Crypto FXTrading Review: a Terrifying Scam

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Crypto FXTrading Review
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Ponzi schemes will exploit you, leaving you high and dry. The terms and conditions of an offshore venture can change overnight. They will even charge you hidden charges. Scammers do not care about the experience that traders get. Therefore, refrain from trusting Crypto FXTrading.

Crypto FXTrading is trading digital currencies, binary options, and forex. The account registration process is allegedly swift. The broker is asking investors to deposit $10000 to acquire 56 interest-free days.

The firm claims that all withdrawal requests are processed in an hour. The only thing that the company has to prove it is secure is an SSL certificate. Unfortunately, this does not clear out their name. The document only shows that investors information is secure.

Crypto FXTrading Review, Crypto FXTrading Company

Considering that Crypto FXTrading is a Ponzi scheme, these are the people you should be scared of. A legit venture has a license from a reputable financial watchdog. This confused venture claims it only offers crypto assets.

You can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. The available coins are minimal, and traders cannot exploit more currencies. They also brag that the team is capable and experience in both online and traditional markets. Additionally, they conduct ICO for companies they believe can be successful.

Unfortunately, this is another get rich quick scheme. They promise high returns to investors. The entity relies on their team who analyze the market and their trading bots. The firm also claims it has collaborated with big ventures. However, they do not disclose the name of these organizations. Review

Crypto FXTrading states that it is using advanced investment technique to yield high returns. It does not matter what the market condition is. Clients are going to generate absurd ROI. The broker guarantee there are no losses to be experienced.

Sadly, this venture is bluffing. The volatile nature of digital currencies makes it hard to predict the next outcome. The company fails to provide sufficient information regarding their trading activities. They are only speaking highly of their business but we cannot see any results.

Crypto FXTrading presents a screenshot of a trading chart. It shows their lack of seriousness. The website was built of haste. The individual that is managing this firm remains anonymous. It raises multiple questions.

We do not know what the company is hiding but they are to no good. The Ponzi scheme will exploit you, leaving you high and dry. You cannot trace them because the business does not exist. They only have a website, but this is a ghost entity.

Invest with legit cryptocurrency trading software. They have multiple coins that you can trade. Additionally, the companies observe high level of transparency. You will earn passive income with them as you grow your portfolio.

Investment Plans and Trading Conditions

Crypto FXTrading accepts funds via Ethereum, Perfect Money, Payeer, Tether, Bitcoin, Dash, MasterCard, and Visa. The platform has four investment plans. The least amount of funds that you can cash in is $1000 up to $10000.

The venture is exploiting traders. Multiple firms accept $100. The investment scheme does not have a trading history, yet its overcharging investors. They promise a return of 25% within 24 hours. The ROI goes up with the more money that you are willing to invest.

However, the problem is that once the entity exit the market, there is no coming back. They are going to leave you high and dry. The majority of these investment schemes do not care about the experience that you get.

They are only looking after themselves and making money for themselves. Unless there is proof of payment taking place stay away from such venture. They even use false testimonials to win you over. You will generate positive income when you engage with the best firms.

Crypto FXTrading Registration and Regulation

Crypto FXTrading has a registration form. The picture is not clear. The company presents a screenshot that you cannot download or view. Moreover, this certificate does not make the venture legitimate. The company ought to have a regulatory document from the Financial Conduct Authority.

Investors need to enjoy fund safety from a venture. Investing with the best broker that is operating illegally will leave you high and dry. Moreover, they can exit the market at any time without giving notice.

Ponzi schemes will exploit you, leaving you high and dry. The terms and conditions of an offshore venture can change overnight. They will even charge you hidden charges. Scammers do not care about the experience that traders get.

Crypto FXTrading lacks transparency, and the expert team that the firm brags about is not credited. Therefore, it is impossible to know whether the venture has qualified personnel. Avoid this bogus investment scheme.

Crypto FXTrading Customer Support

The company claims that it is based in England. However, since they do not comply with the rules of the country they are operating from we suggest you avoid this venture. The platform is a dirty Ponzi scheme that will treat you unethically.

They are collecting money shamefully without having a license. Moreover, Crypto FXTrading features a phone number and an email address. You can contact them whenever the need arises. However, we cannot affirm that you are going to receive feedback.

The Domain Insight

The company made its first digital insight in August 2020. The firm domain name will expire after one year. The people who are responsible for this broker are operating anonymously. A company that lacks transparency should not be your priority.

The broker has no intention of stocking around for long. Why would you gamble with your money like this? They are not getting much engagement, which is another red flag. Investors should only stick to reputable ventures.

Crypto FXTrading False Testimonials

Some investors review this company and praise it for generating an income. They are receiving stable returns. The admin contacted them to endorse them for the wonderful services. The deposit and withdrawal process is smooth.

Crypto FXTrading has multiple features, which are beneficial to all. Unfortunately, the people that leave these remarks are questionable. They do not have a social media presence. Moreover, there is no proof of payment availed. The company expects us to believe in the world of mouth. Review, False Testimonials

We need more evidence before investing our money in this system. Additionally, we were not surprised when we searched for the images of the individuals. The entity is using stock images which is a desperate move on their side.

Crypto FXTrading will do anything to get the attention of the investors. If the company were paying the advertised profits, then multiple traders would be flocking on their website. This is not the case since the traffic visiting the website is also questionable.

These Ponzi schemes also pay random people to review them online. They pay them money. Their markers also work tirelessly in recruiting new victims. Invest wisely and research before giving your information and money to unknown people. The scammer can steal your information and sell it to a shady third party.

Final Verdict

Crypto FXTrading is a platform that is not regulated. Therefore, you are not going to get fund safety from this venture. They do not segregate the account of investors, which is a big red flag. You need to trade with confidence, knowing that there is mutual benefit in the entity that you venture with.

Additionally, a good investment company must have a sound customer support team. Investors should be able to get the experience of other traders without any struggle. A reputable forex trading company gets endorsement from its loyal customers. Additionally, investors can also read their view of their performance results.



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