Crypto Adz Review: A Bitcoin-Based Gifting Scam
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Crypto Adz was established in 2016 as a banner exchange platform. does not give any information about the owner of the company. The complete focus of this scheme is on marketing itself as a modern that gives you various opportunities of earning money through crypto and banner exchanges. However, you should not invest in this company without getting complete information about this platform. In this article, you will get to know all the essential things about Crypto Adz.

Overview of Crypto Adz

Crypto Adz claims to be running a banner exchange platform. The website states that the members can earn one banner advertising credit whenever they are able to deliver two banner impressions to the company. Moreover, the company claims that the credits are immediately transferred to the members’ accounts directly. In turn, members can utilize these credits for further exchanges.

The company is offering multiple designs and sizes of banners. You can only access these facilities after becoming a member of the company. There is no proof that has relations with any other popular website. Yet, the site claims that it can advertise your banners at a wide range of websites, blogging platforms, and crypto companies.

Owner of Crypto Adz

Even though the company does not reveal the name of its owner, it is suspected that Bilal Hadi is running the company. When you click on register on, it leads you to an admin account registration panel where the referring affiliate is automatically set to Bilal Hadi. You cannot modify this name, which suggests Hadi is the manager of this company.

There is not much information available about Bilal Hadi. However, it is clear that he was previously involved in many other gifting and crypto companies like Viral Crypto, BitDonix, BitCoin4U, and Ads Team. Most of these Ponzi gifting schemes have already collapsed, which indicates the future of this venture as well.

Products of Crypto Adz

There are no products or services offered by Crypto Adz. The company is revolving around the affiliate membership, like most of the MLM companies. The only way to access the banner exchange scheme of is by participating in its gifting scheme. To join this platform, you must make an initial gifting payment of 0.02007 BTC. For full participation in the compensation plan of the company, you will have to spend 2.93 BTC for gifting every month and 0.119 BTC for banner exchange.

Crypto Adz

Compensation Plan of Crypto Adz’s compensation structure is similar to any other MLM company that takes money from the new members to pay its old affiliates. There is no external source of income for the company. It means that when the recruitment will stop, the entire company will collapse, and new recruits will lose a lot of money.

The following schemes will make it clear to you that Crypto Adz is a useless platform. It has no interest in giving you any kind of money. Instead, it is scamming you by taking a significant amount of bitcoin as membership fee and in gifting schemes. Therefore, do not trust this MLM gifting company earn profits. You should use invest in the crypto cloud mining companies that have a good reputation in the crypto industry and can help you to earn maximum profits by mining your own crypto coins. 

Crypto Adz Gifting Scheme

The gifting scheme of Crypto Adz is based on a 3×4 matrix. An affiliate is placed a the top of the matrix while three positions are located directly under him. The total three positions are located on the first level of the matrix. When these three positions are split, three more positions are created. It means the second level of the matrix contains a total of nine positions. Level three and four are developed in a similar manner, creating twenty-seven and eighty-one slots.

In order to climb the levels of affiliate membership, you will have to gift at least 0.02007 BTC to the other affiliates. Similarly, you will have to recruit at least three people to make it to level 2. mentions the following levels of its gifting scheme:

  • Gifting 0.02007 BTC to the original affiliate and other three recruited affiliates on Level 1.
  • Gift 0.04 BTC on Level 2 and obtain a similar amount from the other nine affiliates.
  • Gift 0.2006 BTC on Level 3 and get from other twenty-seven members.
  • On Level 4, gift 2.65 BTC and obtain a similar amount from eighty-one members.

Remember that Crypto Adz promises the above amount of Bitcoins on a monthly basis. However, there is no proof that the company will actually pay you this amount. Moreover, it is also not clear that this company has any direct link with bitcoin platforms or not. It mentions all of its prices in BTC without telling about any platform, software, or application through which the coins can be exchanged for Crypto adz.

Ad Pack

Crypto Adz has the following packages of the Ad Pack Plan:

  • Invest 0.014 BTC in the Bronze Plan to get a 3% daily ROI of up to 125%.
  • Spend 0.035 BTC for the Silver Plan get a 3% daily ROI of up to 140%
  • Invest 0.070 BTC in the Gold Plan to get 3% daily ROI of up to 155%

The gifting scheme, as well as the Ads Plan, are similar to any other Ponzi bitcoin-based cash gifting scheme, which eventually causes the members to lose their investments. It is trying to sound very legit. However, at its core, it is a Ponzi scheme. Whenever you sign up to Crypto Adz, you are gifting funds to the affiliate who hired you, and then you start recruiting others. Eventually, it is only the managers of the company that are enjoying all of the investment.

Other than these two primary compensation schemes, the company promises royalty positions to the affiliate who can sell a large number of positions to the new affiliates. Like the rest of the income plan, it seems highly unlikely that the company actually has any royalty positions. All of these terms are only used to impress the users and convince them to buy the membership and invest a significant amount of money in Crypto Adz in the form of bitcoins.


The above discussion makes it clear that Crypto Adz has no credibility. It is only claiming to be a reliable company that offers suspicious services. In fact, the company never makes it clear what kind of services it is providing and what banner exchanges actually it. It is only interested in your money and scamming as many people as it can before its inevitable collapse.

Moreover, has smartly designed two strategies to scam people. The purpose of two schemes – a gifting scheme and Ad Packs – is to attract the users in any way possible. Both of these schemes are frauds. Keep in mind that the owner of the company, Bilal Hadi, has been involved in many other failed gifting schemes, and Crypto Adz is going to suffer the same fate when its recruitment stops.

The bottom line is that both schemes of the Crypto Adz compensation plan are only dependent on recruiting new affiliates continuously. It makes this company an MLM scam with a highly problematic business structure. Therefore, do not waste your money on this company. Instead, invest in the crypto cloud mining companies to earn money by investing in legitimate crypto mining platforms that provide quick, efficient, and reliable crypto mining services.

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