Crypto Boosts Review: FMA Scam Warning

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Crypto Boosts Review
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Crypto-Boosts is already a blacklisted entity. Trading with a company that has received a warning from a reputable entity sets you at more risk. The money that you lose in such a firm can never be recovered.

Crypto Boosts allegedly is the safest investment platform in the market. The venture prides itself on offering world-class customer service 24/7. They also have the perfect trading strategy that can increase investors’ returns every hour at a 1.50% ROI. The profit increases as you invest more funds.

Crypto Boosts Review, Crypto Boosts Company

Before rejoicing and depositing all your savings into this system, you better think twice. The best investment ventures in the market struggle to attain a constant 10% yearly. That being said, this bogus firm can’t generate its advertised lucrative profits. Furthermore, this is a platform that does not reveal the strategy it uses. is already a blacklisted entity. Trading with a company that has received a warning from a reputable entity sets you at more risk. The money that you lose in such a firm can never be recovered. The far you can go is to report them to the authorities, but they cannot go after the Ponzi scheme. This is because there is no concrete information on the whereabouts of the founders.

Invest only with genuine cryptocurrency investment firms in the market. These are ventures that are reputable and transparent. Their trading activities are verified. It is also easy to find trading results of the platforms. Their customer support team is also responsive. Review

 The entity fails to provide sufficient information regarding its business. They only have fluff content meant for making sales. Crypto Boosts speak about helping its customers yield high returns in the crypto space. There are no losses to be expected which is a big red flag. Every form of business has drawbacks. 

The scheme is solely dealing with cryptocurrency investment. It is impossible to predict the next direction that the digital coins will take. It is the volatile nature of the assets that make investors make profits or losses. The venture claims that it has a capital of 40,000,000 GBP.

The money is to act as compensation in case of unforeseen trading risks. However, this is a mare bluff. The information is unverifiable. Furthermore, the company is not working with a reputable bank. They only feature this kind of data to make investors buy their narrative.

The bottom line is Crypto Boosts is a dangerous, manipulative entity. The people that are managing this entity are anonymous. We do not know their background in finance or investment. It will be hard going after individuals that you do not know. The broker is operating in this manner to avoid being put behind bars.

Investment Accounts

Crypto Boosts has three investment plans. The Silver, Gold, and Diamond plan. All their profits are exaggerated, and we do not think this is an entity operating in good faith. They have 1.50%, 8%, and 85% daily ROI. The minimum amount that clients can deposit in this scheme is $20.

The least withdrawable amount is $0.10. It is impossible to attain fixed profits. The cryptocurrency market is super volatile. This is a platform that we do not know their trading strategy. All the gathered proof indicates the entity is bluffing and doesn’t have trading assets or tools. 

Trading Conditions of Crypto Boosts

This is a company that speaks highly of its trading activity. Nobody would judge you for assuming the scheme has the best trading software. Sadly, they do not avail of a basic web-based platform. Therefore, this is enough validation to prove this broker is not trading. Review, License

Crypto Boosts only avails ridiculous investment plans. The leverage and spread of the entity are something that we cannot comment on since the broker is not actually trading. Expect pathetic conditions from this Ponzi scheme.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Crypto Boosts accepts funds via Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Perfect Money. Unfortunately, if you deposit with Crypto Boosts, the chances of recovering your money are nil. The venture is using methods that do not allow clients to issue a chargeback. It is a common tactic deployed by Ponzi schemes to keep the money coming into the system. 

Investors should not expect to make a withdrawal from the entity. Additionally, this is a company operating in a murky manner. A legal document does not govern them. Therefore, the chances of the fraud inflicting hidden charges on their victims are also high. 

Regulation Status of Crypto Boosts

Crypto Boosts is a clone investment company that uses a registration form that belongs to a genuine firm. The entity is risky, and clients will not get funds safely from them. The firm is attracting innocent traders to its website. There is an investment entity that is genuine and operates by the name There is no relevance or partnership between these two platforms.

Furthermore, FMA, which is the regulatory body of New Zealand, has issued a warning against these fraudsters. The scheme is violating the set rules of investment firms. The only thing that you can get from them is the breach of data and huge losses. 

Crypto Boosts does not report their daily activities to any watchdog in the industry. Therefore, there is a high chance of price manipulation. Furthermore, the scheme lacks trading results. The financial regulatory agencies require every company to submit their audited results.

Transparency is another requirement, but this entity fails to reveal the individuals behind the scheme. Invest wisely and stick to the regulated platforms. These are brokers that are dedicated to offering the best services to their customers.

Customer Support and Contact Details

The platform features an office address in New Zealand. However, the company is using information that does not belong to them. The real location of this firm is a great mystery, one that we cannot unfold. The entity is targeting innocent customers.

The support is also only available via email. The determination of Crypto Boosts to remain discreet is on another level. Clients’ can expect unethical and unprofessional services. The venture will most likely ignore your messages.

Customer Feedback

The kind of returns that Crypto Boosts avails should award them positive endorsement from their clients. Unfortunately, this is a venture that has zero reviews from clients. It raises more red flags, and you should not trust the broker with your money. 

You are setting yourself on fire by believing their sales pitch. The transparent and reputable firms in the industry have client reviews. This is the perfect way of knowing what to expect from an investment company by knowing the experience of others. 

Nonetheless, you should be careful as con artists tend to use false testimonials and pay random people to review them. The best place to find unbiased reviews is from third-party websites.

The Domain Insight

Crypto Boosts is a new investment scam in town. The venture establishment took place in June 2021. The scheme targets being in the industry for only one year. The individuals behind the firm are unknown. The entity has poor traffic of 7,677,740. It definitely does not align with the praises the Ponzi scheme showers itself nor with their bogus investment plans.

Final Verdict

Crypto Boosts does not have a license authorizing them to offer investment services. The broker’s interface is poorly done. Investors should not expect to transform their lives with this fraud. The company only plans on stealing money from naive traders.

Invest with reputable crypto trading companies. These are better ventures with proven track records. The ventures are also legit and operate by the law. 

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