goals of traders. Their claim to be revolutionary money-making entity are all false. The fraud is not making money, and there is no proof of investment services.

Cryptexo is allegedly dealing with cryptocurrency. There is thousands of Ponzi scheme targeting investors in this niche. They make absurd offers irresistible to rookie traders. However, when it comes to delivering their promise, the con artist shies away and disappears in thin air. Review

Cryptexo claims that its registration process is swift. We couldn’t risk sharing critical materials with them. Therefore, we had to rely on the info that the scam provides. The entity allegedly targets investors that want to elevate their financial status.

If you are not careful when investing online, you will suffer great losses. The growth of Ponzi schemes in the online market is astonishing. Every day a new fraud is born with a sweeter and better narrative. It is only the ones with the right skill that avoid them.

Avoid falling victim to Cryptexo as they are already exposed. The broker is not trading digital currencies. They don’t even have the technique of generating real-time profits for traders. Performing thorough research before making up your mind to settle with any venture saves you a lot.

Invest with the best cryptocurrency trading companies that are transparent. These firms are intuitive entities that are simple to use. You get to engage with a qualified professional that helps you attain your dream. Join them today and learn crypto trading ins and outs.

Cryptexo Investment Plans

The minimum amount that you can deposit at Cryptexo is $150. The entity guarantees payment of 2.3% returns for 5 times. There are five investment plans. The platinum account is the most expensive with the greatest rewards.

The silver accounts to profit from 2.6% for 9 days, while the gold package offers a 3% profit for 14 days. They accept a deposit of $240 up to $72,000. The broker promises a daily return of 4% for the entire month.

However, you will not receive anything that this Ponzi scheme advertises. Times have changed, and unlike in the initial stages of BTC that traders would become rich overnight. Multiple factors affect the output.

Cryptexo is a company that wants it to appear as though they are the best. However, if you want easy money, then you are going to lose a lot. The venture does not have trading bots, and their performance is unverified.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Cryptexo is accepting funds via cryptocurrencies. You need to deposit cash into your wallet then select a plan. They assure customers that ROI is distributed into their accounts as promised. Moreover, the entity also states that the withdrawal process is swift.

The platform has a referral program that pays a bonus of 10%. Logically speaking, if you use this system, you will be rich sooner. Unfortunately, making money is never that easy. Cryptexo is targeting innocent clients to exploit them.

We have seen several fraudsters that limit clients to cash out their capital and earnings. Considering that this entity is conducting its business illegally, we urge you to avoid the form. They can withhold your withdraw. Sadly, there is nothing that you can do about it since the authority doesn’t know the individuals running the scheme.

Cryptexo Contact Details

Even with the mind-blowing returns, Cryptexo is making. They cannot afford to hire professional support. The entity can only be reached via email. There is no phone number or office address. This is a serious matter. It is impossible to visit them once you encounter a problem.

Nonetheless, the dirty scheme claims it has a responsive team. They work around the clock handling the query of clients. Once they run away with your funds, you won’t be able to get hold of them.

The broker will ignore your query as if you never sent them. The anonymity nature of this scheme is worrying. You should not forward them your identification documents. Scammers make money using the data of their clients.

They will sell it to criminals. To be on the safe side, avoid them. There are legit crypto investment companies in the industry that understand the importance of having a reliable team. You can reach them around the clock.

They also have several communication channels. You can either call them or interact with them on their social media pages. There is no hope for Cryptexo. They will walk out on their customers when circumstances don’t favor their business.

Cryptexo Regulation and Registration

The Italian regulatory body is not pleased with how this scheme is operating. The Swiss watchdog is also the stringent agency in the world. They also don’t recommend citizens to invest with

You can check on the website of FINMA and CONSOB. You will only get futile results if you choose to ignore the warning of the regulators. Stay away from Cryptexo. The venture will not grant you fund safety.

Moreover, you are not protected by anyone. They can choose to violate their own terms without facing any consequences. The company is also accepting funds via cryptocurrency only. Therefore, issuing a chargeback is impossible. Your money will be lost the moment you register and cash in funds.

Lack of Client Feedback and Use of False Testimonials

All over the internet, we did not find anyone that has used the services of Cryptexo. If the company is paying, then there could be thousands of happy customers endorsing their services. If a platform is not reputable in the industry, it’s because they are offering trash services.

Nonetheless, the scheme has several false testimonials that it proudly displays on the website. The scammer claims that their customers are the ones responsible for their success. The individuals are praising the venture for the wonderful results they have attained. Review, False Testimonials

The times have been hard, especially due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, you got to be on the lookout for con artists. One funny statement state that an investor got a suggestion from the girlfriend after trying so many schemes.

The program worked, and the person by the name of Nathaniel promise to marry the girl. Oh boy, we don’t see a wedding taking place. Let cut down the crap of this bogus scheme. After checking for the images, we found that they are in stock.

Definitely, Cryptexo is trying super hard to remain relevant. The con artists themselves write the information. Nobody in their right mind would suggest you invest with a Ponzi scheme like this one. Could you stay away from them at all costs?

Final Verdict

The real show of this unregulated investment scheme will go down next year on New Year’s eve. Imagine starting with regret of losing funds after warning you. The scheme plans to be in the industry for only one year. The people behind the venture are anonymous.

Moreover, the entity is blacklisted. Invest with the best crypto trading platform that has a license. These reputable entities have a trading history. Sign up with them today!



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