Cryptobase24 Review: Unregulated Crypto Scam to Avoid!

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Cryptobase24 Review
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Cryptobase24 sounds like a dream come true. The time it takes for the investment scheme to mature is fast. Therefore, you do not have to wait for long. Therefore, this is enough reason for the company to have multiple clients.


Cryptobase24 is a company that views itself as the best in the market. The entity state that you should trade with them to start earning high returns immediately. The entity also states it is working with experts in the industry.

Therefore, investors have nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, the returns which this entity is promising are way beyond what a legit investment venture offer. Digital currencies investment has grown popular.

Cryptobase24 states that you can view all your transactions directly from your dashboard. All that investors need to do is select an investment plan that suits them. The entity has a trading bot that enables them to earn these high returns.

Cryptobase24 Review, Cryptobase24 Company

Once you decide to start trading you need to be keen. There are several methods of generating an income. Unfortunately, if you are not careful you will only be counting losses. Instead of wasting time in a venture that is not regulated try out the best crypto companies.

Invest with legit digital currency trading software that is licensed and transparent. These investment schemes are worth your time. Their main objective is to offer the best services to their clients. Review

Cryptobase24 is a company that does not give investors a reason to trust them. They are promising investors a lifetime profit ranging from10% to 15%. Every investment has its own shortcoming. When it comes to cryptocurrencies the assets are volatile.

Therefore, you cannot generate the same returns throughout the year. There are both good days and bad days. You win as you lose. Even if the entity is using a trading bot it is not possible to generate this high outcome.

Cryptobase24 nonetheless believes that it is offering the best trading strategy. It is mysterious what the company is talking about. The platform assures investors that its main objective is to make people rich. Once you join them you start earning.

The broker publishes their recent payout for all people to see. Sadly, there is no proof that people are receiving funds. The table the entity present can easily be made and manipulated. Therefore, you should not believe the claims of this shady entity.

If you find a reliable and top crypto trading entity you will earn genuine returns. However, drop the mindset of becoming rich overnight. Otherwise, you will only end up on the websites of fraudsters. There are many ways of earning money online.

Investment Plans and Returns

Cryptobase24 is offering a referral bonus to their customers. The minimum amount that you can deposit on their website is $200. The company only accepts payments via cryptocurrency. You can either use Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum.

The company has three investment plans. Withdrawal requests are allegedly processed immediately. The entity distributes payment in the following order; after 48 hours, 7 days, and 14 days. If making money was as easy as this firm claim then all people would be visiting their website.

Cryptobase24 Scam Review, Cryptobase24 Features

Sadly, this is not the case and the broker is a greedy entity that does not care about its customers. The partnership program is meant to assist investors to earn high returns. The entity urges newbies to join them.

Scammers will lure you with all sorts of lies. Their manipulation is also on another level. We do not know how this entity has survived this long in the market. Avoid them and look for better alternatives.

Customer Support

Cryptobase24 is a platform that does not have a physical address. The entity is operating remotely. They also do not disclose the place of the people that are managing their business. This is not a mistake but something that the company is aware of.

Ponzi schemes never blow up their cover. It would put them in so much trouble. The authority would come after them once they realize their area of operation. The company features an email address and a WhatsApp number.

You cannot call them if you have a burning issue. We wonder how many messages will go unanswered. The broker has no intention of offering professional customer support services. Stay away from them.

Cryptobase24 The Domain Insight

Cryptobase24 is a privately registered venture. Therefore, you cannot know the people that are managing the operation of this firm. The broker was registered in July 2019. The domain of this platform will expire in 2021 July.

There are two scenarios that can lead to going offline. Once the broker is exposed chances of them coming back are very minimal. The other one is that if the firm realizes that there is no money coming into their system.

The platform also has very low traffic. Stay away from this entity at all costs. You will earn genuine money if you trust a legit broker. If a company is not reputable walk away from them and find a better one.

Cryptobase24 Client Feedback

Cryptobase24 sounds like a dream come true. The time it takes for the investment scheme to mature is fast. Therefore, you do not have to wait for long. Therefore, this is enough reason for the company to have multiple clients.

Unfortunately, this is not the case and the website even has low traffic. This should act as a red flag and traders should refrain from trading with them. The best thing that you can do is to avoid the broker to avoid a negative balance.

Ponzi schemes even go to a further mile of paying people to leave positive reviews. These individuals usually do not have any business with the broker. They have not transacted any amount. Moreover, there is no proof of payment.

Cryptobase24 is a dirty investment scheme that has one sole purpose which is to steal from innocent people. You should not become their victim. Trade wisely and earn real-time returns.

Is Cryptobase24 Legit?

Cryptobase24 is not a company that you can rely on. The broker is an HYIP that will eventually exit the market. The entity will pay its first clients once new members sign in. This is the reason why they are asking new investors to join them and utilize the referral program.

The platform is a dirty scheme that will steal all your savings without having second thoughts. There is no trading taking place. The entity is subjecting its clients to fish victims for them. It is unethical to refer a new person in a losing scheme.

Once they lose the money you will be blamed. Cryptobase24 is an illegitimate investment scheme. The broker does not care about their customers. Find a better crypto trading entity instead of gambling with your safety.

Final Verdict

Cryptobase24 features a lot of information that is not relevant in they are talking about BTC. The company should spend the space talking about how it works and the benefits it brings to investors. The method of payments which this entity accepts limits investors from issuing a chargeback.

The company does not have a customer support team. Additionally, the broker is not regulated. Trading with them exposes you to multiple risks. Trade with the best entities instead of wasting time and resources with this scam.

Here are some of the top crypto trading companies that have been tried and tested. You can also read their happy client reviews. The trading results are also readily available. Moreover, these platforms are licensed.

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