Crypto ECM Review: An FCA Blacklisted Crypto Scam

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Crypto ECM Review
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Crypto ECM is a platform that also acts as a crypto wallet. The biggest mistake that you can ever make is to trust such an entity with your digital coins. They will steal all your money and exit the industry. There is no trading or investment activities taking place in this dirty scheme.

Crypto ECM is a platform that has already lost funds for several investors. The platform is therefore not reliable and not worth your time. They are using false information to deceive investors. For instance, you will come across people claiming that this is a legit entity.

The broker is an illegitimate scheme that is using all means to remain relevant. The entity does not respond to people that are accusing them of being fraudulent. It is highly likely because the venture is indeed a scam.

Crypto ECM is an entity that is dealing with multiple assets. They are trading various crypto coins like BTC, ETH, LTC, XRM, and Bitcoin Cash. However, we highly doubt that there is trading taking place on their website.

Nowadays scammers only design websites and fill them with moving narratives. Once newbies encounter such an entity they are easily lured. Therefore, they lose funds without knowing. Crypto ECM is one of those shady entities that make bold promises but never fulfill them.

The entity claims that it is also providing account managers to its customers. Their work is t guide you in your trading activity. They will monitor you until you make big wins. However, we o not know the qualification of these people. Review

Crypto ECM is a platform that also acts as a crypto wallet. The biggest mistake that you can ever make is to trust such an entity with your digital coins. They will steal all your money and exit the industry. There are no trading or investment activities taking place in this dirty scheme.

Moreover, they are accepting funds via cryptos. We all know that you can never trace the address of the people that you make a deposit. Additionally, this is an ideal method since it helps to conceal the identity of investors.

Crypto ECM also brags that it has a strong security system. However, the only thing that this film has is a DDoS certificate. It is not enough to protect investors against making losses. The document is only protecting the data of the company.

Crypto ECM Reviw, Crypto ECM Company

Therefore, the entity can steal your funds. You should be looking for a regulatory document instead. They also brag that the firm is currently catering their services to almost all countries in the world. Crypto ECM claims that it has competitive offers for those that will join them.

The broker is showering itself with false claims. They are untrustworthy and you should only trade with legit crypto trading companies in the market. Your money is in safe hands. Moreover, you can trade with peace rest assured that there you won’t be scammed.

Trading Conditions

Crypto ECM states that it is offering reports to its clients. Therefore, you can download any information regarding your account easily. However, the trading results of this broker are not available.

They also claim that the positive endorsement from their clients has greatly contributed to their success. It is offering BTC exchange services to clients. Kindly note that this is not a reputable broker or exchange they are using false information to deceive clients.

Crypto ECM does not have a history in the industry. They brag that they understand their investors’ needs. However, the firm is offering financial without having the necessary documentation. Additionally, despite them being less than a year old in the industry the broker claim it has millions of customers.

Contact Details

Crypto ECM is a broker that claims its offices are at Rotermanni 18 Tallinn Estonia. The broker also claims that it is located at Canada Square, Canary Wharf, E14 5AB London. The broker also avails a phone number that investors can use to contact them.

However, this is not the real location of this broker. They are confusing investors just to appear reputable. The customer support will be unprofessional if you try reaching them. It is their normal mode of operation.

Crypto ECM has no intention of helping investors they are only looking for people to steal from. The entity is not professional. The broker has no intention of helping anyone. Avoid this firm at all costs.

Regulatory Status

Crypto ECM is an entity that claims it is operating per the jurisdiction of the UK financial body. The company holds that it is the best and has a strong reputation in the market. Their location is at district Canary. The area is famously known as a business center.

Moreover, the platform is blacklisted by the FCA. Investing with a firm that has received a warning is a dire mistake. The money of traders is not secure. Investing in a scam will not help make you rich.

The Financial Conduct Authority is a strict financial watchdog. Legit brokers will compensate you in case they face bankruptcy. Additionally, a company needs to deposit a reasonable amount of money to earn.

You are not protected against negative account balance. Therefore, you can lose all your savings. Additionally, such entities tend to exit the market when you least expect. Learn to conduct thorough research before venturing with any firm.

The Domain Insight

Crypto ECM is a broker that was registered in August 2020. Their domain name will expire on August 2021. The entity has no intention of being in the market for a long duration. Therefore, you should not venture with them to avoid losing funds.

The platform has low traffic that indicates that not many people are interested in the services of this company. It is also hard to know the area in which their clients are coming from. It won’t be easy tracing the people behind this venture.

Client Feedback

The forex trading company has negative reviews from its clients. The entity is being accused of stealing investors’ money. However, they pretend to offer better results. The platform does not care about making anyone rich.

Crypto ECM Review, Crypto ECM Features

The firm is not licensed and they are targeting investors mainly from the UK. It is unwise to still trust an entity that has been flagged as a scam. You will never receive a better outcome from them. Additionally, the company is using false information to make it appear as though it is a reliable firm.

Crypto ECM will not be in the industry in the future.  Once it achieves its objective it will be time to call the shorts and exit the market. The broker is unpredictable and can do whatever they want. Trade with the best entities in the industry instead of wasting time with these fraudsters. It is better to have peace of mind rather than to be uncertain.

Final Verdict

Crypto ECM brags that it one of the leading multi-functional crypto platforms in the market. Despite them being infamous the entity states that it already has a large number of clients. Their customers are mainly novice crypto traders and institutional investors.

However, these are false claims that cannot be verified. The entity is not offering any investment services. The website is fabricating a perfect sale pitch to help them make money. The firm is not worth your money or trust.

Invest with the best crypto trading companies in the market that are reputable. You will have the best outcome without having to struggle. Moreover, these entities are also regulated by reputable financial watchdogs in the market.

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